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Student grade management is a very important part of school management ,The responsibility of school is to manage not only student but also knowledge .The computerizes of student grade management play an important rule in Educational administration management ,Whether it can realizes relates to the overall effect of school, lies to it's importance, the development and the application of the student grade management system has gradually proposed into the agenda ,and accounts for the more important component.


Prior to the completion of stoppering, transfer of partially closed containers, as used in freeze drying should be done either in a grade A environment with grade B background or in sealed transfer trays in a grade B environment.


Prior to the completion of stoppering, transfer of partially closed containers, as used in freeze drying should be done either in a grade A environment with grade B background or in sealed transfer trays in a grade B environment.


The first grade is 14.7cm/kg, the fifth is 3.2cm/kg, and the sixth is lower than 2.0 cm/kg.Linked the Paull's(1996) conclusioned that the ethylene quantity was fewness at the first grade, and toped at the third to four grade, then droped rapidly, but the papaya fluit neither had the best flavor,nor became mature completely when ethylene quantity was tiptop.So we used the rigidity standard not the ethylene quantity to choose specimen.

将采后番木瓜果实按果皮颜色可分为六级,其中一级硬度为14.7 kg / cm2,六级为2.0 kg / cm2 ,结合Paull(1996)对采后番木瓜乙烯变化的结论:乙烯含量在果色破色前最微,到开始变软时达到高峰以后迅速下降,而此时番木瓜还没有达到食用风味最佳,也没有达到成熟,因此相比而言我们使用硬度为指标进行选择比较方便可行。

At present, rental prices are lower, high-grade commercial space clearance rates remain high, the original high-grade investment real estate investors are the funds transferred to the office and other areas, buyers have also have lost power, all of these are indications that high-grade commercial housing虚热is waning, and this first of all, thanks to macro-control, is to tighten macro-control of the purchase of the second suite of loans pockets, tighten the期房transfer channels to bring the market reaction, Therefore, we have reason to believe that, if the structure of macro-control continues to adjust the direction of force, with the high-end housing market to occupy the mainstream of the industry pattern of change, high prices will eventually be inhibited.


The exhaustion of 3-5a-6 on PLA fabric reaches 98.6%, its fastnesses to washing, sublimation and rubbing reach 4-5 grade, 4 grade and 3 grade respectively.


This research, based on the survey 2379 students of 4 universities and colleges in LiaoNing province, tries to reveal the level and sources of job-hunting and the vocational interests of the normal graduators of LiaoNing province, and discover the relationship between job-hunting stress and vocational interests of normal and un-normal graduators , the difference between grade one and four, grade two and four, grade three and four in job-hunting stress and vocational interests, the relationship between job-hunting stress and 16 PF, and the relationship between vocational interests and 16PF. The result of the research suggests the following.


Gypsum mine owned companies rich reserves of high quality, an area of 3 square company, has proven reserves of 390 million tons, the annual extraction capacity of 300,000 tons, gypsum dihydrate of the total reserves of 40 percent, of which an egg cream Dihydrate 10-15% of gypsum, in more than 95 percent grade, crystal water in more than 18 per cent, accounting for two gypsum plaster dihydrate of 30-40 per cent, with an average grade of 85 percent or more, crystal water in more than 17 per cent, 3 Sulphur dioxide in more than 40 percent, 3 gypsum, with an average grade of 70 percent or more, the crystallization of water in 13 percent or more, three more than 35 per cent in sulphur dioxide, widely used in cement industry.


The furnace body's ф2200×1500 outer covering main body is made of 12mm steel plate,installed sensor in the lower part 45°of furnace body, the sensor is weight 2 ton induction iron cores made from top gear's W-151 the cold rolling 0.35m/m made by Wuhan Steel Silicon steel plate Factory, primary manufactured the water cooling coil from 10×10×2 copper pipe, and installed stainless steelwater cooling cover, the power Frequency Induction melting Furnace 's metal melting fluid namely the sensor sencondary loop, the entire electric furnace is a transformer actually, match a 6 grades self regulating transformer, shift gears by the electric tank control, the voltage may from low to high,divide 6 grade to rise to 380V, each grade of voltage is different, the output power is also different, the furnace temperature is also different along with different grade,so can suit smelting colored or black and so on different melting point metals, and may use as new furnace lining fireproof to smeltdiamantine drying furnace.


Results Histopathological examination showed that 8 patients had cervical intra-epithelial neoplasia,including 4 patients with CIN grade Ⅰ,3 patients with CIN grade Ⅱ,1 patients with grade Ⅲ and 1 patients with carcinoma in situ of cervix;1 patients with invasive carcinoma;113 patients with chronic cervicitis;80 patients had polypi;15 patients had HPV infection.

结果 病理确诊为宫颈不典型增生8例,其中CINⅠ4例,CINⅡ 3例,CINⅢ 1例;宫颈原位癌1例、宫颈浸润癌1例、慢性宫颈炎113例、宫颈息肉80例及HPV感染者15例。

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It divides into two combination form:under the indentical control and the non-identical control .


Deron Beal started Freecycle as a non-profit organization in two thousand three.


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