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The Return



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Intro] [简介]

Halt! Who goes there? 停止!谁在那里?

It is I sire Tone from Brooklyn. 这也是我陛下音从布鲁克林。

Well, speak up man what is it? 好了,说出来的人是什么呢?

News from the East sire! THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS HAS RETURNED! 记者从东方陛下!两全其美已经回来了!


[Verse 1: Jay-Z (R. Kelly)] [诗歌1 : Jay-Z的( R.凯利) ]

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the freshest of them all? 镜子,镜子在墙上,谁是最新鲜的他们全部?

I love ‘em all but none of yall can fuck with the double suicide doors on that black phantom, 我爱他们所有,但没有亚勒可以用双自杀门上的黑色幻影他妈的,

Fuck em all 他妈的他们所有

We got hits like a 30 shot clip when we throw one in the air everybody hit the floor 我们有一个像30拍短片的点击,当我们抛出1在空气中的每个人都打在地上

Holla atcha boy, boys, when we boys so we bringin out them toys 呼啦ATCHA男孩,男孩,当我们的男孩,所以我们bringin了他们的玩具

Lane to lane on the dana danes 巷巷达纳丹麦

We give you noise man when the year change we change, nigga we right here 我们给你的人的噪音,当一年的变化,我们改变,兄弟们,我们就在这里

We can go bang for bang 我们可以去咣咣的

We can go clip for clip nigga chain for chain 我们可以去剪辑片段黑鬼链链

We can go bitch for bitch got a pretty young thing 我们可以去为母狗母狗得到了一个年轻漂亮的事

That I keep by my hip like my celly that ring, sing! 那我把我的臀部像我的小区j的响,唱!

(Me and Michelle at the hotel while Jay and Tone on the way to the after party got the ladies sayin (我和米歇尔在酒店,而周杰伦和音的方式向党后,得到了女士们的言谈

OH! Best of Both Worlds) OH !两全其美)

Best of Both Worlds and we rock the globe 两全其美,我们摇滚地球

You knamsayin 您knamsayin

Ya boy H-O wit Kels we not playin 雅男孩H-O机智Kels我们不是在玩

Losers lose so when we does what we do we win 输输,所以,当我们做什么,我们做我们赢了

Then win again like de ja vu 然后再次赢得像德JA VU

Then we win again like MJ do 然后,我们再一次赢得像MJ做

Three-peat then retreat the waters that’s blue 三连冠,然后撤退那是蓝色的海水

Young scrappy this what grown men do lets move! 年轻好斗的这个种植什么人可以做运动!


[Chorus: R. Kelly (2x)] [合唱: R.凯利(2个) ]

In this arena, arena 在这个舞台上,舞台上

All we wanna see is them hands up, hands up 所有我们想要看到的是他们举起手来,举起手来

This is for them hustling boys and girls 这对他们来说是忙乱的男孩和女孩

It’s the return of Best of Both Worlds 这是两全其美的回归

(Nothin can hold us now!) (没什么能阻挡我们吧! )


[Verse 2: R. Kelly] [诗2: R.凯利]

Now all the ladies love Kels cause Kels is fresh 现在,所有的女士们爱Kels导致Kels清新

And plus Kels got “superpimp” ‘cross his chest 并加Kels得了“ superpimp ” “穿越他的胸口

I got a phat gold chain and I drop top Lex 我得到了一个柏金链子,我跌幅居前莱克斯

And when im rollin thourhg ya hood I be causin wrecks 当IM罗林thourhg雅罩我该causin残骸

Man I’m a gigalo, Air Force Ones and fresh linen 男人我是一个gigalo ,空军问鼎以及干净的床单

I be in the club while my chrome still spinnin 我算是在俱乐部,而我仍然铬在旋转

Ladies line up in a single file line just to hit a ?? I’ll sing ‘em a few lines like (Me and 女士们排队在一个单一文件中的行只是为了打一个?我会唱时间的几行像(我和

Michelle at the hotel while Jay and Tone on the way to the after party got the ladies sayin OH! 米歇尔在酒店,而周杰伦和音的方式向党后,得到了女士们的言谈OH !

Best of Both Worlds!) 两全其美! )

Shuttin it down you knamean Shuttin下来你knamean

Kels and Jigga man bacl on the scene Kels和Jigga人BACL现场

Step up in the club so fresh and so clean 在俱乐部那么新鲜那么干净加强

Ladies be like damn! BLING! BLING! BLING 女士们像该死的! BLING ! BLING ! BLING

Hov rap and I SING! SING! SING HOV说唱,我唱!唱歌!星

H to the O and the R&B King, before we do a show its like CHING! CHING! CHING! H到了O和R&B的国王,之前我们做了展示其像清!清!清!

So Lodi Dodi, we likes to party, we don’t start fights we don’t bother nobody 所以洛迪多迪,我们喜欢聚会,我们不开始战斗,我们不打扰任何人

The good news is haters we gat a lotta dough, bad news is it’s the return of Best of Both… 好消息是我们上山寨洛塔面团仇敌,坏消息是这是两全其美的回报...


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Bridge: R. Kelly] [桥: R.凯利]

We on a world tour wit Jay and my man 我们在世界巡演机智周杰伦和我的男人

Goin each and everywhere wit the mic in our hand 布莱恩每无处不在的智慧在我们手中的麦克风

London, Paris, New York, D.C., Detroit, From Chi-Town to Cali 伦敦,巴黎,纽约,哥伦比亚特区,底特律,从智城到卡利

We on a world tour wit Kels and ya man 我们在世界巡演机智Kels和亚人

Goin each and everywhere wit the mic in our hand 布莱恩每无处不在的智慧在我们手中的麦克风

Philly, Jersey, Dallas, St. Louis, Miami 费城,新泽西,达拉斯,圣路易斯,迈阿密

Best of Both comin to ya city! 最好的两个马上就要来雅城!


[Chorus] [合唱]

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