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Mo' Money



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Jay-Z] [ Jay-Z的]

That nigga let his fuckin flow go 那黑鬼让他他妈的顺其自然

Niggaz tryin to switch up the flows on niggaz 兄弟们试着开关上的兄弟们的流动

Hit niggaz, slip niggaz with a micky 打的兄弟们,兄弟们滑带米奇

Drop that joint 降,联合


Yeah yeah (it's the remix y'all) 是啊是啊(这是混音你们都)

Like a muh'fucker (oh yeah) 像muhfucker (噢)

Whassup my nigga (and still hot up in that boy, ain't it man) Whassup我的兄弟们(现在仍然火爆起来的那个男孩,是不是男人)

(Yo Jay, Kel, fin' ta set it off for y'all) (哟周杰伦,凯尔,鳍“ TA设置它为你们)

C'mon 来吧


[R. Kelly] [ R。凯利]

It's, the, remix 这是的,混音

TrackMaster remix y'all, Kels and Jigga 威多利混音你们, Kels和Jigga

Big chips with Twista y'all, get this money 大筹码特斯塔你们,得到这笔钱


[Twista] [特斯塔]

I, heard the ballers when I pulled up to the club 我听到ballers当我把车停到俱乐部

Cause I'm rollin up on fo' flickers 因为我在为闪烁罗林注册

Peanut-butter interior, black body 花生酱的内饰,黑色的机身

And in case you didn't know, I be the Twista 而如果你不知道,我是特斯塔

Hundred bombs in my pockets, put your ones up 百弹在我的口袋里,把你的人了

I hear some niggaz lookin at me for the come up 我听到了一些兄弟们看着我的上来

Try to creep creep, I pull a gun up 尝试蠕变蠕变,我拉一把枪了

I put a hole in the first nigga that run up 我把一个洞在运行了第一个黑人

The ballers be Jay, R, and T 该ballers是周杰伦,R和T

Spit it cold cause the music is a part of me 吐出受凉引起的音乐是我的一部分

Can't nobody spit it fast as me 没有人能吐出快我

Got an academy of haters comin after me 得到的仇敌科曼奥斯卡后,我

I know I got what you want, I know I got what you need 我知道我得到了你想要的东西,我知道我得到了你所需要的

Come and mob to the top before you get, this, money 快来暴徒顶端之前,你得到的,这一点,钱


Pull up on the block in the alien gray Bentley 在该区块中的外星灰宾利拉起

Full of sport modes, you never could hang with me 充满了运动模式,你永远可以挂我

Just to get in early, I paid a extra 50 只是为了让在年初,我付出了额外的50

Gettin that money my nigga 刚开了钱我的兄弟们

Oh-five Chrysler, trees for the blunts 呵呵五克莱斯勒,树木的减弱

Three hoes in the back, two fiends in the front 三锄头在后面,在前面的两个恶魔

Twenty-two inch shoes, CV's in the trunk 二十二英寸的鞋,简历中的主干

Gettin that money my nigga 刚开了钱我的兄弟们

Makin dough off a style I be the best in 马金面团掀起了风格我是最好的

Glad to be down with these two livin legends 很高兴能与这两个活着的传奇下来

Now let me see which league I'ma invest in 现在,让我看看我是投资于联赛

Gettin that money my nigga 刚开了钱我的兄弟们

Rollin this cheer, put the niggaz in fear 罗林这种欢呼,将兄弟们在恐惧中

Makin bitches shed tears, take a look at my career 马金母狗流泪了,看看我的职业生涯

Now the shit's swell; when I get up to 70 in the Coupe 现在狗屎的膨胀;当我70的双门轿跑车

Peep the wing when I hope out the tail - tell 'em Kel 偷看的时候,我希望出来的尾部翼 - 告诉他们凯尔


[Chorus: R. Kelly] [合唱: R.凯利]

We off up in the club, we got our hands up 我们关在俱乐部中,我们得到了我们的手

Drinks in the club because we gettin that money my nigga 在俱乐部的饮料,因为我们刚开了钱我的兄弟们

We rollin 24's, open them Bentley do's 我们罗林24年代,他们开宾利做的

Got plenty hoes because we gettin that money my nigga 有的是锄头,因为我们刚开了钱我的兄弟们


[R. Kelly] [ R。凯利]

Pull up to the club, chicks in the back 拉起俱乐部,小鸡在后面

Some smokin on weed, some sippin Co-gnac 戒掉一些杂草,啜饮着一些共同gnac

Into the club, whole crew to the back 进入俱乐部,全体船员到后面

Super the stars make it sharp as a tack 超级明星使它锋利的钉

Gotta have my forty-five inch in it 总得有我的45寸的它

In the house, from the gate, twenty minutes 在房子里,从门,二十分钟

Game over and I'm still not finished 比赛结束了,我还没有完成

I play haters like V play tennis 我玩像V打网球的仇敌

Livin like a motherfuckin Richie Rich nigga 活着像一个娘里奇丰富的黑鬼

Got a butler for my Maybach nigga 有一个管家为我的兄弟们迈巴赫

White linen, smokin ci-gar 白色的床单,戒掉CI- GAR

Lyrics like bullets, tongue like a trigger 像子弹一样,舌头就像一个触发器歌词

Feelin on your booty 感觉上你的战利品

Tryin to get one of these nice ladies 试着让这些漂亮的女士之一

to come up to my room and do, me 拿出我的房间,做什么,我

Have her man like who's, he 有她的男人喜欢谁的,他

Was a pimp at birth, first ho was a nurse 是一个皮条客在出生时,先豪是一名护士

And I'ma be a pimp 'til I'm stretches in a hearse 而我是一个皮条客,直到我在灵车延伸

Sometimes showbiz is the worst 有时,娱乐圈是最糟糕的

I'm blessed with "The Gift & The Curse," whoa 我很幸运“的礼品和诅咒, ”哇

Shoot ball, now I'm off to the spa 射球,现在我要到水疗中心

Fresh and clean, now I'm off in the car 清新自然,现在我在车上很关

Got a date with a superstar 有个约会与超级巨星

We take lunch, now twelve o'clock 我们吃午饭,现在十二时

Hit the mall bout two o'clock 命中商场回合二点

In the movies bout five o'clock 在回合五点钟的电影

Seven o'clock 'til nine o'clock 七点钟,直到九时

we in my crib, my bed, goin non-stop 我们自己的小床,我的床,布莱恩不停

This for my project niggaz, widebody Mo' sippers 这对我的项目的兄弟们,宽体莫sippers

Pimps hustlers herb flippers, get, this, money 皮条客混混草脚蹼,得到的,这一点,钱


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Jay-Z] [ Jay-Z的]

Gettin this money switchin my whips and my kicks 刚开这笔钱switchin我的皮鞭和我踢

Like I'm just addicted to difference you pick what you want from me 像我只是沉迷于不同的你选择,你想从我这里什么

To be a, lame with visions of riches, enter my brain 要成为一个瘸了财富的愿景,进入我的大脑

Like I picture myself in deep dishes, just switchin lanes 像我想象自己在深盘,只是switchin车道

It's just insane, is it? I'm from the district where niggaz 这只是疯狂,是吗?我是从小区里的兄弟们很

either in prison or pay visits like in-laws 无论是在监狱或探访像公婆

So we fend for ourself, and the wealth is in raw 因此,我们照顾我们自己,而财富是生

We can't help but been lost, what else gon' make that engine roar? 我们不禁被丢失,还有什么会去作出这样的引擎轰鸣声?

Lay back in 745, big boy cars, that's all we drive 躺回745 ,大男孩的汽车,这就是我们开车

Into the club we get all the eyes when you gettin that money my nigga 进入俱乐部,我们让所有的眼睛,当你刚开了钱我的兄弟们


[Chorus] [合唱]


[R. Kelly] [ R。凯利]

TrackMaster remix y'all, Kels and Jigga 威多利混音你们, Kels和Jigga

Big chips with Twista y'all, get this money 大筹码特斯塔你们,得到这笔钱


[ad libs to fade] [广告库褪色]

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