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[Intro: Tone (R. Kelly)] [简介:音( R.凯利) ]

Yo, Duro, tell Rob to hurry up back in the booth, man 哟,杜罗,告诉罗布,以回快点在展台上,人

We got the Track joint 我们得到了钢轨接头

Yo, this Tone the referee, while I got your attention 哟,这口气裁判,而我得到了您的关注

I gotta we set out to bring you the best possible heat 我要载我们为您带来最佳的热

For your two step, me, Jigga and Kells 为了您的两步,我Jigga和凯尔斯

You know, so y'all just enjoy, aight 你知道,所以你们都只是享受, aight

Yo, Rob you there? (Yeah) Your mic sound nice (uh-huh uh-huh) 哟,抢你在吗? (是啊)你的麦克风听起来不错(嗯嗯)

You first to blow (yeah) Ight, you ready to blow (uh-huh) 你先吹(耶)飞行,你准备打击(嗯)

Aight, let's go Aight ,让我们去


[Chorus: R. Kelly] [合唱: R.凯利]

Hold up, wait a minute, stop 抱起来,等待一分钟,停

Jigga, I'm about to put the shit down Jigga ,我即将把屎倒

Hold up, wait a minute, stop 抱起来,等待一分钟,停

I'm about to, make these niggaz get down 我要,让这些兄弟们趴下

Hold up, wait a minute, stop 抱起来,等待一分钟,停

Guaranteed, these niggaz gonna feel us 保证,这些兄弟们会觉得我们

Hold up, wait a minute, stop 抱起来,等待一分钟,停

Tone and Poke, blow the motherfuckin' speakers 音戳,吹娘喇叭


[R. Kelly] [ R。凯利]

Grab a bottle, get two models 抓住一个瓶子,让两款车型

Thugs at Apollo's, niggaz wanna follow 暴徒在阿波罗的,兄弟们想跟随

I'm about to show you, how wild it gets 我要告诉你,如何野生它得到

That nigga Hov', is the craziest 那黑鬼霍夫 ,是最疯狂的

Stop at the club, bout a quarter to six 停在俱乐部,布特五点三刻

With a bottle in my hand, yellin' "Bitch, I'm rich" 一瓶在我的手,喊 “婊子,我很有钱”

Hey, y'all niggaz see me, I can't believe it 嘿,兄弟们你们都看我,我简直不敢相信

You startin' to sound like, you don't want it 你开始新的声音一样,你不希望它

Tony's on the drop, blue and yellow rocks 托尼的上落,蓝色和黄色的岩石

He keep yellin', stop, Sisqo's album flopped 他不断喊停, Sisqo的专辑以失败告终

What you wanna do, if you drinkin', I'm hangin' out with you 你想要做什么,如果你喝了,我犹豫不决,拿出来与大家

Five, four, three, two, one 五,四,三,二,一

Hang on y'all, let's have some fun 挂在你们,让我们有一些乐趣


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Jay-Z] [ Jay-Z的]

It's Young... uh, mack alone, I'm back in the zone 这是年轻的......呃,独自一人麦克,我回来了区

I'm out they way, still these rappers won't leave me alone 我走了,他们的方式,还是这些说唱不会离开我独自一人

I can give a fuck what these rappers sayin' bout me 我可以给他妈的什么这些说唱歌手说回合我

That just let's me know, they can't go a day without me 这只是让我知道,他们不能去一天没有我

Scared of me succeading, that's the reason you doubt me 吓死我了succeading的,这就是你怀疑我的理由

Cuz if you ain't believe me, you wouldn't be thinkin' bout me 的Cuz ,如果你不相信我,你就不会想着​​回合我

Sorta how like you, never crossed my mind 八九不离十怎么喜欢你,从来没有想到过

Until you crossed the line, stop... 直到你冲过终点线,停...

Then I gotta come accross a rhyme 然后我得来翻过一韵

To let the world know you come across a mime 为了让世界知道你遇到一个哑剧

I do so much sauce with lines, with someone who saws my climb 我做的这么多酱的线条,与别人谁锯我爬

From Marcy to party, where you soakin' up blue nine 从马西来聚会,在那里你soakin 了蓝9

Prude, am I, got a du-lema, I'm a dude from the hood 假装正经,我也是,有一个DU- LEMA ,我从引擎盖一个花花公子

Who loves jewels, who am I? 谁爱珠宝,我是谁?

You where placed in the same shoes, size 10/5 你在哪里放置在同样的鞋子,大小10/5

With a sick view, of the place you grew, dude, can I 这个地方有一个生病的看法,你长大了,伙计,难道我

Live, what I did, for this whole rap circus 活,我做什么,在这整个说唱马戏团

I open up more doors for y'all fuckers than car service 我打开更多的大门为你们不要脸比车服务

Ya'll nervous, I ain't back yet 你们大家的神经,我是不是回来了吗

I'm on extended vaca', I ain't unpack yet, stop worrying 我在延长巴卡 ,我是不是还没有解开,别再担心


[R. Kelly] [ R。凯利]

Five, four, three, two, one 五,四,三,二,一

Hang on y'all, let's have some fun 挂在你们,让我们有一些乐趣


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Foxy Brown] [狐狸布朗]

Shit, she back with the nigga inf dot 妈的,她回来的黑人INF点

Uh-oh, somebody better tell this broad 嗯,哦,有人更说这广阔

I'm a nine year veteran, I'm back with my breathren 我9年的老将,我回来跟我breathren

I sware to god, it feel like '96 again 坚定我向上帝,这感觉像96年再

Bitches snatchin' bags, see, they fuckin' with my shit again 母犬snatchin书包,看,他们他妈的跟我妈再

We bout to let them hammers pop 我们回合,让他们流行锤

In the 'Stuy, dudes, callin', you a problem, Fox' 在“ Stuy ,帅哥,呼唤,你出了问题,福克斯

I got the automore pierre watch 我得到了automore皮埃尔手表

Butterscotch, GT, good toe on, three eight cock 奶油糖果, GT ,良好的脚趾,三八公鸡

Ya'll ain't see this much love since they cried for 'Pac 你们大家没有看到这么多的爱,因为他们哭了小精灵

Since Big passed, or since Jay passed the Roc 由于大过去了,还是因为周杰伦通过大鹏

I'm in a clearport, full length mink in a G4 我在clearport ,全长貂皮在G4

Fuck I'm lookin' like rhyming for a hundred g's, for? 他妈的,我看着就像押韵的百克的,对?

No, I don't talk to media guys 不,我不跟媒体人

I don't chatter with the best, ain't no question whose the best 我没有用最好的喋喋不休,也不是没有问题的最好

Shawn and Kelly, Fox, best of both worlds, I see y'all 肖恩和凯利,福克斯,两全其美,我看你们都

Aiyo, Kel, nigga, holler at your peoples 唉哟,凯尔,兄弟们,大声叫喊你的人民


[R. Kelly] [ R。凯利]

Five, four, three, two, one 五,四,三,二,一

Hang on y'all, let's have some fun 挂在你们,让我们有一些乐趣


[Chorus] [合唱]

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