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[Intro: Obie Trice + (Eminem) {Akon}] [简介:奥比特里切+ (阿姆) { }阿肯]

{Convict} { }罪犯

(Yeah, haha haha SHADY) (是啊,哈哈哈哈SHADY )

{Convict Music} {罪犯音乐}

(Guess who's back) (猜猜谁回来了)

Still here, haters 还在这里,仇敌

{Akon & Obie Trice, Yeah} {阿肯和奥比特里切,是啊}

Whatcha gonna do it with it, A? 干麻要它干什么吧, ?

Whatcha gonna do? 干麻要怎么做?

{Take em on back to the street} {拿他们回来到街道上}


[Chorus: Akon] [合唱:阿肯]

I keep the 40 cal on my side, 我把40 CAL在我身边,

Stepping with the mind state of a mobster, 与流氓的心灵状态,步进,

You see a nigga pass by, 你看到一个黑人路过,

Tuck your chain in cause he might rob ya, 卷起你的链条中,因为他可能会抢你,

Got glocks for sale, red tops for sale, 有glocks出售,红色上衣出售,

Anything that you need, believe me, I'm gon' lace you, 凡是你需要的,相信我,我坤花边你,

Just don't, whatever you do, Snitch 只是不这样做,不管你做什么,飞贼

Cause you will get hit, pray I don't face you, yeah 因为你会被打到,祈祷我不面对你,耶


[Obie Trice] [奥比特里切]

It's risky, the bitch tend to rise out a nigga 这是有风险的,母狗趋于上升了一个黑人

It's history, Snitch, who decided he's a member 它的历史,告密者,谁决定他是一员

Once he got pinched, coincided with law 一旦他得到了捏,恰逢法

Same homie say he lay it down for the boy 同样亲密的说,他安静地躺下了男孩

Brought game squad around ours 我们周围所带来的游戏阵容

How could it be? Been homies since Superman draws 这怎么可能?去过的兄弟们因为超人平

Only phoniness never came to par 只有虚假的没有来比肩

He had us, a true neighborhood actor 他有我们,一个真正的邻居演员

Had his back with K's 有他的背部与K公司

Now we see through him like X-Ray's 现在,我们通过他看到像X射线的

Cuffed in that Adam car 铐在亚当汽车

No matter, his loss, we at him, it's war 不管了,他的损失,我们看着他,这是战争

Knowing not to cross those reservoir dogs 明知不可跨越的落水狗

You helped plant seeds just to be a vegetable 你帮植物种子刚需蔬菜

When we invest in team, it's to the death fo' sho' 当我们投资的团队,这是到死为翔


[Hook] [钩]

No ex and oh's, tex calicos 无恩哦的,特calicos

Aim at your chest nigga 瞄准你的胸部黑鬼


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Obie Trice] [奥比特里切]

We started out as a crew, in one speak, it's all honest 我们开始了作为一个剧组,在一个讲,它是所有诚实的

Private conferences when we eat, Benihana's 私人会议,当我们吃, Benihana餐厅的

Recondences when we peep enemies on us Recondences当我们窥视敌人对我们

Been in these corners, selling like anything on us 已经在这些角落,卖像我们什么

Knowing heaven has shown us being devil's minors 不知天上告诉我们是魔鬼的未成年人

That ain't got shit to do with the tea in China 这是不是得了狗屎做与中国茶

We gon' keep the grind up 'til death come find us 我们仍然在不断的磨合,直到死亡来找到我们

Mean time leanin' in them European whips reclined up 意味着他们有时间leanin “欧洲鞭子趄了

It's an eye for an eye for the riders 这是一个以眼还眼的车友

We ain't trying to get locked up, we soul survivors 我们是不是要被锁起来,我们的灵魂幸存者

Po Pos is cowards, there's no you, it's ours 宝POS是懦夫,没有你,这是我们的

We vow this, mixing yayo with soda powder 我们发誓这一点,用苏打粉混合yayo

Who woulda known he would fold and cower 谁的woulda知道他会折叠和畏缩

Once the captain showed, he sold whole McDonald's 一旦队长表现,他卖掉整个麦当劳

So... 所以...


[Hook] [钩]


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Obie Trice] [奥比特里切]

Nowadays, Sammy Da Bull's got the game full 如今,萨米大牛市的拿到了比赛充满

So he move to a rural area to keep cool 于是,他转移到农村地区,以保持凉爽

They snitching on a snitch now, there's nothing to tell 他们对打小报告打小报告了,没有什么可说

Nowadays, your circles should be small as hell 如今,你的社交圈应该是小地狱

Ain't trying to meet new faces, this don't interest me 是不是要满足新的面孔,这我对此不感兴趣

Even if we bubble slow, we get it eventually 即使我们泡慢,我们得到它最终

No penitentiary, there will be no climincy 没有监狱,也不会有climincy

You will meet the lowest snitch in given us a century 你会遇到的最低打小报告的给了我们一个世纪

These cats is rats now, the streets need decon 这些猫是老鼠,现在,街上需要解构

That's how they react now, weak when the heat's on em 这就是他们现在的反应如何,疲弱的时候,热火的对EM

Stop snitching, you asked for the life your living 停止打小报告,你要的生活你的生活

This act is not permitted, Nowhere on the map, It is 这种行为是不允许的,任何地方在地图上,这是

Forbidden to send a nigga to prison if you been in it 故宫送了一个黑人进监狱,如果你一直在这

Along with em and then snitch and become hidden 随着EM ,然后打小报告,成为隐藏

So... 所以...


[Hook] [钩]


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Obie Trice] [奥比特里切]

You rat bastard 你这个混蛋鼠

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