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Wake Up



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They say he was a monster from birth, so 他们说,他是从出生怪物,所以

Fuck it, I'll just a lean warn-os them hoes 他妈的,我就只是一个精干的warn- OS他们锄头

I suppose O took on the street life 我想Ø把街道上的生活

Even though my mother told me I could be otherwise 虽然我的母亲告诉我,我可能会以其他方式

Wasn't the school type, I was too cool 是不是学校的类型,我是太爽了

My agenda wasn't general education, nigga 我的议程不是一般的教育,兄弟们

Generalizing Obie's expectations 概括奥比的期望

It was like, a cucoo in twenty-twos 这就像在二十三三两两à cucoo

Bad news my nigga, pass the brew 坏消息我的兄弟们,通过BREW

Cause in a week we be pouring a glass for you 原因在一个星期我们来浇一杯给你

So rapidly homies become causualties 如此迅速的兄弟们成为causualties

We was just playing Madden 我们只是在玩劲爆

Now a nigga sad for his family, that's how it happens 现在,一个黑人难过他的家人,这是怎么回事

Dudes get blasted, another casket 帅哥得到炸开,另一个棺材

Another child becomes a fatherless bastard 另一个孩子成为孤儿的混蛋

Make a nigga wanna grab this rachet 让一个黑人想抓住这个棘轮

It's so tragic, and Obie can't get past it 它是如此悲惨,而奥比无法越过它

And you wonder why a nigga'll flash it 你想知道为什么niggall它闪烁

Just to, show these demons that I ain't having it 只是,显示这些恶魔,我是不是有它

Put 'em beneathe the grass in a flash 放你的歌beneathe草在一瞬间

Homie I'm from the craft 兄弟我的手艺很

And to make it where I'm at, that's called Soldierism 并使它我在哪里,这就是所谓的Soldierism

Real niggaz notice em, they wanna flow with 'em 真正的兄弟们通知他们,他们就会对你流着时间

Wanna do major shows with 'em 想做的主要节目有“ EM

Get the fuck out the ghetto wit 'em 滚出贫民窟机智时间

Heavy metal, leave a nigga twisted, don't fret 重金属,留下扭曲了一个黑人,也不必担心

This is the set we live in 这是我们住的一套

But I ain't crying or whining about my enviornment 但是,我不哭泣或抱怨我enviornment

Even though black folk is dying constant 尽管黑人民间垂危不变

Niggaz'll shoot you unconscious Niggazll拍你无意识

Wit no conscience, until you lose conscience 机智没有良心,直到你失去了良心

Conscious, and pompous white folk think I'm just rhyming 意识和浮夸的白色民间认为我只是押韵

Just designing lines, just for the sake of shining 只是设计线条,只是为了闪耀的

Like I just speak violent applying to the business I'm in 就像我刚才说的暴力申请业务,我在

Rewind and find him in a dirty ass hood with no sight of climbing 倒带发现他在一个肮脏的屁股罩祟尚攀登

Moving on up was just The Jeffersons 继续前进了刚刚的杰弗逊

Rest of us watching the tube got less then them 我们剩下的看完了管不到它们

So why you vexing him? Why you stretching him out? 那么,为什么你困扰了他?为什么你伸展他出去?

He got the weapon all because his whereabouts 他得到了所有的武器,因为他的下落

Born and raised, mental slaves 出生和长大,心理奴隶

And I don't see change before I'm seeing the grave 我看不出变化,我看到坟墓前

All I see is my homies corpse decay 我看到的是我的家人的尸体腐烂

Crying at his wake, can't recognize his face 哭在他之后,无法识别他的脸

Face it, you not identifying with me 面对它,你不跟我确定

My identity distorts ya visibility 我的身份扭曲雅知名度

So you can't see me, peep what he's achieving 所以你看不到我,偷看了他的实现

You recieve information from TV 您收到来自电视的信息

I'm in the hood, I live it you read about it 我在引擎盖,我住它,你看一下吧

Rest in peace Peezy 安息Peezy

Please believe Obie eyes've seen The Wire 请相信奥比eyesve看到的电线

Prior to what you seeing on the screen 在此之前你看到屏幕上

I done been in and out of the bing 我做了进出兵

Lost niggaz to unfortunate things 失去了兄弟们不幸的事

That's why, praise the Lord I'm still on the scene 这就是为什么,赞美主,我还是在现场

Praise the Creator who made human beings 赞美谁做人类的创造者

Just for creating a nigga like me 只是创造了一个黑人像我这样的

A nigga that put the umph in G, yeah 那个黑鬼是把umph G中,耶


[Chorus 2X] [合唱2倍]

Wake up 醒来

I try to reach out but you won't 我试着伸手,但你不会

Wake up 醒来

My brothers and sisters, we got to 我的兄弟姐妹们,我们到了

Wake up 醒来

'Fore you stuck in the system, and then ya 前,你停留在系统中,然后雅

Wake up 醒来

Reality hits ya, before you can 现实中碰到你,才可以

Wake up 醒来

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