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Cry Now



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Intro] [简介]

"Crrrry" “ Crrrry ”

Giant face nigga (giant face nigga) 巨人的脸黑鬼(巨脸黑鬼)

Get it together (get it togheter) 得到它在一起(得到它togheter )

I ain't goin nowhere (nowhere) 我是不是要扔掉无处(无门)

O. Trice (O. Trice) 澳特里切( O.特里切)


[Verse 1] [诗歌1 ]

Niggaz wanna kill me, till a nigga stoned 兄弟们想要杀了我,直到一个黑人砸死

Wanna peel my cap back, see a nigga gon' 想剥我的帽子回来,看到一个黑人坤

All because I rap actual facts on a song 所有因为我说唱客观事实的一首歌

It's no fabrication, what's wrong (what's wrong) 这不是捏造,什么是错的(什么是错的)

Slum cracked to the day come (day come) 贫民窟破解的那一天到来(天来)

But they don't wanna gimme that, say he fakin (fakin) 但是他们不想给我说,说他假装(假装)

Schoolcraft is the makin (makin) 斯库尔是马金(马金)

But God forsake 'em, they hate I'm great 但上帝离弃他们,他们恨我很好

Conservin them weight, to the Top 8 at 8 Conservin它们的重量,到了8强,在8

You whether see him wait, momma hypervenalate 你是否看到他等一下,妈妈hypervenalate

Tuckin her son underneath the state (Michigan) Tuckin她儿子的状态之下(密歇根州)

Hip-Hop's my fate, since cassette tapes 嘻哈是我的命运,因为录音带

I've been braced what you know of, as this niggaz culture 我一直在支撑你知道是什么,因为这兄弟们的文化

Put it in a chokehold, spoke as a soldier (soldier) 把它放在一个控制遭到谈到作为一名战士(战士)

Yea he provoke him, to pull up out his holster 是啊,他惹他,拉起他的皮套

Leave you wit a visible ulcer, oggle and off ya 留下你的智慧可见溃疡, oggle和关雅

Niggaz ought to when he lyrically off us 兄弟们应该给他讲些什么了我们

All cause he salty, I'm rollin like a boss 全因他咸,我罗林像老板

I don't follow nigga's course, I'm akward 我不跟着兄弟们的过程中,我akward的

My choice, Rock City is my voice 我的选择,岩城是我的声音

The White Boy stepped down, so I will accept the crown 白男孩下台,所以我会接受冠

Exceptional however, never let ya down 然而,特殊的,从来没有让雅下来

Found my new niche, no more bricks 发现我的新利基,没有更多的砖头

So I'm pitchin 16's, verbally bitch 所以我pitchin 16年代,口头婊子


[Chorus] [合唱]

"Crrrrrry now" Cry now “ Crrrrrry现在”现在哭

"Crrrrrry now" Cry now “ Crrrrrry现在”现在哭

"Crrrrrry now" Cry now “ Crrrrrry现在”现在哭

"Crrrrrry now" Nigga cry now “ Crrrrrry现在的”兄弟们,现在哭


[Verse 2] [诗歌2]

Cry all you wanna, numero uno stunna 哭了,你想,头儿stunna

Then snuck up on ya, Lord what has become of us 然后悄然进入雅,主这已成为我们

The Boy hold the "D" down, like none other 男孩举行的“D”下来,像让利

Up comin since slums, can't knock them mothafuckas 截至因为贫民窟科曼,不能敲他们mothafuckas

So we, take shots at 'em, try to snuff 'em 所以我们需要在拍摄时间,尽量扼杀时间

Whether see 'em suffer, then become one up on us 是否看见他们受苦,则成为一上来就美国

Round the globe, promotin us hustlas 圆形地球, promotin我们hustlas

The white boy's cool, but refuse they brothers 白人男孩的酷,但拒绝他们的兄弟

So we, cock the tools, and shoot our own color 所以,我们误打误撞的工具,并拍摄自己的颜色

This ain't Detroit Red, you won't (X) me out (Malcolm) 这不是底特律红,你不会( X)我出去(马尔科姆)

I exit this, whenever be from a violent outcome í退出,只要是来自一个暴力的结果

I turn Exorcist on niggaz wit extra clips 我把大法师的兄弟们机智的额外片段

Exit on my ethics, is no longer present 退出我的职业道德,不再存在

X-rays show, I was this close to Heaven X光片显示,我是如此接近天堂

So for future reference, I stay this close to a weapon {click-clack} 因此,对于未来的参考,我留这个接近武器{点击瓣}

Who you testin, never said I was the best, never stressin 你TESTIN谁,从来没有说我是最好的,从来没有stressin

Don't make me get in my zone, I will own that whole note (fa sho') 不要让我在我区得到的,我将自己的全音符( FA翔 )

Metaphorically, for where I roam on chrome yo (fa sho') 打个比方,在这里我漫游在铬球( FA翔 )

Detroit for niggaz that's slow, it's the O 底特律的兄弟们这是缓慢的,它是将O

I was birth wit Jehovah's hand on my soul 我出生机智耶和华的手放在了我的灵魂


[Chorus] [合唱]

"Crrrrrry now" Cry now “ Crrrrrry现在”现在哭

"Crrrrrry now" Cry now “ Crrrrrry现在”现在哭

"Crrrrrry now" Cry now “ Crrrrrry现在”现在哭

"Crrrrrry now" Nigga cry now “ Crrrrrry现在的”兄弟们,现在哭


[Verse 3] [诗歌3 ]

Can't explain the gift; but my aim is to take 无法解释的礼物;但我的目标是拿

What the streets gave my brain and spit 什么街道给我的大脑和吐

And I ain't evaporate, I will remain the shit 我是不是蒸发掉,我仍将是狗屎

So ya lames that got a problem wit the game - tough tit 所以雅LAMES是有一个问题机智的游戏 - 艰难的针锋相对

He still in the same Range, windows fixed 他仍然在相同的范围,窗口固定

And I'm killin 'em come a-gain, that's as real as it gets 而我扼杀时间走过了增益,这是因为它得到真正的

Off ya, tryna make me depart ya, from my thought-a 关雅, tryna让我离开你,从我的思想-A

Coffin's for you, and the nigga that brought ya 棺材的你,又领雅黑鬼

The hatin start in ya, release from our father 该hatin开始在雅,从我们的父亲释放

The people at the alter, saying ya better off 人们在ALTER ,说雅更好

You don't wanna see a demon, come out of a humen being 你不想看到一个恶魔,走过了幸福虎门出

Recent being the sience, and to him it's too extreme 最近作为sience ,对他那太极端

Catch me in the BM, like Tupac and them 追我的骨髓,就像图帕克和他们

Or in that Tahoe like Christopher - NO 或者在太浩湖像克里斯托弗 - 无

Poppa gon' keep poppin Cris on you hoes 波帕坤让屁股克里斯您锄头

And piss on those, who exist as my foes 小便这些,谁是我的敌人存在

O rolls through shit, spittin cold flows 通过狗屎Ø卷,吐口水感冒流

Knows his business, I'll be missed if I go 知道他的生意,我会,如果我错过了去

Who you know holdin the city on his shoulders 谁知道你牵着他的肩膀上城

Flow is ferocious, it's O shit, true vocalist - BITCH! 流量是凶猛的,它是为O ,妈的,真正的歌手 - 婊子!


[Chorus] [合唱]

"Crrrrrry now" Cry now “ Crrrrrry现在”现在哭

"Crrrrrry now" Cry now “ Crrrrrry现在”现在哭

"Crrrrrry now" Cry now “ Crrrrrry现在”现在哭

"Crrrrrry now" Nigga cry now “ Crrrrrry现在的”兄弟们,现在哭


[Outro] [尾奏]

"Crrrrrry now" [to fade] “ Crrrrrry现在” [淡出]

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