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Everywhere I Go



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Intro: Obie Trice] [简介:奥比特里切]

Yeah 是啊

Ride wit me 骑机智我

Come ride wit Trice, man 快来坐机智特里切,人

I brought my man wit me 我把我的男人机智我

Curtis Interscope Jack (ha ha) 柯蒂斯的Interscope杰克(哈哈)

Mr. Mathers, my nigga Fif' (Yeah) 马瑟斯先生,我的兄弟们FIF “ (是啊)

Holla at 'em 呼啦在时间


[Chorus: 50 Cent] [合唱: 50分]

Everywhere I go, I mean, like everywhere I be 无论我走到哪里,我的意思是,就像无论我是

It seems like everybody knows, how I get down, and why B, homie 这似乎是每个人都知道,我是怎么了,为什么B,亲密

Everywhere I go, I mean, like everywhere I be 无论我走到哪里,我的意思是,就像无论我是

It seems like everybody knows, how I get down, and why B, homie 这似乎是每个人都知道,我是怎么了,为什么B,亲密


[1st Verse: Obie Trice] [第一诗:奥比特里切]

They say Obie Trice gone, look at em 他们说,奥比特里切走了,看看EM

Back then I was Mike Jones, who would even look at 'em? 那时候我是麦克·琼斯,谁甚至会看他们吗?

Now I recite songs with icons, see I come from convicts and crumbs 现在我背诵歌曲的图标,请参阅我来自罪犯和面包屑

My nigga, listen, it's transition shows his ambitions 我的兄弟们,听着,它的转变显示了他的野心

Nuttin less then the man getting off his ass and vanishing 尼坦小于该男子下车他的屁股和消失

Into the world of ass kissing, witness him with Ashton Kutcher 到屁股接吻的世界,见证了他与阿什顿·库彻

Now they ask for pictures, autographs, signatures 现在,他们所要求的照片,签名,签名

Went from rags to riches to getting ass from bitches 从发家致富,从母狗的屁股越来越

It's hard to grasp the situation at hand 这是很难把握眼前的局势

When you used to have to ask for digits 当你用要问个数字

Now they pass em to you like easy fast for tickets 现在,他们通过EM你喜欢方便快捷的车票

Classic isn't it? Coming from a past with a casket 经典,不是吗?即将从过去的一个骨灰盒

Dips from beneathe the grass, so you're cremated to ashes 从beneathe草骤降,所以你火化为灰烬

Nigga, created from the crap, this is past fictious 兄弟们,从垃圾产生,这是过去的虚构

Fif, tell em how we was when we last wen' visit FIF ,告诉EM我们如何为我们上次文的访问


[Chorus] [合唱]


[2nd verse: Obie Trice] [第2节:奥比特里切]

And now the spotlight's on Trice 现在的焦点是在特里切

But back when the spot life was Trice 但是回来的时候当场生活特里切

I always kept beside a spot for a mic, despite 我总是保持一个麦克风一个点的旁边,尽管

Wrongs and rights, I would write after I slung white 冤屈和权利,我会写在我挂着白色

To homes on the pipe, I had a notion I would be bi-costal 要在管院,我有一个想法,我会双肋

But being across the ocean is la vida loca 但作为大洋彼岸的LA VIDA LOCA

And vada loco, I'm in Janayo 和瓦达疯子,我在Janayo

Konecheewa in Tokyo, it's sushi with eel Konecheewa在东京,这是寿司鳗鱼

I got a taste for that pompies chopping up in Brazil 我得到了一个味道pompies拿刀砍巴西

Drinking the finest wines in France on the hill 喝最好的葡萄酒在法国山上

Now how real is he to come from where we get killed 现在是多么真实,他来自哪里,我们丧命

To having all his dreams fulfilled, look out 为了让所有他的梦想实现了,看的出来

I got fantasies of being in Italy where the women be 我得到了在意大利是幻想里的女人们会

Offering me the cooch-o, eating on arsobuco 提供我COOCH邻,食arsobuco

Awesome, I know, so often, we just reach the coffin 真棒,我知道,所以很多时候,我们只是达到了棺材

And never get to see what the world's offering 而从来没有看到这个世界的产品


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Outro] [尾奏]

[50 Cent] [ 50分]

Yeah 是啊

Things change man 世事无常人

You know, get a chance to travel 你知道,去旅行的机会

See the world and you start to look at things a lil different 看世界,你开始看事物的不同律

[Obie Trice] [奥比特里切]

You ain't bullshitting 你是不是bullshitting

Cuz I ain't never thought I'd see it out the hood 因为我是不是从来没有想过我会看到它的引擎盖

Heh, look at a nigga now 嘿,现在看一个黑人

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Obie Trice, Curtis James Jackson, Marshall B. Iii Mathers


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