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Obie Story



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[Mom] Momma's so proud of you, you did so good on that report card today baby [妈妈]妈妈的为你感到骄傲,你做对了成绩单今天宝宝好

I'mma let you pick out whatever you want 我就要让你挑选出任何你想要的

[Obie] Ma, I can get any shoes I want? [奥比]妈,我能得到我想要的鞋子?

[Mom] That's right, today is your day [妈妈]这是正确的,今天是你的节日

Momma don't have much, but I'll spend it all on you today 妈妈没有太多,但今天我会花这一切你

[Obie] Okay, I want these. Ah man, I'mma look fresh when I go to school [奥比]好吧,我想这些。男人啊,我就要看看新鲜,当我去上学


Such a beautiful thing, being embraced by a woman that's a queen 这么美丽的东西,被拥抱的女人,这是一个王后

With big dreams for the younger sibling 随着大梦的弟弟

O couldn't do no wrong Ø不能这样做没有错

According to report cards Obie brought home 据记者了解卡片奥比带回家

They say good in spelling 他们说,在拼写好

Spelling bee's always excelling 拼字比赛总是擅长

Which was so overwhelming that Momma took him shopping 它是如此热烈,妈妈带他逛街

Copped him the new Jay's Copped他新的周杰伦

Swear to God homie this was Obie's cool days 向上帝发誓,哥们,这是奥比的酷天

BMX'ing up the block with the tennant living next to him BMXing了与坦能生活块在他旁边

Shooting hopes, who got hops? 拍摄的希望,谁得到了跳?

Worthy, when he pop a jump shot 值得的,当他弹出一个跳投

No worries, just a pocket full of sugar or whatnot 不用担心,只要一个完整的糖或诸如此类的东西的口袋

Hit the candy house on the block 打糖果屋块上

It was pickle in them spot 这是泡菜在其中现货

Then things turn around when Obie'll lay down 然后,事情转身时Obiell放下

Hear the sounds of fire rounds surrounded em 听到发子弹的声音包围EM

Astounded him, the volume of the blast had me so interested 他吃惊,鼓风量让我很感兴趣

Momma falling with cash, she can't get a nigga in this bitch 妈妈下落现金,她不能让一个黑人在这个婊子

They wanna hit the ass, nigga start ditching class 他们想打的屁股,黑人开始开沟类

Dad ain't around, he left a nigga 爸爸不在身边,他留下了一个黑人

Sagging in them Superman drawers that one Saturday 下垂在他们超人的抽屉,一个星期六

Is it my fault, shit got dark? 难道是我的错,屎天黑?

Mom and I fall apart, relationship taunts, bad talk 我和妈妈闹矛盾,关系嘲弄,不好说话

"Can't stand you, looking like ya Daddy with that same walk" “受不了你,看着像你爸爸与同样走”

{Muthafucka you - } { Muthafucka你 - }

Now a niggas out in the streets 现在黑鬼在街上

Two nickle plated thirty-eights on me 两个镀镍三十八分在我身上

Can't stay away from beef 不能远离牛肉

Scrapping with them niggas from the other side 他们刮痧从另一个侧面黑鬼

Sipping Saint Ives rocking old school flannels 喝着圣艾夫斯摇摆的老同学法兰绒

Old school niggas see that I'm an animal 老同学黑鬼看到我的动物

Front me at 16, see how my roll handle 接待我的16 ,怎么看我滚手柄

Now I'm up the O's but wait on the affy 现在我了O公司,但等待的AFFY

Cuz here come my muthafuckin baby, cool 这里的Cuz来我的muthafuckin宝贝,爽

Had to slow my role 不得不放慢我的角色

Plus my P.O. got a nigga pissing in a bowl 再加上我的P.O。有一个黑人撒尿在碗里

Hold my temperment cuz I see such innocence 握住我的temperment因为我看到这样的纯真

When I'm looking in Kobe's pupils 当我正在寻找在科比的学生

Despite all the dope I sold I had to change my road 尽管所有的涂料我卖我不得不改变我的路

I just might be able to grow old 我也许能白头到老

Older brother said, "Yo O 哥哥说: “呦Õ

I'mma quit my job so we can chase our goals 我就要放弃我的工作,所以我们可以追逐我们的目标

I'll be manager-a-go, you can rap I suppose" 我会在经理-A-去,你可以批评我猜“

That's what we did, I still flipped a little bit 这就是我们所做的事情,我还是翻一点点

Saved up my chips and put it into music 救了我的筹码,并把它放到音乐

"Well Known Asshole" a underground hit “知名混蛋”A地下打

Still scrambling, looking like shit 还是争先恐后,看起来像狗屎

Baby momma think I'm smoking more then a spliff 宝贝妈妈想我吸烟越多则spliff

Think a blessing came from the man who invented my gift 想想一个祝福来自于谁发明我的礼物的男人

When Eminem said "let me hear you spit" 当阿姆说: “让我听到你吐”

Wrote my signature, now Shady Obie represents 写了我的签名,现在黑幕奥比表示

Hit em with the D12 skit 打EM与D12小品

Can exhale now I see my Mom's ain't pissed 现在可以呼出我看到我妈妈的不生气

She hit em with a smile cuz Obie became focused 她打EM面带微笑的Cuz奥比成为聚焦

From independent out the trunk like them dope kids 独立出来的树干像他们一样的孩子涂料

To platinum plaques, world tours, getting noticed 为了白金斑块,世界巡演,越来越注意到

An inappropriate soldier became so ferocious 不适当的士兵变得如此凶猛

In this Hip-Hop culture that I long for 在我长了嘻哈文化

The roller coaster O was on so young 过山车Ø是在这么年轻

Took a turn right into his song 转了个弯右转入他的歌

That's right, from after school fights 这是正确的,从学校打架后,

To pushing white, to pursuing his career heights 要推白色,以追求自己的职业生涯高峰

One mic's, all I need involved with beats 一个麦克风的,我需要参与到次

I'mma be the streets to Jesus, cars on me 我就要成为街头耶稣,汽车对我

And that'll be the day you applaud and see 而这将是你鼓掌的日子,看看

The underdog gets his eventually 失败者得到他的最终


Gotta end it though 得它虽然结束

I'm all in it, there's no limits 我都在这,没有限制

And it's so splendid 而且它是如此灿烂

Real names, no gimmics 真实姓名,没有gimmics

No image, just a soldier who spoke what he lived 没有图片,只是谁讲什么,他过着战士

From the ribs with it, the flows vintage 从它的肋骨,流动复古

Obie gotta do this for real 奥比得做到这一点的真实

Yeah 是啊

Obie Trice 奥比特里切

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