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Round Of Applause



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[Intro:] [简介: ]

Hey mazel tov and all that good stuff man 嘿MAZEL TOV和所有的好东西的男人

This is for all my folks who got legal jobs 这是我所有的人谁得到法律工作

We beat the odds, you feel me? 我们击败的可能性,你感觉到我吗?


[Hook:] [钩: ]

We ain't supposed to be here, never thought we see it 我们不应该在这里,从来没有想过我们看到它

Now we living proof, tell the world to believe it yeah 现在,我们生活的证明,告诉全世界相信它呀

Congratulations, thank God we made it 恭喜你,感谢上帝,我们做到了

They told us we was nothing, now I know they hate it 他们告诉我们,我们没有什么,现在我知道他们恨它

Round of applause, round of applause 掌声,掌声雷动

Congratulations, we beat them odds 恭喜你,我们击败他们的赔率

Round of applause, round of applause 掌声,掌声雷动

Congratulations, we beat them odds 恭喜你,我们击败他们的赔率


[Verse 1: Lecrae] [诗歌1 : Lecrae ]

I ain't supposed to be nothing but a dope dealer, but a hope killer 我是不是应该只是一个涂料经销商,而是希望凶手

Supposed to brag on the guns and the coke kilo's 应该吹嘘的枪和焦炭公斤的

Dropping molly's in a coke zero 删除莫莉的在零度可乐

Ashamed of my education, then I'm finally off probation 惭愧我的教育,然后我终于过试用期

Then I quit smoking, got a wife and kids and I'm a real father no faking 然后,我戒烟,得到了妻子和孩子,我是一个真正的父亲没有作假

See I'm a black man who beat them odds 见我是一个黑人男子谁打他们的赔率

Supposed to be locked up with no 应该被关起来,没有

Job 招聘

Never should of went to college or learned who God is 从来不应该去上大学或学神是谁

You add it up it's all odd 你添加了它的所有奇数

See I never knew my pops 看我从来不知道我的持久性有机污染物

I been abused, ran from the cops 我一直在滥用,从警察跑

I went to school 我去学校

High on them crops 高他们的作物

Wasn't a thug, never been shot 不是暴徒,从未被枪杀

Running from God man turning my back 从神的男人跑把我的背

Never would of made it, Marvin Sapp 决不会的成功了,马文萨普

But He opened up my eyes and I can't look back 不过,他打开了我的眼睛,我不能回头

While they look surprised, I just tip my cap 虽然他们一看吓一跳,我只是冰山我的帽子

Yeah he did it, he did it 是的,他做到了,他做到了

He changed me and I'm with it 他改变了我,我用它

He made me what I'm supposed to be 他让我什么,我认为是

You get close to me, you might get it 你离我很近,你可能会得到它


[Hook] [钩]


[Verse 2: B.o.B] [诗2: B.o.B ]

I ain't even spos' to be here 我是不是连SPOS “到这里来

I ain't even spos' to be livin' 我是不是连SPOS “要活着

The world is set up for me to 世界设置为我

Be dead broke and somewhere locked up in prison 死了破产和地方关在监狱里

Yeah, I know they be watchin' 是的,我知道他们要在看着

Yeah, I know they be listenin' 是的,我知道他们被listenin

Yeah, I know that hip-hop police is probably plotting for me 是啊,我知道,嘻哈警察可能是密谋对我来说

To be missing 是失踪

And cover it up with the cliche okey doke 并掩盖它的陈词滥调有什么? doke

And blame it on the pain pill overdose 并责怪痛丸过量

From the city where they love to hate 从他们又爱又恨的城市

But I still got love for my homies tho 但我仍然有爱我的家人寿

They don't want to see us ball out 他们不希望看到我们球出

But we do it anyway 但是,我们做吧

Got a mil' in the bank 有在银行密尔“

Another two up in the safe 另外两个在安全

Cause' I do it everday 因为“我做的锁具

Know, know me ain't no roomies in the A 知道,知道我是不是在无roomies

All they say that is I could've fool in the A 他们只说是我可以在A已经傻瓜

Don't assume anything 不要假设任何事情

I'm a fool with the pay 我的工资是傻瓜

I'll be goon till your day 我会是打手,直到你的一天


[Hook] [钩]


[Interlude:] [插曲: ]

I'm supposed to be dead or in jail right now 我应该现在是死亡或坐牢

But instead, I'm sharing my gift with the world 而是,我与世界分享我的礼物


[Verse 3: Lecrae] [第3节: Lecrae ]

Now she used to strip at Onyx 现在,她用于去除在玛瑙

Working her way through college 通过学院的工作她的方式

Tryna put food in her son's mouth 在她儿子的嘴Tryna把食物

On a pole for them dollars 在杆子上为他们计

She was looking for some solace 她一直在寻找一些慰藉

Told the Lord, I promise... I'm heading to the hills with my heels on 告诉主,我保证......我在前往山上与我的高跟鞋

Where the feels ain't a touch to the billfolds 凡认为已不是触摸到billfolds

No copping feels from no Uncle Phil's, just Phil Jackson coach her 从没有菲尔叔叔的,只是菲尔·杰克逊教练没有在逃避她的感觉

And get her out that game where they losing they dignity for a Coach purse 并让她出去那场比赛中,他们失去了自己的尊严了教练的钱包

No skirts just "skrr", found another way around a real worth 没有裙子只是“ SKRR ” ,发现身边真正的价值的另一种方式

And left that fine establishment 并留下了精美建立

It's like her whole life is having a growth 这就像她的一生,是有增长

Spurt 冲刺

She out the game and they hate it, mad at her she made it (haters) 她的游戏,他们恨它,气死她她成功了(仇敌)

They ain't nothing but some shellfish in a bucket 他们不只是一些贝类的水桶

Probably get crabs if you touch it 可能得到的螃蟹,如果你触摸它

Now she graduated from college - scratch that - graduated with honors 现在,她从大学毕业 - 从头开始 - 以优异成绩毕业

Little man got a little cap and gown, look at him matching his mama, yeah! 小家伙有点帽子和袍子,看他匹配他妈,是啊!


[Hook] [钩]

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