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Misconception Pt 2



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Verse 1: Dre Murray] [诗歌1 :德瑞穆雷]

One woman in my living quarters 一个女人在我的宿舍

And I ain't throwing dollars to a side chick 我是不是扔元到上侧的小鸡

Ciroc didn't play a part at all Ciroc没有发挥作用,在所有

I comb through it and it's the woman that I pick í梳理它,它是我挑的女人

Wedding hand on the left hand 在左手婚礼手

Head first into the moshpit 第一头进入moshpit

And when that Marvin come on I don't have to be cautious 而当马文来吧,我没有要谨慎

You messin' up that good music when you add the Consequence 您messin 了,好的音乐,当你添加后果

Tryin' find forever minus God use your Common Sense 试着找到永远减去神用你的常识

We set fire to your box, keep your four squares 我们集火你的盒子,让您的四个正方形

I hear you hating from the crowd screaming, "4 Squares!" 我听说你从人群恨尖叫, “ 4平方! ”

Yeah we christian that's neither here nor there 是的,我们基督徒那不伦不类

The track still getting chewed up, homie four pairs 这条赛道仍然得到咀嚼起来,亲密4对


[Verse 2: Swoope] [诗2: Swoope ]

We say they missing out and that don't make no sense, eh? 我们说,他们错过了那不就没有任何意义,不是吗?

YOLO's a no show for repeat, we syndicate YOLO是一个没有拿得出手的重复,我们集团

Following their passions while we following the Master 当我们跟随主人跟随他们的激情

So we sorta kinda imitate following what Sensei 所以我们有点八九不离十模仿下列哪些老师

Synonym, sin in 'em 同义词,罪在时间

And it's the sin in us if we keep it Benjamin 而且它的罪我们,如果我们把它本杰明

But the difference is that this life didn't pleasure us 但不同的是,这辈子也没我们的快乐

Tried to let it rule but that ruler didn't measure up 试图让它统治,统治者认为没有辜负

So they question us living as king 因此,他们质疑我们的生活为王

"How He change your name to peace? ", you ain't get the metaphor “他怎么改变你的名字乎? ” ,你是不是得到了隐喻

Let me write it down life's more than spinning wheels 让我把它写下来生命的超过纺轮

Christ bought the foul, you can pick that letter up 基督买了犯规,你可以拿起那封信了


[Hook: Christon Gray] [钩:克里斯顿灰色]

We're flawless and we think we're better 我们是完美无瑕的,我们认为我们是更好的

It's official got it all together 据官方消息得到了这一切在一起

We don't want em getting the wrong impressions 我们不希望EM得到错误的印象

Cause that ain't real that's a misconception 原因是没有真正的这是一种误解

Been a struggle only Jesus kept us 一直挣扎只有耶稣使我们

And we still fall, so it's hard to get up 我们仍然下跌,因此很难起床

We don't want em getting the wrong impressions 我们不希望EM得到错误的印象

Cause this is real ain't no misconception 因为这是真的不是没有误解


[Verse 3: Alex Faith] [第3节:亚历克斯信仰]

Got a girl on my arm but that's my wife though 得到了我的手臂的女孩但是这是我的妻子,虽然

And I don't need a side piece, I don't like those 而且我也不需要一个方片,我不喜欢那些

Lil mama working that body why she's eyes closed 莉莉妈妈的工作是身体原因,她的双眼紧闭

Say his pockets way too fat they need lipo 说他的口袋里了太多的脂肪,他们需要脂

Twenty racks make it rain sparkles on dem bottles 二十架使雨DEM的瓶火花

Lift em up, shawty bad, she look like a model 提起举起手来,美女不好,她看起来像一个模型

Rollin up, smoking loud, this is what we follow 罗林起来,大声的抽烟,这是我们按照

Past that, looking back things are kind of hollow 过去,回过头去看看事情是一种具有中空

I never be slaved the most in commons 我从来没有被从属的​​最公地

Or that gucci polo, louis vuitton and balenciaga 或者说,古马,路易威登和巴黎世家

And miss me all together you squeezing that llama 想念我在一起,你挤了骆驼

We Live As Kings only mean we living to please the Father 我们的生活就像国王仅仅意味着我们生活取悦父亲


[Verse 4: Christon Gray] [第4节:克里斯顿灰色]

Don't approach me, better unproach me 不要靠近我,更unproach我

My words were so killer even the gun quotes me, steel 我的话是这样的杀手连枪引述了我,钢

Battle rappers murder, they probably quote me still 说唱战役谋杀,他们可能引用我仍然

So sorry that I hurt em hope they heal 所以,对不起,我伤害了EM希望他们医治

Had to peel appeal em was the mirage 不得不剥离呼吁EM是海市蜃楼

But homie that wasn't real they still live in they garage 但是,亲密的,那不是真实,他们仍然生活在他们的车库

They got trend setters and hell raisers 他们得到了潮流制定者和地狱养殖户

We stay in our own lane we trailblazers 我们留在我们自己的车道,我们开路先锋

We all trail, we all failing constantly 我们所有的线索,我们都不断地失败

Easy, that's a tall tail, apostrophe 很简单,这是一个高个子的尾巴,撇号

But we playing to lose all, a new sport 但是,我们玩到失去所有,一种新的运动

So tell em we bruise hard 所以告诉我们EM伤硬盘


[Hook] [钩]


[Verse 5: Lecrae] [第5节: Lecrae ]

They throw stones, I just pick em up and build (somethin') 他们扔石头,我随便挑时间了,建设(事端)

I write in braille so these listeners can feel (somethin') 我写盲文所以这些听众可以感受到(事端)

I guess they figured if they kill us then we'll cease 我猜他们想如果他们杀了我们,然后我们将停止

They forgot this problem started when they crucified our leader (frontin') 他们忘记了这个问题,开始的时候他们钉在十字架上,我们的领袖(龙廷)

And who is we? We just some raggedy believers 谁是我们?我们只是有些褴褛的信徒

Some hip-hop hybrids who married Mother Teresa (huh?) 有些嘻哈混合动力车谁娶特蕾莎修女(吧? )

So they think but they don't get to know me 因此,他们的看法,但他们并不了解我

They throw me out their circles for being a square (lonely) 他们把我赶出了他们的圈子,作为一个方形(寂寞)

Homie out the abundance of my heart, you hear my art speak 亲密了我的心脏丰,你听我说话的艺术

And I don't fit in your genre, don't try to box me 而且我不适合你的风格,不要试图框我

But punch me in, I'm tryna give this beat a beating 但冲我,我tryna给这个打一顿打

Pleading with your eardrums until they bleed the blood of Jesus (Jesus) 用你的耳膜恳求,直到他们流血耶稣(耶稣)的血

But wait I know you think this here is gospel rapping 但是别急,我知道你认为这是在这里敲击福音

It's more like bringing balance, these rap scales full of crack and 它更像带来平衡,这些说唱鳞片完全破解和

The streets told me real killers move in silence 在街上告诉我,真正的杀手移动沉寂

Then how come all these rappers out here talking violent (shhh) 那么怎么来的所有这些说唱歌手在这里谈论暴力(嘘)

But let's take all your preconceptions or your misconceptions 但是,让我们所有的成见或误解

That I'm something other than you with a different direction 那我的东西比你用其他不同的方向

I'm south side Chicago, I'm southwest Atlanta 我是芝加哥南部,我是西南亚特兰大

I'm Compton with manners, I'm good truth and bad grammar 我康普顿与风度,我很好真理和语法错误


[Hook] [钩]

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