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[Chorus] [合唱]

I don't wanna go to school.. I don't need no education 我不想去上学。我不需要任何教育

I don't wanna be like you.. I don't wanna save the nation 我并不想成为像你..我不想救国

I just wanna live my life.. everyday a celebration 我只想每天过我的生活..庆祝

One day I'ma leave this world.. I'm waitin for the revelation 有一天,我是离开这个世界..我等待着的启示


[Bizarre] [怪异]

I wanna kill myself! I'm still debatin 我要自杀!我还在debatin

In front of a baptist church, masturbatin 在浸信会教堂前, masturbatin

Prayin to Satan - think I'm crazy cause I smoke crack 祈祷撒旦 - 认为我疯了,因为我抽烟裂缝

live on the mat in a two-family flat? (Fuck it) 住在垫子上在两扁家? (他妈的)

Tired of gettin hit in the face with a broom 厌倦开始报打在脸上用扫帚

My moms on her period, my dad's in my room (Daddy no!) 我的妈妈在她的时期,我爸在我的房间(爸爸不! )

I got ten rocks and I need to get out 我有10岩,我​​需要摆脱

I sold them in five minutes, at my own damn hause (Moms smoke crack) 我5分钟卖给他们,我自己该死家用(妈妈抽烟破解)

My poor grandmother, God bless her soul 我可怜的外婆,愿上帝保佑她的灵魂

The bitch got AIDS (aww) she just waitin to die of a cold (hahaha) 母狗得了艾滋病( AWW )她只是等待着死亡的冷(哈哈哈)

There's three things that keep me from bein a Nazi 有三件事让我从贝因纳粹

I'm black, a fag, and my dad's Liberace 我是黑色的,抽根烟,我爸的利贝拉切


[Kon Artis] [杆阿蒂斯]

No matter how bad the beatin, I went to school cheatin 无论多么糟糕的beatin ,我去学校不忠

My dad whooped my ass at a PTA meetin 我爸直喊我的屁股在PTA meetin

Skipping the school I had to have nuts just to do it 跳绳的学校,我必须有坚果只是做

Got bored and became truant 厌倦并成为逃学

When I had the gall to go I just couldn't do it 当我有胆量去我就是下不了手

I was lured into corners by the peer pressure shit 我被同侪压力狗屎诱骗到角落

How would you feel if you was held by the tip of a barrel 你会感觉如何,如果你是持有桶的顶端

Gettin threatened to get your skin ripped to bone marrow 刚开威胁,让您的皮肤撕开骨髓

Bet suburban kids never got rushed for their apparel 打赌郊区的孩子从未被送往他们的服装

like me, outcast, last in class 像我这样的弃儿,最后在课堂上

First to leave, when the teacher called on me 首先离开的时候叫上我的老师

Best believe I had somethin up my sleeve 最好相信我有事端了我的袖子


[Eminem] [阿姆]

I've been praised and labeled as crazed 我一直好评,并打成疯狂

My mother was unable to raise me, full of crazy rage 我母亲无力抚养我,充满疯狂的愤怒

An angry teenager, nothin can change me back 愤怒的小将,没什么可以改变我回来

Gangsta rap made me act like a maniac 匪帮说唱让我像一个疯子

I was boostin, so influenced by music I used it 我boostin ,所以通过音乐,我用它的影响

as an excuse to do shit, ooh I was stupid 为借口,做妈的,哦我是笨蛋

No one can tell me nothin hip-hop overwhelmed me 没有人能告诉我没什么街舞淹没了我

to the point where it had me in a whole 'nother realm 到这种地步,这让我在整个诺特尔境界

It was like isolatin myself was healthy 这就像isolatin自己是健康的

It felt like we was on welfare but wealthy 这感觉就像我们是福利,但富人

Compelled me to excel when school it failed me 迫使我练成时,学校就没有我

Expelled me and when the principal would tell me 开除我当校长告诉我

I was nothin, and I wouldn't amount to shit 我是没什么,我也并不等于狗屎

I made my first million and counted it 我做了我的第一个一百万,并计算其

Now look at, a fuckin drop-out that quits 现在看,他妈的辍学的退出

Stupid as shit, rich as fuck, and proud of it 愚蠢的狗屎,以丰富他妈的,并以此为荣

That's why 这就是为什么


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Swifty McVay] [ SWIFTY McVay ]

I was raised with a rifle and mask 我提出用步枪和掩码

Steadily beatin my psychiatrist ass just for askin about my past 稳步beatin我的心理医生的屁股只是地问我的过去

(bitch) I was never on that punk shit; fuckin around (母狗)我从来没有对朋克狗屎;他娘的身边

can get yo' belove abducted, smothered in blood quick 可以得到哟 belove绑架,窒息血快

You couldn't pay Swift to give a fuck 你可以不支付斯威夫特给他妈的

Was crazy like my father, it musta been poison in that nigga's nut 疯了就像我的父亲,那一定是毒药那个黑鬼的螺母

Far as probation, fuck peein in cups 仅就缓刑,他妈的peein杯

I violate at any time, let 'em see the blunt í违反任何时候,让我们让他们看到了钝

I grew up steadily masturbatin inside of cells 我长大了稳步masturbatin细胞内

Young as hell, havin conversations with myself 年轻得要命,就吃对话与自己

You could tell I wasn't lenient, a disobedient 你能告诉我是不是宽松的,不听话的

Lynched and slapped teachers, bitch I'm not readin it 诽谤和掌掴老师,婊子我不看书就

You don't know what dawgs go through, a little nigga 你不知道什么dawgs经历,有点黑鬼

Sippin liquor with my old dude, what the fuck you gon' do? 啜饮着酒与我的老伙计,你坤,他妈的吗?

I'm quick to curse you, I told my mother that I'ma hurt you 我很快就诅咒你,我跟我妈妈说我是疼你

if you ever again mention a curfew 如果你再提宵禁


[Kuniva] [ Kuniva ]

Look, my family ignored me and I don't like that 你看,我的家人都不理我,我不喜欢这样

They don't even listen when I tell them I'll be right back 他们当我告诉他们,我马上就回来甚至不听

(Yeah whatever) This nice beautiful house ma, it don't mean shit (是什么)这个漂亮的漂亮的房子MA,这并不意味着狗屎

Cause you know daddy's a drunk and he don't clean shit 因为你知道爸爸是个喝醉了,他不干净的屎

And yesterday he hit me like a grown fuckin man 昨天他打我像一个成年男人他妈的

I couldn't stand up to him, I just ducked and ran 我不能站起来给他,我只是躲开了就跑

I'm sick of this, I wish on Christmas 我生病了,我想在圣诞节

that I can get a loaded four-fifth and put a fuckin end to this 我可以得到一个装五分之四,并把他妈的到底该

(Fuck it) I got no friends and I can't get a bitch (他妈的)我没有朋友,我不能让一个婊子

Only thing I have is dirty magazines and sticky fingertips 我唯一​​拥有的是肮脏的杂志和粘指尖

Nothin to smile about, I'm about to lose my mind 没什么笑一下,我即将失去我的心

Got me an automatic nine, now I'm ballin out 让我自动9 ,现在我劈腿了


[Proof] [证明]

Wait 'til school's over, pu-pil are people to shoot through 等我直到学校结束, PU- PIL的人射穿

Kids goin cuckoo, with a two-two 儿童布莱恩杜鹃,有两进两出

Since my fame is this new dude, in this high school 因为我的名气是这个新家伙,在这所高中

Losin his noodle learn that people don't like you 失去感到他的面学习的人不喜欢你

The football jocks is, spittin on him 足球运动员们的,吐口水在他身上

Popular kids in school is now pickin on him 在学校里受欢迎的孩子,现在再找上他

Burn out youngsta niggaz now hittin on him 烧出youngsta的兄弟们,现在是地球上他

And his teacher in his english class keep flippin on him 和他在他的英语课老师让弗利在他身上

And now he's grounded with no allowances 现在他的接地,没有津贴

for drinkin forty ounces, cause he was caught by his counselors 对于喝40盎司,因为他被抓住了谋士

And why the fuck I gotta ride the bench coach? 为什么我得是他妈的骑板凳教练?

Already got expelled for wearin a trenchcoat 已经有开除穿着45号球衣à风衣

All I ever seen is.. {violence, violence} 我所见过的.. {暴力,暴力}

Told me to keep silent, stepped back in my eyelids 告诉我要保持沉默,回踩在我的眼皮

It's apparent that my parents weren't parents at all 这是明显的是,我的父母没有父母在所有

That's why I blew out my brains and murdered you all 这就是为什么我吹灭了我的大脑和杀害你们


[Chorus] [合唱]

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