歌词 "Nothing Left To Say" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Nothing Left To Say



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

There I was unconscious on the floor 在那里,我昏迷在地板上

This place I never knew departing from me I'm sure 这个地方我从来不知道,从我离开我敢肯定

Awaiting the hand of God knowing I stand to fall 等待上帝之手知道我站在回落

I stared into the pitch black to no hand at all 我盯着进入漆黑的无手工可言


When your all alone and you think of home 当你独自一人,你想回家

Places you may have been and who you've known 地方,你可能已经和你已经知道是谁

This beauty they speak of I cannot see 这样的美,他们说的我看不到

As I imagine as a child it's make believe 正如我想象的那样一个孩子是假装


Good ideas hard to find, get one and stand in line 好的创意难寻,得到一个和排队

Been judged and judged what's one more time? 被判定和判断什么是一个更多的时间?

Adoring suffocation through the pain of humiliation 通过羞辱的痛苦窒息崇拜

I would discover both sides of manipulation 我会发现操纵两侧


Family picked up and went away 家庭拿起就走了

Some friends have left and some have stayed 有些朋友已经离开,有的留

I've trusted one and been betrayed 我信任的一个,被出卖


When you grow tired of lying on the ground and 当你躺在地上的厌倦和

People walking on you 人走在你

If you get to your feet and struggle to stand 如果你到了你的脚,并挣扎着站

People you know withdrawal their hand 你认识的人撤出他们的手

And you don't know why 而你不知道是什么原因


I know why 我知道为什么

I know why... 我知道为什么......


I am just unable to feel or God fear 我只是无法感受到或上帝的恐惧

Some people you may have met on this planet are not here 有些你可能已经遇到了这个星球上的人是不是在这里

Life taunts of violence death flaunts a silence 暴力死亡的生命的嘲弄标榜沉默

If your soul is priceless it's cause no one wants to buy it 如果你的灵魂是无价的是因为没有人愿意买它


If you relapse your quietly falling no one to catch you 如果复发的悄然落没人追你

So the monkey on my back is still flinging shit at you 所以,在我背上的猴子还是你扔狗屎

Wipe it off let's move on we have so much to do 它擦掉,让我们继续前进,我们有这么多的活动

So much to see, I have so much pain for you 看到这么多,我有这么多的痛苦你


When your life is suckin you've got vices that are something 当你的生活来吸你有恶习是什么

To hold onto as you fall into nothing 守住你陷入什么

It's like your drowning but too good to take a hand that pities 这就像你溺水,但好得取手怜

While you cling to your addiction like a kid in swimmies 当你执着于自己的瘾就像swimmies孩子


Silly habit, drugs are for kids not adults it is 愚蠢的习惯,药物对孩子没有大人是

Not free to live unless it's under a bridge 没有自由的生活,除非它是在一座桥下

New york city can gauge it's health with colors 纽约市可以衡量它的健康与颜色

They said I was a danger to myself and others 他们说我是危险对自己和他人


I have CC brothers, forgive my enemies 我有CC的兄弟,请原谅我的敌人

WM will live on like the Kennedy's, every amenity 西医将生活在像肯尼迪,每市容

You lovin this un-American not to be gluttonies 你就喜欢这种非美国不被gluttonies

Should have a big chain to accentuate the ugliness 应该有一个大的连锁加重了丑


My soul is stuck in this unaware of it's appeal or purpose 我的灵魂是停留在这个不知道它的吸引力或目的

And manufactured for you to steal or purchase 制造你偷或购买

You leave behind what you get from money, oh well 在你身后留下你的钱得到的,不错哦

What's the weather like kids? (It's always sunny in hell) 什么是像小孩子一样的天气如何? (它总是阳光明媚的地狱)


I have one thing left to say, I'd like to share it with you 我有一件事可说的,我想与你分享

If you don't care is it too bad for me or too bad for you? 如果你不在乎是太糟糕了我还是太糟糕了吗?

I know it's complicated, he suffered he tried to make it 我知道这是复杂的,他遭受他试图使

Now maggots just want to be compensated and live through Camu 现在蛆只想得到补偿,并度过卡姆


Live through Camu 度过卡姆


You picked at his flesh the day of his death astounding 你对他的死亡令人震惊的日子挑在他的肉

A WM on his arm and a circle around it 在他的胳膊WM和它周围的一圈

I'd like to think what he left behind you could really use it 我愿意相信他留下,你可以真正使用它

Instead of saying his name just to move your shitty music 不要说他的名字只是为了将您的低劣的音乐


The day I feel the need to stand in a bathroom 一天,我觉得有必要站在浴室

And shovel cocaine into a human vacuum 和铲可卡因进入人体的真空

I'll look you up, the day I need another hole in my face 我会来找你,那天我需要在我的脸上另一个孔

When you pass away people think that your checking your myspace 当你去世的人认为你检查你的MySpace


Then your enemies give you public head quick 然后,你的敌人给你的公共头快

So why not at my funeral just pull out my dead dick 那么,为什么不能在我的葬礼刚刚拔出我的死家伙

Thought to project see him at the gates they let him in 认为项目看他在家门口,他们让他在

I guess they needed you as much as we do yet again 我猜他们需要你,就像我们再一次做


I looked to the sky and opened my eyes then the weathermen 我看着天空,睁开眼睛再气象

Symbol in the clouds just a memory of my friend 在云端我的朋友只是一个记忆符号

He stuck his head in the future where they sing his art 他探出头在唱他的艺术的未来

Where the wild card will be crowned the king of hearts 凡外卡将被加冕心中的王者


If I had things left to say, why would I share it with you? 如果我离开的事情说了,为什么我会跟大家分享吗?

How you suck the life from the dead is even too low for you 你如何从死里吸一生甚至太低你

The time you spent depleted, his soul has just left so beat it 你花了枯竭的时候,他的灵魂刚刚离开那么就避开吧

Go join the kids and eat it up and tell them how you knew Camu 去参加孩子,吃了起来,告诉他们你是怎么知道的卡姆

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