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Christmas Nights In Blue



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He could have stayed there the entire night 他本来可以在那里呆了整个晚上

For to him music was the voice of god 对于他的音乐是上帝的声音

For it never needed translation 因为它从来不需要翻译

And could lift up lives that were often quite hard 并可能提起的往往是相当困难的生活


But then he heard a different kind of music 但随后他听到了不同类型的音乐

From somewhere else close by 从别的地方很近

And he followed the trail of those new notes 他跟着这些新纸币的踪迹

Till he found himself outside 直到他发现自己以外


The notes led him to a blues bar 该票据领他到蓝调酒吧

That was right next to the hotel 这是旁边的酒店

And the angel watched some lonely people enter it 天使看着有些寂寞的人进入这

And wondered if this 如果这并想知道

Was where all the lonely people did dwell 当时,所有的孤独的人却住


Then another guardian angel 然后又守护天使

Who happened to be near 谁碰巧在附近

Told him about the old blues bar 告诉他老蓝调酒吧

And whispered in his ear 并在他耳边低语


"here the tragically beautiful “这里的凄楚美丽

And the beautifully tragic 而精美的悲惨

Drift through this night 漂过这个夜晚

In a last quest for magic 在过去的追求魔法


Their faces are masks 他们的脸上都口罩

That so artfully disguise 说了这么巧妙地伪装

The wounds in their hearts 在他们心中的创伤

The scars in their eyes 在他们眼中的伤痕


Now these scars in their eyes 现在,这些伤痕在他们眼里

Never hurt, never bleed 从来没有伤害,永远不会流血

But like cracks in a mirror 但是,像在镜子的裂缝

They distort all they see 他们歪曲他们所看到


For when the heart's an open wound 因为当心脏是一个开放的伤口

Its greatest threat, i fear 其最大的威胁,我怕

Is that the salt rubbed into it 是盐擦到它

Does come from one's own tears 确实来自自己的眼泪


Now there are many places on this earth 现在有这个地球上很多地方

That one thinks that god has forgot 一个认为上帝已经忘记了

But one can often find an angel or a saint 但经常可以找到天使或圣人

Where one assumes angels and saints are not" 其中一个假设天使和圣人都没有“


And then the other angel reminded him 然后其他的天使提醒他

Of their lord's point of view 的观点他们的主的角度

"you'll know them not by how they appear “你就知道他们不是,他们是怎样出现

You'll know them by what they do" 你就会知道他们用他们做什么“


So when the next patron went inside 因此,当接下来的靠山走了进去

The angel followed him undetected 天使跟着他未被发现

But what he found within that bar 但他的酒吧内发现

Was not quite what he expected 不太他预计


There was an old piano player there 有一个古老的钢琴演奏者有

Playing with a honky-tonk sound 一个低级夜总会的声音播放

And everyone who entered that place depressed 大家谁进入那个地方郁闷

That piano player turned their night around 那架钢琴玩家把他们的夜绕


And one by one he'd draw each person 一个接一个,他会画出每个人

Out of their self-imposed cage 他们的自我强加的笼子

And before they realized it 而之前,他们意识到这

He had them singing on the stage 他唱他们在舞台上




Just another night in new york city 在纽约市仅一晚

Snow comes down looks real pretty 雪归结看起来真漂亮

Don't know how but suddenly there you are 不知道你怎么却突然有

With jelly roll morton playin' for the bar 随着果冻卷莫顿玩够了吧


Inside here, lights are low 这里面,灯光昏暗

But each song has its own glow 但每首歌都有自己的光芒

As he floats them through that smokey air 当他漂流他们通过烟熏气

You just can't believe he's really there 你不能相信他是真的存在


How old is he? 他几岁了?

Cannot say 不能说

But claims he taught cab calloway 但声称他教室Calloway

And on this night i somehow believe him 而在这个夜晚我有点相信他的话

Knows every song that christmas got 知道圣诞节了每首歌

Even ones my brain has dropped 甚至是那些我的大脑已经下降

Just him and that old fir tree 只是他和那老枞树

All lit up this night 全部亮了起来这个夜晚

Electric blue 电蓝色


Just another night in new york city 在纽约市仅一晚

Snow comes down looks real pretty 雪归结看起来真漂亮

Can't believe but suddenly there you are 可以不相信,但突然有你

Talking with strangers sittin' cross the bar 与陌生人坐在“穿越说话吧

Suddenly, all are laughin' 突然间,所有人都嘲笑

This night's smart, always craftin' 这一夜的聪明,总是craftin “

Building bridges nearly everywhere 修桥几乎无处不在

Hits a wall, it just builds a stairs 撞到墙,它只是建立了一个台阶


Outside the colored lights they bleed 外,他们流血的彩色灯光

For snow is white and colors need 雪是白色的,颜色需要

As it just comes down like pure salvation 因为它仅仅归结喜欢纯救赎

It offers all its amnesty 它提供了所有的特赦

And makes your neighbor different see 并让你的邻居不同的见

By the light of that fir tree 由枞树的光

And this old bar 而这个老巴

Electrified in blue 电气化蓝色


I gotta drop dead simple 我要去死简单

Childhood view of salvation 得救的儿童观

Perhaps that's how it was always meant to be 或许这就是它总是意味着要

And the more i add up all this information 而且我越加起来所有信息

It seems it all comes down in the end to you and me 现在看来,这一切都归结到底你和我


So you look around till you find a phone 所以你看看周围,直到你找到一个电话

Then you call your mom and everyone at home 然后,你打电话给你妈,每个人都在家里

And the bar looks on and they start to cheer 而酒吧看上去就和他们开始欢呼

When you talk to folks you haven't seen in years 当你跟人你有没有看到在年


And the snow comes down 和雪下来

And the children play 和孩子们玩

And they pray to god 他们向上帝祈祷

It never goes away 它永远不会消失

And a childhood prayer 和童年的祈祷

Should never be denied 不应该否认

As the night rolls on 由于晚上滚滚向前

Till it's carolized 直到它的carolized


Carolized Carolized

Carolized Carolized

Carolized Carolized

Carolized Carolized


And on this tree 并在此树

The lights are done 灯完成

But the colors here are down one 但这里的颜色是向下

I guess it kind of fits the situation 我想种它适合的情况

Ornaments still shining bright 饰品依然闪亮亮

Watch them glitter in the light 看着他们在灯光闪烁

Just this old fir tree and me 就在这个老枞树和我

All lit up this night 全部亮了起来这个夜晚

Electric blue 电蓝色

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