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I tried to get away from your burning lips 我试图从你燃烧的嘴唇脱身

I didn't want to play with your burning lips 我不想与你燃烧的嘴唇打

I tried to get away from the flame but the flame tossed my heart 我试图远离火焰,但火焰扔我的心脏

And I'm captured yes I'm captured 而我拍摄的是我捕获

I'm enraptured by your charms 我被你的魅力眉飞色舞

I can't hold out I've been sold out 我不能抱我已经售罄

By the thrills I found locked in your arms 到了惊险刺激我发现锁在你的怀里


The moment that our eyes met I realized 我们的目光相遇,我意识到那一刻

Another moment more and I'd be hypnotized 再过一会儿多,我会被催眠

I tried to turn away from your eyes but your eyes held me fast 我试图把远离你的眼睛,但你的眼睛攫住了我

And I'm captured yes I'm captured 而我拍摄的是我捕获

There is nothing I can do 有什么我可以做的

I can't back track there's no track back 我不能按原路返回有没有追溯

I am yours heaven open it's doors 我是你的天堂打开它的大门

And as I wandered through 当我游荡

(Captured by you) (被你捕获)

Captured by you 被你俘获

(I couldn't get away get away from you) (我无法离开远离你)

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