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Song Of The Enchilada Man



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[CM] Enchilada [ CM ] Enchilada

I've got a guy 我有一个家伙

All over town with a song goes the enchilada man 全城有一首歌那张enchilada人

Come gather round for the song of the enchilada man 快来围着的enchilada人的歌

And for a treat good eat there's nothing better than 而对于请客吃饭好没有什么比好

Enchiladas so nice and hot 肉馅玉米卷饼这么好,热

Enchiladas I got I got 肉馅玉米卷饼我有我有


(Enchiladas) So nice and hot (辣酱玉米饼馅),所以好的和热

Enchiladas [CM] I got I got 肉馅玉米卷饼[ CM ]我有我有


[CM] ? enchilada gal [厘米] enchilada加仑

[CM] ? enchilada gal [厘米] enchilada加仑

[CM] Don't take a piece of the stuff I make like no one can [ CM ]不要拿一块的东西,我喜欢做没有人可以

[CM] Enchiladas I got I got [ CM ]辣酱玉米饼馅我有我有

How do you make 'em 你怎么做全身

[CM] First you take-a chili pepper then a little spice throw a little salt in [ CM ]首先,你需要-A辣椒那么一点点香料扔少许盐在

That's nice 真好

[CM] Then a bit of tobasco and a ? and lots of hot mustard is good for you [ CM ]然后有点tobasco和呢?和大量的芥末是对你有好处


[CM] A little chili pepper still like mad tickle and taste now [ CM ]小辣椒还是拼了命痒痛,现在的味道

Not bad 不错

[CM] Little bit of tobasco maybe a cold [ CM ] tobasco点点,也许感冒

Little gasoline-o [CM] Oh that's for the stove 小汽油机-O [ CM ]哦那是炉子

[CM] Enchiladas so nice and hot [ CM ]辣酱玉米饼馅多好啊,热

[CM] Enchiladas [JL] I got I got [ CM ]辣酱玉米饼馅[ JL ]我有我有

[JL] My name is Don Fernand I'm the enchilada king [ JL ]我的名字是唐弗尔南多,我的enchilada王

[JL] I'll have you all understand I'm really quite a thing [ JL ]我要把你们都知道,我真的挺一件事

[JL] I make cheese if you please that is positively eh [ JL ]我做奶酪,如果你请的是积极的吧

[JL] And for a treat try the meat that is absolutely ugh [ JL ]而对于请客尝试肉是绝对唉

[JL] After you buy it and try it you'll say it's simply eh [ JL ]当你买它,尝试它,你会说这是简单的吧

[JL] Enchiladas I don't know [ JL ]辣酱玉米饼馅我不知道

[JL] Enchiladas oh hello [ JL ]辣酱玉米饼馅你好哦

[JL] Little boy without a peso [ JL ]小男孩没有比索

[JL] There's no reason for your sorrow [ JL ]有没有理由为你的悲伤

[JL] All you have to do is say so [ JL ]所有你需要做的就是这么说

[JL] Enchiladas so nice and hot [ JL ]辣酱玉米饼馅多好啊,热

[JL] Enchiladas I got I got [ JL ]辣酱玉米饼馅我有我有


Aim with your live and laughter 瞄准你的生活和笑声

It's your happiness he's after 这是你的幸福,他的后

[DM&CM] If you are happy we are too [ DM& CM】如果你是快乐的,我们太

[JL] I'm with you [ JL ]我和你在一起

[JL] Enchilada [DM&CM] All over town with a song of the enchilada man [ JL ] Enchilada [ DM& CM】全城的enchilada人的一首歌

[JL] Enchilada [DM&CM] Come gather round for the song of the enchilada man [ JL ] Enchilada [ DM& CM ]来围着的enchilada人的歌

[JL] Enchilada [DM&CM] Nobody else in the world sings the way we can [ JL ] Enchilada [ DM& CM ]没有其他人在世界上唱的方式,我们可以

[JL] Enchilada [DM&CM] So nice and hot [ JL ] Enchilada [ DM& CM】很好但是热

[JL] Enchilada [DM&CM] I got I got [ JL ] Enchilada [ DM& CM ]我有我有

[All] Enchilada enchilada enchilada [全部] Enchilada enchilada enchilada

[All] We got we got [全部]我们得到了我们得到

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