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The Money Song



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If you got it you don't need it 如果你得到了它,你不需要它

If you need it you don't got it 如果你需要它,你不会得到它

You don't get shame on you 你没有得到你感到羞耻

Funny funny funny what money can do 滑稽搞笑滑稽的是什么钱可以做


Them that have it get more of it 他们说,有它获得更多的它

Less they need it the more they love it 少需要,他们就越喜欢它

And it sticks to them like glue 并坚持他们像胶水

Funny funny funny what money can do 滑稽搞笑滑稽的是什么钱可以做


Ask the rich man he'll confess 问富翁,他会承认

Money can't buy happiness 金钱买不来幸福

Ask the poor man he don't doubt 请问这个可怜的人,他不怀疑

But he'd rather be miserable with than without 但他宁愿惨比不


If you spend it please be wiser 如果你花钱请明智

If you save it you're a miser 如果你保存它,你是个守财奴

You don't want it you're cuckoo 你不想要它,你是杜鹃

Funny funny funny what money can do 滑稽搞笑滑稽的是什么钱可以做


[JL] La la money [ JL ]啦啦钱

[DM] Oh shut up Jerry what are you doing [ DM ]哦闭嘴杰里你在做什么

[JL] I'm singing [DM] This is singing [ JL ]我唱歌[ DM ]这是唱

[JL] Don't you like it [DM] No I don't like it you want to sing with me [ JL ]难道你不喜欢[ DM ]不,我不喜欢它,你想要跟我一起唱

[JL] Can I sing with you [DM] Sure you can [ JL ]我可以唱你[ DM ]当然可以

[JL] All right [ JL ]好吧


[DM] If I do not need it badly [ DM ]如果我不需要是很糟糕

[JL] Folks will give it to you gladly [ JL ]人会提供给你乐意

[DM] But I need it [ DM ]但我需要它

[JL] Nuts to you [ JL ]坚果给你

[DM] Funny funny funny what money can do [ DM ]滑稽搞笑滑稽的是什么钱可以做


[DM] If I am lucky and I make it [ DM ]如果我很幸运,我让

[JL] You'll be frightened [D] But who can take it [ JL ]你会被吓坏[D]。但谁可以把它

[JL] The Internal Revenoooooooo [ JL ]内部Revenoooooooo

[DM] Funny funny funny what money can do [ DM ]滑稽搞笑滑稽的是什么钱可以做


[DM] Birds don't got it still they sing [ DM ]鸟不得到它仍然唱

[JL] Eating winds up on the wing [ JL ]饮食缠在翼

[DM] Ideal lives some folks affirm [ DM ]理想生活中的一些人肯定

[JL] So OK you're a bird but suppose you're a woman [ JL ]所以确定你是一只鸟,但假设你是一个女人

[DM] It's a bad thing oh yes very [ DM ]这是一件坏事哦,是很

[JL] For the germs and sanitary [ JL ]对于细菌和卫生

[DM] Will you have some [JL] Oh thank you [ DM ]请问你有一些[ JL ]哦谢谢

[Both] Funny funny funny what money can do [全部]滑稽搞笑滑稽的是什么钱可以做


...mumble jumble... ......喃喃混乱...


[DM] If I got it [JL] Who's got it [DM] I don't need it [JL] But I need it [ DM ]如果我得到了它[ JL ]谁有呢[ DM ]我并不需要它[ JL ]但我需要它

[DM] If you need it [JL] And I need it [DM] You don't got it [JL] But I want it [ DM ]如果你需要它[ JL ]我需要它[DM ]你不知道了[ JL ]但我想它

[DM] You can't get it shame on you [JL] What can I do [ DM ]你不能让它可耻的是你[ JL ]我能做些什么

[Both] Funny funny funny what money can do [全部]滑稽搞笑滑稽的是什么钱可以做

[DM] Them that have it [JL] Where'd they get it [DM] Get more of it [JL] Can they keep it [ DM ]他们有它[ JL ]他们从哪儿得到它[DM ]获得更多的它[ JL ]他们可以保持

[DM] The less they need it [JL] Who don't need it [DM] The more they love it [JL] And how they love it [DM ]越少,他们需要[ JL ]谁也不需要它[DM ]他们越是喜欢它[ JL ]他们是多么爱它

[DM] And it sticks to them like glue [JL] Boo hoo [ DM ]它坚持他们像胶水[ JL ]呜呼

[Both] Funny funny funny what money can do [全部]滑稽搞笑滑稽的是什么钱可以做

[Both] Money money we love you [全部]钱生钱,我们爱你

[Both] Funny funny funny you can do [全部]滑稽搞笑有趣,你可以做

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