歌词 "Ain't No Future....2001" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Ain't No Future....2001

是不是没有未来.... 2001


English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Flavor Flav] "To the beat y'all" [repeats throughout intro] [味道黄]“要拍你们” [重复整个介绍]


[Intro: Erick Sermon] [简介:埃里克讲道]

Yeah, peace to MC Breed 是的,和平的MC品种

Def Squad, 2002, uh 防队, 2002年,恩


[Verse One] [诗一]

Aiyyo this sound hard, somethin funky people gon' dance to Aiyyo这声音硬,事端时髦的人坤舞

Give the record a second, and a chance to 给记录第二,并有机会

Hittin people like a scene of amazement 是地球人都喜欢惊愕的一幕

Floored by Erick Sermon arrangement 由埃里克讲道安排难倒

Frontin I can never do (uh-huh) 龙廷我永远做不到(嗯)

So now I'm lookin dead at you, so what you gonna do? 所以现在我看着死你,所以你打算怎么办?

You checkin out the sounds of a scholar 你签了一个学者的声音

You say, "Hi E - tell 'em HOLLA, HOLLA!" 你说, “电子嗨 - 告诉他们HOLLA , HOLLA ! ”

I'm the E Double, and I proclaim my name 我的E双击,我宣布我的名字

Straight up big game, peep all gangs 直上大型游戏,偷看所有帮派

I'm like a rhino, stomp through the roughest pack 我像犀牛,通过粗糙的包踩

They figure I'm a trigga happy nigga so they step back 他们的身影我是一个trigga快乐黑鬼让他们退后一步

E, the microphonest E时, microphonest

Who last the longest and who the strongest? 谁持续时间最长,谁最强?

It's not a game, it's plain to see (ha) 这不是一个游戏,它是显而易见的(哈哈)

Check out the sounds of E, and the Squad of D 退房E的声音,和D小队


[Flavor Flav] "To the beat y'all" [x5] [味道黄]“要拍你们” [ X5 ]


Y'knahmsayin? Ain't no future in yo' frontin Yknahmsayin ?是不是没有前途的哟龙廷


[Verse Two] [诗两]

I never got caught with a kilo 我从来没有被抓住了一公斤

If you ever do, it would never be with me yo 如果你这样做,它会永远和我在一起哟

I ain't the one to be servin up a ki' yo 我是不是一个被塞尔了き哟

I sell work, but it's more like sellin beats yo 我卖的工作,但它更像是出卖拍哟

Yo - I never have to worry about me gettin jumped 哟 - 我从来不担心我跳下开始报

If I ever do, R-E-D, pop the trunk 如果我这样做,R -C -D ,弹出干线

Me and my crew, got somethin for all y'all (uhh) 我和我的团队,得到了事端所有你们(嘘)

When I'm on the mic, don't play at all 当我的麦克风,不玩各

I clock mad G's a week, boomin at my peak I时钟疯了G公司的一个星期,繁荣的背后,在我的巅峰

Everytime the E's asked to program a beat 每当电子的要求编写了一拍

I put it down like this for everybody 我把它写像这样为大家

Then throw a Def Squad cool out party 然后抛出一个防守阵容冷却派对

Takin over, barkin like a doggie named Rover 羚牛结束了,巴尔金像小狗叫流浪

(Woof!) I'm pickin suckers like a four-leaf clover (汪! )我再找吸盘就像一个四叶三叶草

They bitin lyrics on the mic cause they cobras 他们bitin歌词的麦克风因为他们眼镜蛇

Are they sayin E.D.'s? Cause ain't no future in yo' frontin 他们是在说E.D。的?原因不是没有前途的哟龙廷


[Flavor Flav] "To the beat y'all" [x5] [味道黄]“要拍你们” [ X5 ]


Ain't no future in yo' frontin 是不是没有前途的哟龙廷


[Verse Three] [诗三]

Yo, I'm the E, D-O-U-B-L-to the E and 哟,我是E,D -O -U - β-L -到E和

Down with my homey Keith, and the R-E-D and 来与我家一样基斯,以及R- E- D和

Niggaz talk shit cause we still be disagreein 兄弟们聊狗屎事业,我们仍然可以disagreein

I don't give a FUCK cause I'm from N.Y.C. 我不给他妈的,因为我从N.Y.C.我

In the city, where pretty ones low 在城市,其中相当低的人

If you ever shoot through my city NOW YOU KNOW 如果你曾经拍摄过我的城市,现在你知道

We get biz, and we got pride 我们得到BIZ ,我们得到了骄傲

If you don't feel this, then nigga break wide 如果你不觉得这一点,那么黑人大突破

Cats be lookin, for the M-O-N-E-Y 猫被看着,对于M-O -N -E -Y

Livin illegal, is the way, so they die Livin的非法,就是这样,所以他们死

Cause I ain't got time, to see if things work out 因为我是没有时间,看看事情成功

Things get hard I'm robbin no doubt 事情变得很难,我罗宾无疑

That be the way, E.D. can not be different 是这样的方式, E.D。不能为不同

Never change the ways of the world of the government 不要改变政府的人情世故

If I was the President, I'd stay fat 如果我是总统,我会留发

Leave it up to me, I'd paint the White House black 留给我的,我会画画白宫黑

Ain't no future in yo' frontin 是不是没有前途的哟龙廷


[Flavor Flav] "To the beat y'all" [x5] [味道黄]“要拍你们” [ X5 ]


Ain't no future in yo' frontin 是不是没有前途的哟龙廷


[Verse Four] [诗四]

Yo, I got dough in my pocket, not from rollin 哟,我在我的口袋里了的面团,而不是从罗林

If I was a fiend then my gold would be stolen 如果我是一个恶魔,然后我将黄金被盗

Put my name E, on everything I own 把我的名字E,对我自己的一切

My Excursion truck, outlined in chrome 我的游车,镀铬概述

Shined up good, ride through your neighborhood 照好后,骑过你的邻居

StarTec phone, fat rims, and the Kenwood StarTec电话,发圈,和建伍

Music kicked around and, can I have a drop? 音乐踢左右,而且我可以有一个下降?

Just because I'm ridin people think I'm sellin rocks 就因为我是坐车的人认为我出卖岩

Ain't no future in yo' frontin 是不是没有前途的哟龙廷


[Flavor Flav] "To the beat y'all" [x5] [味道黄]“要拍你们” [ X5 ]


Ain't no future in yo' frontin! 是不是没有前途的哟龙廷!


[Verse Five] [诗歌五]

Yo, I'm cool to the rules of the world 哟,我爽到了世界的规则

Livin life raw, cause I never liked the law 活着的生命生的,因为我从来不喜欢规律

Wear top ten on my ass my own jeans 在我自己的牛仔裤我的屁股穿前十名

Sell the game, tit for tat to the fiends 卖游戏,针锋相对的恶魔

Make much dough but never break a sweat 多大的面团,但从来没有喘息之机

Time to move out? My niggaz sayin BET 时间搬出去?我的兄弟们在说BET

You got my back and I got yours 你让我回来,我有你的

What time is it? Tear down the doors 现在是几奌?推倒门


[Flavor Flav] "To the beat y'all" [x3] [味道黄]“要拍你们” [ X3 ]

Ain't no future in yo' frontin 是不是没有前途的哟龙廷

[Flavor Flav] "To the beat y'all" [x2] [味道黄]“要拍你们” [X2]

Ain't no future in yo' frontin 是不是没有前途的哟龙廷

[Flavor Flav] "To the beat y'all" [x2] [味道黄]“要拍你们” [X2]

Ain't no future in yo' frontin 是不是没有前途的哟龙廷

[Flavor Flav] "To the beat y'all" [x2] [味道黄]“要拍你们” [X2]


[Erick Sermon] [埃里克讲道]

Uhh, yo, combustible, uhh 呃,哟,易燃,嘘

Uhh, yeah, huh, Def Squad 呃,是啊,呵呵,防守队

Huh, PPP yeah uhh 呵呵,购买力平价是啊嘘

Funky Noble y'all, huh uh, Phillie addict uh 质朴高贵的你们,呵呵呵, Phillie瘾君子恩

Keith Murray word up uh-huh 基思·默里字了嗯

Uh-huh, yeah, Daytona y'all 嗯,是的,你们都代托纳

Uhh, uhh, Khari uh-uh 呃,呃, Khari嗯,嗯

Sy Scott, uh, what? How we do what? 施伟,嗯,什么?我们怎么办呢?

Uh, all day baby 呃,整天宝贝

Def Squad, uh, uh peace to MC Breed 防队,嗯,嗯和平MC品种

Uh-huh, yo, uh-huh, yeah yeah 嗯,哟,嗯,是啊是啊

Check it out y'all, uh 检查出来你们,呵

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