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He is in a fit of anger and will be himself in a moment.


In the freak accident Alphonse loses his body, and in a moment of panic Edward ties his brother's soul to a piece of armor.


It was a ramshackle affair, dragged along by a knock-kneed, broken-winded somnambulist, which his owner, in a moment of enthusiasm, during conversation, referred to as a horse.


He paused - and growing cooler in a moment, added, with only sarcastic dryness, 'if mr. perry can tell me how to convey a wife and five children a distance of an hundred and thirty miles with no greater expense or inconvenience than a distance of forty, I should be as willing to prefer cromer to south end as he could himself.


Love needs time,perhasps people can faal in love in?a moment,but mature love is like a tree moving slowly from the seed in the ground to the sheltering splender of its prime.


In Mexico, a diver fends off a Great White shark, then, in a moment of thrill-seeking insanity, puts his hand into the shark's mouth.


The fillip leads for 34 years again, WANG2 MIAN3 KAN 's book, wish to also really understand, that day, exactly yellow plum time, the weather is fidgety, WANG2 MIAN3 FANG4's cow is tired, sitting in seat of honor in the green grass ground, in a moment, thick cloud spread densely, a burst of heavy rain led, insetting the white cloud on that black cloud side, spreading gradually.


They were gone in a moment, the car's sashaying back-end scooting around a bend in the road with a spurt of exhaust smoke.


I believe the silly fellows must have thought they would break their shins over treasure as soon as they were landed; for they all came out of their sulks in a moment, and gave a cheer that started the echo in a far-away hill, and sent the birds once more flying and squalling round the anchorage.


At present this VC, PE heats up China only then at 2006, 2007, two this years nice to the benefit of VC, PE element cashs in succession: Cent buy reform solved equity to exit difficult obstacle; Do poineering work board the anticipation that roll out; Field of A stock market takes a cattle, point to soare; The electric power of cent numerous medium, Baidu, Meng Niu, Shang De stimulation that exits case to earn a few times at every turn is waited a moment.


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The requirement of as much indiscriminateness as possible in selecting subjects for practice periods should be quite familiar to you by now, and will no longer be repeated each day, although it will occasionally be included as a reminder.


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Objective The surgical anatomy and preservation of the accessory nerve in radical functional neck dissection were studied.

目的 探讨功能性根治性颈淋巴结清扫术中的副神经解剖及保留方法。