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[Chorus: T.I.] [合唱: T.I. ]

All the whips on 4's 所有4的鞭子

And my wrist so froze 和我的手腕这么僵住了

Ain't no problem with these hoes 是不是与这些锄头没问题

They don't never say no 他们不会永远说不


All they sayin' 他们只说


I keep 'em sayin' 我把时间在说


Hey they be sayin' 嘿,他们可以说


We got 'em sayin' 我们得到了时间在说



And all my clicks so cold 和我所有的点击这么冷

And my pockets so swole 而我的口袋里,以便swole

And we bet a hundred more 我们赌了一百多

I don't never say no 我从来没有说不


All I say is 我所要说的是


Say bet I'm sayin' 打赌说我在说


Say what I'm sayin' 说什么我说


You know I'm sayin' 你知道我的意思



[Verse 1: T.I.] [诗歌1 : T.I. ]

I'm ridin' through the city blowin' purple on a saturday 我坐车穿城吹响紫色的一个星期六

See the APTP when you got to put the gat away 看到APTP时,你有把水道走

See them nigga comin' let it blow like Donald Hathaway 看到他们的兄弟们马上就要来让它吹像唐纳德·海瑟薇

In the SLR's all the doors open that way 在单反相机的所有的门打开方式

Supermodel, movie star, the stripper, brawds after me 名模,电影明星,汽提塔,之后我brawds

Nigga try to battle me but all they do is rattle me 黑人尝试我战斗,但他们做的是我的嘎嘎

I ask them man what happenin' I'm laughin while they chattering 我问他们是什么人happenin 我,而他们叽叽喳喳的嘲笑

I'm bustin' they be scattering you know you lookin' at a king 我认真过,他们被散射,你知道你在看国王

Super clean in a new drop stuntin' 在一个新的下降stuntin “超洁净

Nigga talk shit but it ain't bout nothin' 黑鬼狗屎说话,但它不是回合没什么

You'll get your ass kicked if your mouth keep runnin' 你会得到你的屁股踢了,如果你的口腔保持在天边

Keep talk slick bout the sound we comin' 保持通话光滑回合我们坠落的声音

Say what u want but this is how we run it 说什么ü希望,但这是我们如何运行

Niggas still tryna ball out we done it 黑鬼仍然tryna球了,我们做到了

My wrist so bright and my neck so shiny 我的手腕那么灿烂,我的脖子上闪亮

When I tell her lets go she don't back up from me 当我告诉她,让她去不从我回来了


[Chorus: T.I.] [合唱: T.I. ]


[Verse 2: Lil Wayne] [诗2:律韦恩]

Yeah, I'm me like a motherfucker 是啊,我就是我像一个娘

Flyer than a vampire lookin' for a blood sucker 传单比吸血鬼追寻的血液吸盘

I keep these hoes on E like a four runner 我把这些锄头关于电子商务就像一个四亚军

Man I could throw a 100 g's till my stone runner 男人我可以抛出一个100克的,直到我的石头亚军

Get a couple of philly's and some waters for these hoes stomach 找了几个费城和一些水,这些锄头的胃

I keep 'em rollin like no brakes up in that four runner 我把时间罗林一样,没有刹车在四个亚军

I don't stop I'm on the clock like the smallest hands 我没有停下我就喜欢动手最小时钟

They look for me I move the bass up out that marching band 他们找我,我将低音出了那军乐队

That ain't a coffee can, nigga that 400 grands 那是不是可以喝杯咖啡,黑人有400大奖赛

I keep the block jumpin', just call me bunny man 我一直块冒险 ,就叫我兔子的人

T make a blunt look like a arm without a fuckin' hand 牛逼使钝模样的手臂没有该死的手

T break a pound straight down like a bucket man 违背。814一斤直降像水桶的人

You could get it harder or get it lighter than a summer tan 你可以得到它更难或者把它比夏天晒黑打火机

The section leader over the stove like a drummer man 在像男人的鼓手炉子的部分领导人

B-R-R-At-At-Tat, whip it up just like that B-R -R -在-AT- TAT,刚刚掀起它像

But if a nigga fuck with me wrong then its B-R-R-At-At-At-Tat 但是,如果一个黑人他妈的我错了,然后它的BRR - 在 - 在 - 在达


[Chorus: Lil Wayne] [合唱:律韦恩]

I like my whip so old 我喜欢我的鞭子这么老

And my top better fold 而我最美好倍

And I party with these hoes 我与这些锄头党

They don't never say no 他们不会永远说不


All I say is 我所要说的是


I keep 'em sayin' 我把时间在说


You know they sayin' 你知道他们在说


Ya dig 雅挖


You know my click so bold 你知道我的点击如此大胆

All of 'em don't slow 所有的时间不慢

Niggas shot never broke 黑鬼出手从未断绝

They don't never say no 他们不会永远说不


You need that work 你需要的工作


We got that work 我们得到了工作


You need that work 你需要的工作


We got that work 我们得到了工作

Ya dig 雅挖


[Verse 3: T.I. & Lil Wayne] [第3节: T.I. &律韦恩]

I'm in a drop 6,4 low low 我在一个下降6,4低低

When a hoe get hit no slow mo 当锄头击中不慢莫

5 mil on the tour no promo 5万在巡回赛上没有任何促销

I'm at the pussy niggas house no homo 我在猫黑鬼房子没有同质

(No homo, they slut like Tony Romo (无同源,它们的贱人喜欢托尼·罗莫

So fuck them and fuck you too now go tell that to bono) 所以他妈的他们,你他妈的太现在就去告诉波诺)

They hoes know she loves when I shoot my two 他们锄头知道她喜欢我拍我的两个

22's on the coupe I cruise 22对跑车í巡航

Sucka niggas tryna my mood Sucka黑鬼tryna我的心情

They do what they can I do what I choose 他们做他们我可以做我选择

(I get these hoes the blues (我得到这些锄头蓝调

Just call me BB King 叫我BB国王

If they can't feel the monster 如果他们感觉不到怪物

How can they see the King) 他们怎么能看到的景)


[Chorus: T.I.] [合唱: T.I. ]

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Cordale Quinn, Clifford Harris, Dwayne Carter


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