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Y'all Don't Know Me



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Krayzie x4] [ Krayzie X4 ]

I'ts Krayzie Bone (Krayzie, Krayzie, Krayzie) Its Krayzie骨( Krayzie , Krayzie , Krayzie )


[Chorus] [合唱]

Homie, y'all don't know me (know me) 哥们,你们不认识我(知道我)

Mighta heard my name (my name) 可能走听到我的名字(我的名字)

Ain't nobody feelin hold me ( hold me) 不是没有人感觉抱我(拥抱我)

Not in this game (not in this game) 没有在这场比赛中(而不是在这场比赛中)

Homie, y'all don't know me (know me) 哥们,你们不认识我(知道我)

Mighta heard my name (my name) 可能走听到我的名字(我的名字)

But ain't nobody goin to hold me(hold me) 但没有人要去抱我(拥抱我)

Especially in this game 尤其是在本场比赛


[Verse 1: Krayzie] [诗歌1 : Krayzie ]

Excuse me, but do you know me? 对不起,但是你知道吗?

You've seen me on TV and in the video 你见过我在电视和视频

Got caught up in Crossroads forgot that we was criminals 套上了十字路口忘了我们是罪犯

That's right, we them same niggaz to come up from nothin 这是正确的,我们同他们的兄弟们从没什么上来

To what up with them figures? 与他们的数字是什么呢?

Nigga, my album got better thangs 兄弟们,我的专辑得到了更好的thangs

And people changed when I got in the game 人们改变了,当我在比赛中得到了

Niggaz call me I don't even know how you know my name? 兄弟们给我打电话我什至不知道你是怎么知道我的名字?

How the fuck you get my number? 如何他妈的你得到我的电话号码?

What the fuck is going on? 什么他妈的是怎么回事?

Then I got these haters leavin threats on my phone 然后我得到了这些仇敌再走威胁我的电话

They messages be records that they made just for me 他们的消息是,他们只是做了我的记录

I'm not on that don't give a fuck if you rap faster than me 我不是不给他妈的如果你说唱比我快

But when it come to being the realest niggaz that ever did it 但是,当它来作为有史以来做的最真实的兄弟们

You know Bone Thugs gonna be contendin for that position 你知道骨头恶棍会被contendin的那个位置

Listen, if y'all niggaz wanna trip with us, bomb ya fall witcha dick in the 听着,如果我们的兄弟们你们都想要的行程,炸弹落在雅witcha家伙在


Get up, what up? Thought ya had me figured out you didn't 起床了,怎么了?雅以为我已经想通了,你没有

Remember next time, that last time that nigga wasn't bullshittin 请记住下一次,这最后一次的黑人没有bullshittin


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 2: Krayzie] [诗2: Krayzie ]

Homie, y'all don't know me 哥们,你们不认识我

Y'all mighta heard my name once or twice 你们都可能走听到了我的名字一次或两次

Don't start none (drama), won't be none (drama) 不要一开始没有(剧) ,会不会是无(戏剧)

Cause however they want it, they can come get it believe I got it 但是他们想要的事业,他们可以来拿相信我得到了它

Can't be faded keep thinkin Krayzie ain't really crazy 不能褪色保持想着Krayzie是不是真的疯了

Haters, that pressin me to make me show this lately 仇敌,那压力机,我让我给这个最近

Afraid that they mistaken that they thinkin Kray ain't hip, hip, hip 怕他们误以为他们在想边疆区是不是髋关节,臀部,髋部

To those who pose as friends 对于那些谁冒充朋友

But are phony before they can infiltrate but can't immitate us for long 但假的,才可以渗透,但不能immitate我们长

They better not come talkin no shit cause I'm servin 'em some 他们最好别来说话没有狗屎因为我是塞尔时间有些

And fuck whatcha heard, believe whatcha see please 他妈的干麻听到,相信你会怎样看,请

Dap is cheap, dramatical action speaks 磷酸二铵价格便宜,戏剧性的行动说话

Did you hear it, hear it? 你听到了,听到了吗?

I know ya feel it, feel it the twelve gauge eruption 我知道雅感觉它,感觉它的12计喷发


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 3: Krayzie] [第3节: Krayzie ]

We got a game full of clones that can't hold they own 我们得到了一个游戏的完整克隆无法容纳他们自己的

So they be fast to bite 因此,他们要快咬

Nigga don't like Bone, then why the fuck you rappin like me bastard 黑人不喜欢骨头,那么为什么你他妈的说唱和我一样的混蛋

You know you like it, nigga'z funny 你知道你喜欢它, niggaz搞笑

Be bobbin they head to my music, but when they see me they mean muggin 将筒管他们前往我的音乐,但是当他们看到我,他们的意思是muggin

Keep lookin ugly, niggaz but jut don't jump 请看着丑陋的,兄弟们,但突出部分不跳

Cause I'm a nervous nigga, and I'll buck, buck, buck 因为我是一个紧张的兄弟们,我会降压,降压,降压

Thug haters they get me violent 暴徒的仇敌,他们让我暴

Cops make me riot 警察让我暴动

You bitches make me sick and tired, sin keeps me wide up 你骂让我厌倦,罪让我宽了

And I needs to be high, just for fuckin with y'all 我必须要高,只是为了与你们他妈的

And I dedicate this one to all them bustas I knew would fall 我奉献这一个个个bustas我就知道会下降

Had to get rid of the dead weight that was holdin me down (holdin me down) 已经摆脱了被牵着我失望的自重(牵着我失望)

The Thugline officials and it's goin down (down) 该Thugline官员和它的布莱恩失望(下)

So wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up dawg 所以,醒醒,醒醒,醒醒,醒醒耶

No need, don't even try to fade us, y'all 没有必要,甚至不尝试淡出了我们,你们都

Who the nigga in the halls, big balls? 谁的兄弟们在大厅里,大球?

That's Sawed Off Slim 这就是锯掉修身

Don't try to get with him cause playa, playa 不要试图让他引起滩滩


[Chorus 'til fade] [合唱,直到淡出]

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