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Hard Time Hustlin'



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[Krayzie x4] [ Krayzie X4 ]

We hard time, hard time hustlin, hustlin 我们很难,很难hustlin , hustlin


[Chorus: Sade] [合唱:萨德]

Mama been laid off 妈妈下岗

She ain't workin no mo' 她不干活不武

Papa been laid off 爸爸下岗

He say things done got slow 他说,做事情慢了

My brother's been laid off 我弟弟的被解雇

He been locked down for more than two years now 他已经锁定了两年多,现在


[Verse 1: Krayzie] [诗歌1 : Krayzie ]

My world is crumblin, time is hard they were before, but oh my god! 我的世界是crumblin ,时间是很难,他们之前的,但我的天啊!

Mama mad at pops cause he ain't workin 妈妈疯了持久性有机污染物,因为他不干活

But today she lost her job 而今天,她失去了她的工作

Now what in the fuck is we suppose to do? 现在在他妈的是什么,我们该做的?

We on our last loaf of bread 我们对我们最后的面包面包

Got cereal, but no milk, Kool-Aid, no sugar, what the hell? 有谷物,但没有牛奶,库尔急救,没有糖,什么是地狱?

And here come Mr. Billcollector beatin down our door for dough 而来到这里Billcollector先生beatin了我们的大门面团

Mama say when they come knockin 妈妈说,当他们来敲开

y'all don't say nothin (shhh) get on the floor 你们不说没什么(嘘)获得在地板上

Kind of hard to see att night in a house when it ain't got no lights and shit 那种难得一见ATT晚上在一所房子时,是不会得到任何的灯光和狗屎

No gas or water, had to borrow H20 from my relative 无气或水,不得不从我的亲戚借钱H20

Man, it feels like I ain't even here 男人,那感觉就像我是不是即使在这里

I'm ready to get up and get all my own, but I got three more fuckin years 我准备好了,并得到所有我自己,但我得到了三个他妈的年

Nigga 15, with a big dream to make it on out this ghetto 黑人15 ,有一个很大的梦想,使其在了这个贫民窟

But the devil won't settle, fuckin up my levels he won't let go 但魔鬼也不会平静下来,他妈的我的水平,他都不会放过

I'm livin to die it seems I just can't win 我活着,似乎我就是赢不了死

Now I'm high, but I'm stopin to realize I drunk this whole fifth of Gin 现在我高,但我stopin要知道,我喝醉了晶晶的这整个第五

(Nigga damn!) I'm 17 and drinkin like I'm grown up (该死的黑鬼! )我是17和喝酒一样,我长大了

I got some problems, plus I need some money 我有一些问题,再加上我需要一些钱

And it's really all because... 这真的都是因为...


[Chorus] [合唱]


(Verse 2: Krayzie) (第2节: Krayzie )

Juvenile nigga done strugglin, hustlin, strugglin like I want it 少年兄弟们做挣扎, hustlin ,挣扎像我想它

Then fuck school, right now I'm hungry, and I can't eat that damn diploma 然后他妈的学校,现在我饿了,我不能吃那该死的文凭

But on this corner I can eat everyday, all I gotta do is slang this yay 但在这个角落,我可以天天吃,我所要做的就是俗话这样耶

Nigga, If business keep going this way me and my family is fin to be straight 兄弟们,如果生意继续下去,这样我和我的家人是鱼翅是直

I'm glad I took that fifty dollars that grandma gave me 我很高兴我把那50块钱的奶奶给了我

Bought me a double up, now it's all about comin up 给我买了双了,现在它的所有关于科曼

I'ma pay ya back next week 我是付雅下周

Repeat, took my ass straight to the block with hand full of rocks, y'all 重复,把我的屁股直块用手荆棘满途,你们都

And it's my first time I'm lowin, watchin for cop cars 而且这是我第一次,我lowin ,凝视着的警车

By the end of the night a nigga sold all the rocks 到了晚上结束了一个黑人卖掉了所有的岩石

I'm trippin out lookin' at all the dough I got 我践踏了在看所有的面团我得到

I shoulda been came a sold the block and locked it 没我早该被来了个卖块并把它锁

Made me some profits, so nigga tonight my people gonna be eatin on lobster 更让我一些利润,所以兄弟们,今晚我的人会被龙虾eatin

Hate to say it, but I think these streets done really created a monster 讨厌这样说,但我认为这些街道做得确实创造了一个怪物

Cause now that I see how quick I can come about breakin the law 现在,我看我是如何快速的可以来约唱到法律原因

Why in the hell is you steady tellin me to go and get a job? 为什么在地狱中,你不断在告诉我去找到一份工作?

Fuck that, nigga this my thing right now I know 他妈的说,兄弟们这是我的事情,现在我知道

I'm walkin home happy, smilin, and I ain't even thinkin about... 我走着回家开心,微笑着,而我竟然没有想着约...


[Chorus: x2] [合唱: X2 ]


[Verse 3: Krayzie] [第3节: Krayzie ]

Business was boomin so a nigga assuming I could do some improving 生意繁荣的背后,让一个黑人假设我可以做一些改进

Like new jewels, clothes, shoes, Cadillac Coupe, I'm out here doin it 像新的珠宝,衣服,鞋子,凯迪拉克双门轿跑车,我在这里干什么就

Got me a cold ass broad, and that's something I never had 找了冷屁股宽,这件事情我从来没有过

But I'm never mad cause I done snagged one bad one with my young ass 但我从来没有生气,因为我做了钩住了我的驴驹1坏的

Once I turned 18 it was on 当我18岁那是在

But my brother started writing home, tellin me to leave this shit alone 但是,我的兄弟开始写家,在告诉我独自离开这个狗屎

I say, what? nigga, he don't know that I'm too deep in this 我说,什么?兄弟们,他不知道我在这过深

I'm livin and breathin the street shit 我活着的呼吸和街头狗屎

And if I don't play the crook, you ain't gonna have shit on your books 如果我不玩了骗子,你是不会有屎在你的书

Look, gimme a minute, I'll chill in a minute I promise I will 你看,给我一分钟,我会在一分钟内放松我保证

As soon as I finished this last load 当我完成这最后的负荷

I'ma drop the dice after this last roll 我是放下骰子最后滚后

Little did he know, I got no intentions on leavin this shit here 他不知道,我没有打算在这里要离开这个狗屎

I'm feelin to get rich here 我感觉致富在这里

When you get out, you'll have some shit here if you still care 当你出去,你就会有一些狗屎在这里,如果你还在乎

Made enough money to move my moms and pops to a new pad 赚够了钱,将我的妈妈和持久性有机污染物的新盘

They was suspicious, but they ain't trippin 他们起了疑心,但他们的脚步并不轻松

cause this more shit than we ever had 造成这种狗屎多,比我们曾经有过

But shit went bad six in the morning crashing through my door was the Feds 但是,狗屎坏了早上六点崩溃在我开门的是联邦调查局

And they want that bread we want you, and I'm like ooh! (shit) 他们想,我们希望你的面包,我很喜欢哦! (狗屎)

Shoulda listened to my brother, huh? 早该听我的兄弟,是吧?

But I'm like fuck it now 但我很喜欢现在他妈的

Mama got to buggin out when them po po got to cuffin pops 妈妈一定要迷恋出来的时候他们婆得cuffin持久性有机污染物

Now I'm in the courtroom when that asked me how I plea 现在,我在法庭上时问我怎么求情

I tell the judge straight up, I've been havin problems and it's all because... 我告诉法官直线上升,我一直就吃的问题,这都是因为...


[Chorus til fade] [合唱直到淡出]

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