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Everybody Wanna Be Thugs



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[Chorus: x2] [合唱: X2 ]

Everybody wanna be thugs 每个人都想当打手

They really don't cause if they lived my life they'd understand 他们真的不因为如果他们住了我的生活,他们会理解的

Niggaz for they self, no love 兄弟们为他们自己,没有爱

And it ain't nothin better than a gun in hand 它是没什么比手中的枪好


[Verse 1: Krayzie] [诗歌1 : Krayzie ]

I'm lookin at all my niggaz on the corner still trying to come up on something 我看着在我所有的兄弟们的角落仍然在试图想出的东西

Like some paper, cash money 像一些纸,现金货币

Two-double-o-zero, niggaz is desperate to make it 两个双邻为零,兄弟们拼命,使其

Battlin Satan, but the plate that he made us looks so tasty Battlin撒旦,但他让我们的板看起来很美味

Temptation over took my devils persuasion 在诱惑我了鬼子的劝说

Makin me chase the paper while trying to break 'em, I blaze 'em 马金我追逐的文件,而试图打破时间,我走出时间

Then I raise up, nigga that's the way thugs do it 于是我提出了,兄弟们就是这样的暴徒做

See it don't say nothin just to find out we kinda stupid 看到它不说没什么只是为了找出我们有点傻

In the streets we play for keeps 在街上,我们玩的保持

Niggaz ain't comin back for revenge or whatever, loc 兄弟们是不是马上就要回来报仇也好, LOC

We havin none of that, so scandalous 我们就吃没有这一点,所以可耻

You better keep your protection 你最好不要让您的保护

Cause the grass and the blunts ain't the only thing we wet up 造成草地和钝器不是我们弄湿了唯一


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 2: Krayzie] [诗2: Krayzie ]

See, I've been runnin from the po-po ever since I was 11 你看,我已经飞奔从PO -PO自从我11

Nigga bellin, ain't tryin to get kept and slept in the cell, man 黑人贝林,是不是试着让一直睡在细胞,人

A lot like my daddy, but then again I'm like myself 很多像我的爸爸,但话又说回来,我喜欢自己

Keep my nose in my business and worry about nobody else 让我的鼻子在我的生意而发愁没人

Got a mind of my own aside from Bone 从骨有我自己的想法放在一边

So nigga don't think that you can run up and test me when I'm alone 所以兄弟们不要以为你可以运行并测试我,当我独自一人

Cause I got the chrome 因为我得到了镀铬

Talk mo' shit I'm still a street thug, but I make mo' hits (mo' hits) 莫谈“狗屎我还是一个街头暴徒,但我让莫命中(莫打)

Platinum packin magnum never leave the house without it 铂包装;万能从未离开家没有它

And if he bout it don't sing about it nigga bring up out that shit 如果他这回合不唱它的兄弟们带出了那狗屎

Thugline, frontline Thugline ,前线

Nigga it ain't scared, we done time 黑鬼是不是吓到了,我们做了一次

Leatherface is on the rampage, murder mangler, strangler 皮脸是横冲直撞,杀人压榨机,扼杀

What you came with it just ain't enough 刚才是你带着它不够

To tame the thug, we aim to drain the blood from your skull 驯服的暴徒,我们的目标是排出血液从你的头骨

Rappin but we dangerous, dangerous 说唱但危险的,危险的


[Chorus: x2] [合唱: X2 ]


[Verse 3: Krayzie] [第3节: Krayzie ]

Now to my youngsters with they guns 现在,我的青少年与他们的枪

Out on the corner perfomin tryna to be soldiers 出的角球perfomin tryna是战士

Just remember that I told ya, slow down, down, down 只记得我告诉过你,慢下来,下来,下来

I know you wanna be a thug, and do what we done 我知道你想成为一个暴徒,和做什么,我们做

But if it ain't inside your blood then this ain't the game that you tryin to 但是,如果它不是你的血液里,那么这是不是你试着游戏

play 播放

Just like one of my niggaz tried to hang, and he died in a day 就像我的兄弟们一想挂了,他在一天之死

Awww, shame, shame, shame 噢,羞,羞,羞

Bullet hit him in the brain 子弹击中了他的大脑

And he was a thug nigga, you get the picture? 他是一个暴徒黑鬼,你知道了吗?

Picture niggaz in a single file line 图片的兄弟们在一个单一文件中的行

All crying, upset because their niggaz died, nobody know why 所有的哭泣,伤心,因为他们的兄弟们死了,没有人知道是什么原因

It's so many dying cause too many trying to shine 这是很多濒死引起太多想照

We all trying to swang on the same godamned vine 我们都试图动了同一godamned藤

It's about that time for the thugs to unite 这是关于那个时候的打手团结

And let this motherfucka burn tonight (tonight, night) 而让这motherfucka烧今晚(今晚夜)

If you a thug get up and join this thug nation (thug nation) 如果一个暴徒拿起来加入这个流氓国家(暴徒国)

We got guns waitin (guns waitin) 我们有枪倒底(枪倒底)

Soon as the enemy run up, blaze 'em (blaze 'em) 一旦敌人跑起来,走出一条时间(杀出 EM)


[Chorus 'til fade] [合唱,直到淡出]

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