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I Don't Know What



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[Krayzie: x4] [ Krayzie : X4 ]

This is how we do it, when we do it... 这是我们如何做到这一点,当我们做到这一点...


[Chorus] [合唱]

Doesn't it feel good to see us makin money? 不感觉不错,看我们做个赚钱?

Feel good like everyday's sunny 感觉好喜欢每天的阳光

Feel good see us takin off? 感觉很好看我们羚牛了吗?

Doesn't it feel good to see us ball? 不感觉不错,看我们的球?

And they can't take it from us at all 他们不能把它从我们所有的

And if you agree that we don't fall sing "la da di da da di da di da di da" 如果你同意,我们不属于唱“香格里拉大地哒哒哒迪迪哒哒迪”


[Verse 1: Krayzie] [诗歌1 : Krayzie ]

Back at'cha, it's the thug with the most droppin more Thuggish Ruggish on ya 返回atcha ,这是最灌篮更凶残Ruggish雅的暴徒

Krayzie keepin it flaming, so indeed it's fire for ya Krayzie坚持着它燃烧,所以它的确是火雅

Water, don't need none let it burn 水,也不需要没有让它燃烧

Let it be known that it's my turn, let 'em turn 让大家知道,轮到我了,让我们让他们转

Be concerned with these words I got 用这句话我得到关注

Whatever they sayin about the Line, we better kill 'em 不管他们在说对线,我们最好杀了他们

'Cause I got up and I got mine don't mean I'm trippin 因为我起床,我得到了我的意思不是我践踏

Really left niggaz behind to handle business 真的离开了身后的兄弟们处理业务

They don't understand I'm in it to win it 他们不明白我在它赢得它

Thug out with a crowd full of criminals and killers 暴徒用一群充满罪犯和杀手

So pump your fists if ya feel it, hear me 所以泵你的拳头,如果雅觉得吧,听我的

We in it to keep it the realest 我们在它保持它最真实

With my remige, Thugline team, coming to kill something 与我remige , Thugline团队,来刷怪

Close to 30 million sold and still thuggin, still strugglin 接近30万的销量,仍然般的暴徒,仍挣扎

Wassup with Bone? Gotta keep it real, so I tell them I don't know 日wassup骨?总得保持真实,所以我告诉他们我不知道

Can't think no more excuses when niggaz don't show 想不出任何借口,当兄弟们不显示

We came up from poor, and I'm not going back to poor, no! 我们从可怜的人上去,我不打算回差,不!


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 2: Krayzie] [诗2: Krayzie ]

For The Love Of $, I keep it funky 对于美元的热爱,我把它时髦

Just thuggin back down in the ghetto 只是般的暴徒回落在贫民窟

Sleep in the PJ's they let me so I love 'em back 睡在PJ的,他们让我,所以我爱他们回来

By keepin it real, givin 'em shit that they can feel, like hustlin need more than a mil 通过坚持着它真正的,得到安宁时间狗屎,他们能感觉到,像hustlin需要多万

Like how to make it on these streets and not be killed ‘fore you get grown 怎么样让这些街道,而不是成为一个被杀€ ~fore你长大

Let a nigga go on cuz he chose to live his life wrong 让一个黑人去的Cuz他选择让自己活得错

All I know is life is already short 我所知道的是生命已经很短

And you can bring your non-exsistance closer if you want 你也可以把你的非exsistance ,如果你想更接近

Trust me, you don't nigga, live on, get'cha thug on (thug on) 相信我,你没有黑人,住,沉浸在暴徒(暴徒上)

Make you some cheese, get some weed and go get your buzz on 让你一些奶酪,得到一些杂草,去让你的嗡嗡声

But must of all you gotta stay sucka-free, them bustas out ya mix 但这一切必须的,你得留sucka自由,他们bustas了雅混

That go for anything you do and they go all to jail, I don't trip 那去为你做任何事情,他们都去坐牢,我也不行

I share a hater to the side, devil ass nigga 我同意一个会憎恨妒忌的一面,魔鬼蠢货

Always fuckin up my vibe, that's right now, nigga 总是他妈的我的氛围,这是正确的,现在,兄弟们

You done meet Krayzie Bone, you ain't meet Leatherface 你做满足Krayzie骨,你是不是符合皮脸

And I don't think you wanna though, no! 而且我不认为你想,虽然,没有!


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 3: Krayzie] [第3节: Krayzie ]

My nigga, cover your ears and fuck what you heard (heard) 我的兄弟们,捂住耳朵,你他妈的听见了(听说)

'Cause it's about they bullshit they be talkin, why? “因为这是关于他们胡说,他们在说话,为什么呢?

Niggaz in my business like they my bitches, got me hot (so hot, hot, hot, hot) 兄弟们像他们骂我我的事,让我热(好热,热,热,热)

Run up, touch me, get burned, nigga 跑起来,摸我,引火烧身,兄弟们

Said they saw me at the Source out on the floor, dropped (what?) 说他们看到我在源在地板上,丢弃(是什么? )

Chickenhead bitch from Miami said we was runnin when the war popped 从迈阿密Chickenhead婊子说我们是飞奔的时候突然出现的战争

Hoe stop, you don't know none nigga rollin with me 锄停,你不知道没有一个黑人罗林与我

What shut you puff? My niggaz hold on the B 什么关你吹嘘?在B我的兄弟们举行

For most of them niggaz they want peace when we meet 对于大多数人的兄弟们,他们想要和平,当我们见面

Like we ain't be hearin what they be saying on the streets 就像我们是不是要倾听他们在说,在街道上

So we gotta bring the heat 所以我们得把热

Speak if you want, but keep it to a mumble 说出你想要的,但它保持一个咕哝

Speak louder than a whisper, oh and we gonna get'cha 说话比大声耳语,噢,我们该怎么沉浸

Y'all Don't Know Me, ain't that what I told 'em? 你们不认识我,这不正是我告诉他们吗?

Hope they knowin these pistols real's that we toat, jokin 希望他们深深地知道这些真正的手枪就是我们TOAT , jokin

Naw nigga, we for real in the field 瑙黑鬼,我们真实的在现场

Believe what you want, but you suckas know the deal 相信你想要的,但你suckas知道交易


[Chorus] [合唱]

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