歌词 "Kneight Ruduz Wuz Here" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Kneight Ruduz Wuz Here

Kneight Ruduz WUZ这里


English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Intro] [简介]

As the new world order takes us into the year 2000 随着新的世界秩序将我们带入了2000年

The shadows of death over the sky causin total destruction 死亡漫天的阴影causin彻底毁灭

As we transform day into night, darkness falls down upon us 当我们转换成一天晚上,夜幕降临看不起我们

We rise from the fog uncomparable to any other form of life 我们上升,从雾不可比任何其他形式的生命

Together we ride by night, unidentified, unseen, unknown 我们一起坐了一夜,身份不明的,看不见的,未知

Yes we are the pirates 是的,我们是海盗

Our missin is to destroy enemies by any means necessary 我们想着是摧毁敌人的任何必要的手段

And those who interfere with prosecution for execusion 和那些谁妨碍起诉execusion

Shall indeed be terminated any race be gone 就真要结束了所有种族

For we are the Kneight Riduz 因为我们是Kneight Riduz

Killers of the night and first of our kind 夜晚的杀手和我们的第一样的


[Chorus x2] [合唱x ]

Can't you feels the temperature droppin gettin cold? 难道你不觉得温度丢下刚开冷吗?

Below zero murda mo go slow flow under your door 零下murda莫走在你家门口缓流

Is it magic? not it's murda they don't know that we're pirates 是魔术吗?没有它的murda他们不知道我们是海盗

By night we get violent like fighters fightin 到了晚上,我们得到了类似的暴力战士格斗


[Verse 1] [诗歌1 ]

You're takin chances runnin around upon me 你羚牛机会在我身边飞奔

I got somethin waitin in a cage for you 我在一个笼子里有事端等待着你

Wipe that smile off your face when you see us ridin through 擦那笑容你的脸,当你看到我们坐车经过

Killin 'em all (till everyone fall) 扼杀了他们所有(直到每个人都跌倒)

You get out of my way or you're subject to get killed without the clues 你离开我的方式,或者你恕不线索被杀

I thought people should continues bouncin 我认为人们应该继续bouncin

A war right now is not what you're really wantin 一场战争,现在是不是你真的wantin

Pirates got the world on lockdown, we rule from the darkness 海盗登上锁定了世界,我们从黑暗统治

We come from beneath the ground, so who wants to party? 我们来自下方的地面上,所以谁愿意聚会吗?

We got runnin up with slugs for everybody 我们得到了飞奔了蛞蝓为大家

Renovate the town in blood with a slaughter 翻新血液中的城镇,拥有屠宰

What's the matter? you're not soundin so tough 怎么了?你不soundin如此艰难

Am I callin your bluff? 我在呼唤你的虚张声势?

When them high tides come crashin ashes to ashes and dust to dust 当他们高潮前来crashin灰飞烟灭和尘归尘

We are the pirates, the pirates 我们是海盗,海盗

Yes we are the pirates, pirates 是的,我们是海盗,海盗


[Chorus x2] [合唱x ]


[Verse 1] [诗歌1 ]

Wanna come fuck with me? 要来他妈的跟我?

Me bloody matey got me back so check your tick-tock 我血淋淋的伙计让我回来,请检查您的滴答滴答

How many minutes ya got before you drop? been shot 多少分钟,你放弃之前,雅得?被枪杀

The smell of gun powder fills the air 火药的气味弥漫

(????) there you beg for mercy we don't care ( ????)那里,你求饶,我们不关心

Bloody bodies stacked up in a pile and set the fire 血肉模糊的尸体堆放成一堆,然后集火

It's the pirates behind all this violence it's not the devil 它是这一切背后的暴力海盗这不是魔鬼

It's rebellin with my shovel, with my victims lifeless 这是rebellin我铲,我毫无生气的受害者

Tossed over my shoulder as I showed him to his hell-hole 扔在我的肩膀,因为我给他看了他的地狱洞

Dead foes to the bottom 死的敌人到底

Us pirates be heartless my conscious was fuckin with me I shot him 我们海盗无情我的意识是他妈的我,我杀了他

And got 'em all believe me 并得到了他们所有相信我

We gonna (??) crazy and i'm silent until my other mode 我们该怎么( ?)疯了,我是沉默的,直到我的其他方式

We front the underland understand, understand? 我们前面下井明白,明白了吗?

We live to die so we fear no man not at all 我们活到死,所以我们不怕人一点都没有

Everytime we call stay outta the way and outta the dark 每次我们称之为留失控的方式和失控的黑暗

And just hope to god, that he'll just come and kill us all 而只是希望上帝,他将只来杀死我们所有人

We all gonna dies, it's the ways of life wildest new generation pirates 我们要去的所有模具,它是生命最疯狂的新一代海盗的方法

Us new generation pirates, pirates, us new generation pirates, pirates 我们新一代的海盗,海盗,我们新一代的海盗,海盗


[Chorus x2] [合唱x ]


[Verse 3] [诗歌3 ]

Up in my temple proceddin i'm waitin to taste your blood run throught my veins 在我的太阳穴proceddin我是等着品尝你的气血运行throught我的血管

And see you gasping out my name 看看你喘气我的名字

You'll be sayin "psycho bitch, psycho, psycho, psycho" 你会在说“心理婊子,心理,精神,心理”

See (??) is how I kill you 见( ?)是我杀了你

I have to fill my thirst so now I gots to kill you 我要填补我渴了,现在我全球有机纺织品标准就杀了你

We are all forgotten souls nightmare of every boy and girl 我们是每个男孩和女孩都忘记了灵魂的梦魇

Kneight Riduh pirates the leaders of the underworld Kneight Riduh盗黑道的领袖

I'm so happy, happy knowin my torture brought you pain 我太高兴了,高兴深深地知道我的折磨带给你痛苦

Play in my little game you hide i'll blow out your brain 在我的小游戏玩你躲我会吹熄你的大脑

Isn't that fun? 是不是很有趣?

Whoever wants some you can hide but you can't run 谁想要一些可以隐藏,但你不能跑

I cut off your legs now beg, yes beg [laughing] 我要砍断你的腿现在求的,是求[偷笑]

1-2 Riduz comin for you 1-2 Riduz科曼为你

3-4 you shoulda locked your door, let me in [laughing] 3-4 ,你早该锁定你的门,让我进去(笑)


[Chorus x2] [合唱x ]

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