歌词 "Who's Been Loving You?" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Who's Been Loving You?



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

I know my momma loves me 我知道我的妈妈爱我

I know my father loves me 我知道我的父亲是爱我的

I know the camera loves me 我知道摄像头是爱我的

I can tell my brother loves me 我可以告诉我的兄弟爱我

I know that Boston loves me 我知道波士顿是爱我的

And San Francisco loves me 旧金山爱我

I love the city back, 我爱这座城市回来,

I just can't help it, 我不能帮助它,

It's so lovely 它是如此可爱


I'm in my lucky underwear, I'm feeling debonair 我在我的幸运内裤,我感觉温文尔雅

If it's a lonely trip to heaven, I'm already there 如果它是一个孤独的旅程天堂,我已经在那里了

I'm in the bedroom and I'm like stepping like I'm Fred Astaire 我在卧室里,我仿佛走进像我弗雷德·阿斯泰尔

I make it happen, battle rapping at my teddy bear 我提出这一点,战斗振我的玩具熊

When I was twelve I'd leave my door open a crack 当我12我要离开我的门打开一条缝

Afraid of getting busted sneaking porno on my Mac 害怕被猛击了我的Mac上偷偷色情的

I guess I was a freak until I got caught last week 我想我是一个怪胎,直到上周我被抓住了

(Who's been loving you?) (谁是被爱着你? )

I was reading Booker T, I threw the book at me 我读布克T,I我扔书

I go for the lookers but they never look at me 我去了周围的人,但他们从来不看我

I would get a hooker if I could unhook her bra 我会得到一个妓女,如果我能解开她的胸罩

I'd be looking soft as soon as she took her top... off 我会找软的,只要她把她最...关闭

Let's go rolling in a broken Winnebago 让我们去滚动在一个破碎的Winnebago

Stop and smoke a bowl out of a hollowed-out potato 停止吸烟一碗出来的挖空的马铃薯

It's hash now, but it's hash browns soon 这是散了,但它的薯饼很快

(Who's been loving you?) (谁是被爱着你? )


I know that Jesus loves me 我知道耶稣爱我

I know that Buddha loves me 我知道,佛爱我

The fucking Easter Bunny 在他妈的复活节兔子

And the ghost of Gandhi love me 甘地的鬼魂爱我

I know that Santa loves me 我知道,圣诞老人爱我

I think my Aunties love me 我想我的姨姨爱我

I know my Grandma loved me 我知道我的奶奶爱我

She thought I was handsome trust me 她以为我是帅信任我


This insanity, that's heredity 这种疯狂,这是遗传

It's my family, we can let it be 这是我的家人,我们可以让它成为

wish I pretended that my mom and dad are dead to me 希望我假装我爸爸妈妈都死了我

But i love my dad, that motherfucker read to me 但我爱我的爸爸,那混蛋念给我听

My first words were "Where's the love?" 我的第一句话是: “哪里是爱吗? ”

Mad smug, assed up on a bearskin rug 疯狂如意,称职了一个熊皮地毯

Oh fashodo, my mom'll show you the photo 哦fashodo ,我momll显示您的照片

(Who's been loving you?) (谁是被爱着你? )

I do embarrassing better I could wear a pink sweater 我好尴尬,我可以穿一件粉红色的毛衣

With a pair of slick pleather pants 有一对漂亮的手包裤

Derelict e-ve-ry day and it's well known that I hop off stage with my cell phone 废弃电子VE- RY一天,这是众所周知,我下车阶段,我的手机

Fake a dropped call when everybody's near me 假掉话时,每个人的靠近我

And shout "I love you Mom!" so everybody hears me 并喊“我爱你妈妈! ”所以大家听到我

I needed to and true it's nothing new but 我需要和真实是什么新鲜事,但

(Who's been loving you?) (谁是被爱着你? )


Even though I owe them money 尽管我欠他们的钱

I think it's pretty likely 我认为这是非常有可能

That my whole family loves me 我全家人爱我

My lovers tend to like me 我的恋人往往喜欢我

I know my homies love me 我知道我的家人都爱我

My teachers loved to hate me 我的老师爱生恨我

The haters love to fuck with me 仇敌爱他妈的跟我

The fickle love me lately 善变爱我最近


I'm a percussionist, I never knew guitar. 我是一个打击乐手,我从来不知道吉他。

It's cheesy, but I'm stunting like a superstar 这是不好的,但我发育迟缓是一个超级巨星

It's easy man I'm hopping out a moving car 这很容易的人,我跳了动车

Call me Wheezy cause I'm coughing at the hookah bar 打电话给我喘息因为我咳嗽的水烟酒吧

And I don't do cigars, but I got hella game 我不这样做的雪茄,但我得到了海拉的游戏

I'll make a lady out of styling gel and cellophane 我会做一个淑女了定型发胶和玻璃纸

So you can yell my name, I make the bed frame move 所以,你可以喊我的名字,我把床架招

(Who's been loving you?) (谁是被爱着你? )

Me and my better friends are heading to the town strip 我和我的朋友们更好的是在前往小镇条

If they don't let us in we'll never take a round trip 如果他们没有让我们,我们永远夺不走一个来回

Because I took an hour picking out my outfit 因为我花了一个小时捡了我的衣服

And then I took another slicking down a cowlick 然后我又顺滑下来cowlick

And I like house sitting, but fuck it now's different 我喜欢坐在家里,但他妈的现在不同了

I'm going out and there ain't a bouncer for cow tipping 我走出去,没有一个保镖奶牛引爆

So I'm a tear this joint up 所以我一滴泪本联合起来

And I'm a party till the hoofs point up 我就是一个党,直到马蹄声了点

(Who's been loving you?) (谁是被爱着你? )


This is for Charles Barkley 这是查尔斯·巴克利

This is for Poison Ivy 这是毒藤

And it's for Draco Malfoy 而且它的德拉科·马尔福

And it's for Bill O'Reilly 而这对比尔OReilly

This is for Ned Mencia 这是为奈德门西亚

It's for the corporate lawyers 这是为企业律师

It's for the backseat drivers 这对于后座司机

And for my friend Ann Coulter 和我的朋友安犁刀

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