歌词 "The Girl Next Door (To Everybody Else)" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

The Girl Next Door (To Everybody Else)



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Chorus] [合唱]

It’s a song about girl the next door 这是关于女孩隔壁的一首歌

love the girl next door 爱的邻家女孩

the world’s next door 世界隔壁

They see her- everybody melts 他们看到了她 - 大家都融化

She’s the girl next door to everybody everybody else 她是邻家女孩给大家所有的人

It’s a song is a song about the girl who sings 这是一首歌曲是关于谁唱的女孩的一首歌

And every time you hear her sing 每次听到她唱歌

she sings for you 她唱的你

And you alone 和你一个人

And every other guy you know 和所有其他的家伙,你知道

She loves you back 她爱你回来

She says she’s with it 她说,她与这

loves you back 爱你回来

but wait a minute 但是且慢

all along she loved ya back 一直以来,她爱雅回

enough to put a dagger in it 足以把匕首在它

(cause) This is a song about girl the next door (原因)这是一个关于女孩隔壁的一首歌

I love the girl next door 我爱的邻家女孩

the world’s next door 世界隔壁

They see her- everybody melts 他们看到了她 - 大家都融化

She’s the girl next door to everybody everybody else 她是邻家女孩给大家所有的人


[Verse 1] [诗歌1 ]

It’s like a fairy tale! 这就像一个童话故事!

about little chickenhead 关于小chickenhead

thought the sky was falling 以为天空中坠落

so she kicked it sick in bed 所以她踢在床上生病

I came calling (she pretended she was dead) 我来打电话(她假装她已经死了)

feeling she was healing but the ceiling fell instead! 感觉她被治愈,但天花板上,而不是下跌!

you feel stellar in your skeleton? 您在您的骨骼感到恒星?

tell a guy you fell for him then tell him he’s irrelevant? 告诉你,爱上了他,然后告诉他,他是不相关的一个人?

It’s evident you think you’re helen of troy 这是显而易见的,你以为你是小龙女

but you’re hell in a handbasket 但你到底在提篮

hell of a coy little cruella de vil 腼腆的小克鲁拉德VIL地狱

If it’s fitting you fill in 如果它的装修你填写

another filthy felony with every fella you thrill 另一个肮脏的重罪与你兴奋的每家伙

you’re cellophane 你是玻璃纸

but there’s a spell on us still 但对我们的法术依然

a man goes window shopping 一个男人要出门逛街

and you sell him the sill 你卖给他的窗台

you give an illness that isn’t a silly pill or some silvery penicillin 你给的疾病,是不是一个愚蠢的药丸或一些银色的青霉素

or pity gonna fulfill and so willing my pen is spilling I’m drilling my point until 可惜还是会履行等愿我的笔被泄漏,我钻进我的观点之前,

the pen point’s dull 笔点的沉闷

the end point’s still 终点还是

in sight, I’m inside, I’m insisting 在眼前,我里面的,我坚持

get wise and quit with lip synching 得到明智,退出了假唱

in christ you entice the quick kissing 在基督里,你吸引的快速接吻

rise in a bathtub full of ice with a rib missing 上升在装满冰块的浴缸带肋失踪

It’s been decided 它已经决定

you can lie, but you can’t hide it behind your eyelids 你可以说谎,但你不能隐藏其背后的眼皮

I provided rhymes and had to plan a hybrid 我公司提供的押韵和有计划的混合

with the man that led this band who might have liked you more than I did 与领导的这个乐队谁可能会喜欢你,比我做的男人

or maybe as much 或许尽可能多

cause baby that’s what 引起宝宝那是什么

make me want to laugh 让我想笑

just, breaks me right in half cause 只是,打破了我的权利了一半的原因

it really adds up 它确实增加了

dwelling on this sad stuff 居住在这个悲伤的东西

cellibacy mad sucks cellibacy狂吸

when everybody tapped once 当每个人都曾经挖掘

including a best friend 其中包括最好的朋友

then one of my roommates 然后我的一个室友

you said it was just then 你说,这只是再

but shit it was too late 但拉屎为时已晚

So what’s your group rate 那么,什么是你的组率

cause we’ve waiting our turn 因为我们一直在等待轮到我们了

to watch you eat your words 看你吃你的话

and catch some heartburn 并捕捉一些胃灼热


[Verse 2] [诗歌2]

(here!) is where you would have sung the verse (在这里! ),在这里你会唱诗歌

(here!) is where you’d have to catch you breath (在这里! )就是你必须抓住你的呼吸

(here!) is where you might forget the words (在这里! ),在这里你可能会忘记的话

(haha) that where you’d laugh to fill the rest (哈哈)在这里你会笑,以填补剩下的

(here!) is where you’d hit another high note (在这里! ),在这里你会再创高记

(here!) is where you’d make it pretty, shit if I don’t (在这里! ),在这里你会让它漂亮,狗屎如果我不

(here!) is where we’d really try to be friends (在这里! )是我们真的很努力成为朋友

funny how the shallow girls end up off the deep end 有趣的浅女孩如何结束掉深结

(first) I met your ass last year (第一次)我遇到了你的屁股去年

first day of class, you were mad sincere 类的第一天,你是疯了真诚

(then) you went and chose my friend for benefits (那么)你去选择和我的朋友的好处

(then) he did the same and said it was the end of it (当时) ,他也做了同样并说这是它的结束

(then) funny thing, I got up on the TV (当时)有趣的事情,我起身在电视上

(then) coincidentally you said you’d like to see me (当时)巧合的是,你说你想看到我

(then) you stood me up on just our second date (那么)你让我站起来只是我们第二次约会

out with mister music 用老总的音乐

(then) you used him for a your serenade (那么)你用他为你的小夜曲


[Chorus] [合唱]

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