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Everything Turns Gold



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Chorus - Mieka Pauley] [合唱团 - Mieka波利]

When the sun sets on the city 当夕阳西下的城市

It's something to behold 这件事情给你看

Cause when the sun sets on the city 因为当太阳落山的城市

Everything turns gold 一切都变成黄金

For now you're young and pretty 现在你还年轻,漂亮

And you'll be lovely when you're old 当你老了,你会很可爱

Cause when the sun sets on the city 因为当太阳落山的城市

Everything turns gold 一切都变成黄金


[Verse 1 - Watsky] [诗歌1 - Watsky ]

The frog in my throat was the size of a mutt 在我喉咙里的青蛙是个笨蛋的大小

The fat toad ate the butterflies in my gut 大蟾蜍吃了蝴蝶在我的内心

The dog in me knows that it's a bitch in dark black 在我的狗都知道,它在暗黑色的母狗

So I spit the frog out and I took my bark back 所以,我吐青蛙了,我把我的皮背

Till that I'd been afraid of night 直到,我会一直害怕夜晚

My cradle never stayed in sight 我的摇篮永远的停留在眼前

It might have all abated if I played it right 它可能都当我打它的权利消退

I hated trynna find and face a place I didn't dare go 我讨厌trynna发现,面对一个地方,我不敢去

Diving with the worms and liking looking like a scarecrow 潜水与蠕虫和顺心看起来像一个稻草人

Do a mellow jig instead of tripping off a dollar 做了圆润的夹具,而不是跳闸了一块钱

I'll just skip the yellow brick with wicker sticking out my collar 我就跳过了黄砖柳条伸出我的衣领

It's all or nothing I'll be cultured when I'm older 这是全有或全无,当我长大,我会培养

Fuck a parrot, I don't care I'll feed the vulture on my shoulder 他妈的一只鹦鹉,我不在乎,我会喂秃鹰我的肩膀上

(polly want a collarbone?) (波莉想要锁骨? )

Try the lake for fish 尝试湖鱼

Or just say yes to yesterday break it and make a wish 或者只说是昨天打破它,并许下心愿

I ate dirt as a baby, I did it for the flavor 我吃了灰尘的宝贝,我是做的味道

In a couple years I'll let the dirt return the favor 在几年内,我会让污垢返回的青睐


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 2 - Gift of Gab] [诗歌2 - 礼品畅所欲言的]

Yeah 是啊

I used to consider the riches and the props 我曾经考虑财富和道具

And the houses and the fame and the fortune, everything 而房屋和名望和财富,一切

Seems when you get here, there seems more desirable 看来,当你来到这里,似乎更可取

All that old fear [?] doesn't leave, it's inside of you 所有老怕[?]不留,这是你的内心

Everything material, it passes like the night'll do 一切物质,它通过像nightll做

Into day 到天

Came and went away 来了,走了

Nothing penetrates the void that illustrates the noise 没有渗透,说明噪声的空白

Mental states annoyed with a attitude of zero gratitude that may destroy 心理状态恼火零一颗感恩的态度,可能会破坏

Beneath the lies is truth though 下方的谎言是真理,虽然

You seek and find the proof 您寻找和发现的证据

Only place to be is here 唯一的地方是在这里

Dig in, peep it how the roots grow 挖,窥视它的根是如何成长

From out of nowhere into nothingness and back 从哪儿冒出化为虚无和背部

Constantly expresses everything and everyone 不断表达的一切,每个人都

And acting as a thread 而作为一个线程

Arm Leg Leg Arm Head 臂腿腿臂头

Karma that you spread 你噶蔓延

May be relived again after you live again after you're dead 你住一次后,你就死定了之后,可以再次重温

Until you merge into the blissful field of mighty power 直到你融入强权的幸福领域

But time is an illusion, all of it's within you now 但是,时间是一种幻觉,在大家的是,现在


[Bridge - Watsky] [桥 - Watsky ]

The sun is going down 太阳正在下降

Drink another round 饮料新一轮

Play until you fold 玩,直到你折

Paint the city gold 漆金市

Remember what you've heard 请记住你所听到的

Don't say another word 不要说一个字

Until you shake your bottle up and spray a little on the curb 直到你动摇你的瓶子和喷一点在路边

Remember what you own 记住,你自己是什么

Take the sunset home 以夕阳回家

If no one's out right now, 如果没有一个人的了,现在,

I hope you know you're not alone 我希望你知道,你并不孤单

Try to find some nights 试着找一些夜

To watch the shining lights 观看闪耀的灯光

Park see the city sparkle out on diamond heights 公园看到城市闪耀出钻石的高度

All those attractive glass spires 所有这些诱人的玻璃尖顶

That we love to stack higher 我们爱叠高

I'm starting grass fires 我开始草原火灾

When my car backfires after four flat tires 当我的车4平后轮胎事与愿违

Rolling off road to avoid the bad drivers 轧断道,以避免不好的司机,

Coming back home and I climb the walls into the sky on tall risers 回到家,我爬上墙到上高大的立管的天空

To make it all brighter 为了使这一切更亮

Blaze your lighters up 开拓你的打火机了

Raise your cider cup 举起你的苹果汁一杯

And let's pull an all-nighter 而且,我们拉的全通宵


[Chorus (x2)] [合唱团( X2 ) ]

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