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Seizure Boy



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Seizure Boy 劫持男孩

Seizure Boy 劫持男孩

Seizure Boy 劫持男孩

Seizure Boy 劫持男孩


The first thing that happens is the world goes black 出现这种情况的第一件事是世界变黑

You just hear a little snap when your neck rolls back 你刚才听到一个小卡扣,当你的脖子回滚

You don't bite your tongue off, or foam at the lips 你不咬你的舌头,或泡沫的嘴唇

And before you hit the ground there's a moment of bliss 而你击中地面之前,有幸福的时刻

It's like toking a spliff, it's like shedding your skin 这就像toking à spliff ,它就像蜕皮

It's better than the best trainwreck there's even been 这是不是最好的trainwreck甚至还有好些

You have to let it in, as much as it's upsetting 你必须让它在,就像它的不安

To wake up with bruises you don't remember getting 与瘀伤,你不记得了越来越醒来

You don't remember how the hell you ended up indoors 你不记得你如何在室内结束了地狱

You don't remember whether you were wetting your gym shorts 你不记得你是否在湿润的运动短裤

In front of Amanda, the girl you're after 在阿曼达面前,姑娘你以后

Who already thought you were a fucking disaster 谁已经以为你是个他妈的灾难

It's not like a last will, it's making me laugh 它不象最后的意志,它让我笑

Unless you get your next one while you're taking a bath 除非你得到你的下一次你洗澡,而

I'm seizing the mic fast at middle school dances 我抓住话筒快于中学舞蹈

I'm done being seized and I'm seizing my chances 我做了被抓住,我抓我的机会


It's all too much 这一切都太多

I said it's all too much 我说这一切都太多

Said it's all too much 说这一切都太多

And the world breaks your legs you go and beat it with your crutch 与世界打破了你的腿,你去和你的拐杖敲打它


It's all too much 这一切都太多

Said it's all too much 说这一切都太多

Said it's all too much 说这一切都太多

And if the world breaks your legs you go and beat it with your crutch 若世界伤了你的腿,你去和你的拐杖敲打它


Maybe true 也许真

I got baby blues 我有产后抑郁

And you got navy blues 和你有海军蓝色

Paid your dues 您的支付会费

Name the tune 命名调

Name a hue 名称的色相

What shade are you? 什么灯罩是你吗?

I see purple people eaters more than world beaters 我看到紫色的人吃比世界更搅拌器

And I've jumped a couple hurtles burned some sneakers through the meters 我已经跳了一对夫妇突飞猛进通过米烧一些运动鞋

(copesthetic) ( copesthetic )

Please, get the medic 请让医护人员

Let it breath 让它呼吸

I'ma be the baddest motherfucking epileptic I can be 我是是最不好他妈的癫痫我能


I would grieve 我会伤心

Asking why's it me sleeping in the ER with an IV in my arm and my V card hurting saying God fuck if I'm a die a virgin 问为什么是它我睡在急诊室,在我的手臂静脉和我的V卡伤说去他妈的,如果我是一个死一个处女

I'ma grab the first nurse working, flirt and draw the curtain 我是抢了先护士工作,调情,拉上帘子

So who's perkin Doctor Phil's Pills 那么,谁是珀医生菲尔的丸

Tyler Durden Still ill 泰勒德登还是生病

Thrillville Uma Therman hurting in the Kill Bills Thrillville乌玛谢尔曼伤害的杀法案

This is to my sick kids 这是我的孩子生病

Time to flip this shit 时间翻转这个狗屎

Depakote, Aderol, Ritalin pixie stix 丙戊酸钠, Aderol ,利他林精灵STIX

I don't give a fuck what you're on in the setting sun 我不给他妈的你在夕阳中什么

Use it as a weapon when it's Said and done 用它作为武器时,它的说和做


[Chorus] [合唱]


Hey say that I'm crazy or call it a pitfall 嘿,说我疯了还是叫它陷阱

I'll win a game of bloody knuckles hitting a brick wall 我会赢得一场比赛的血腥关节的撞击砖墙

It's pinball hitting the limit to smash that glass 它的弹球撞击极限粉碎的玻璃

Take a minute to sit in the whip and then I'mana Mash on gas 花一分钟坐在鞭子,然后Imana醪气

Cause I be crashing that impasse with fat ass syntax 因为我要崩溃了僵局肥屁股语法

Skinny motherfucker off a bucket of slim fast 瘦小的混蛋了超薄快斗

You ever had a gran mal seizure in gym class? 你曾经有一个大发作癫痫的体育课?

Had whiplash back when life was dishing out pimp slaps? 有挥鞭回来时,生活是祭出了皮条客巴掌?

Fed up and we've all been better but I'm set to step up 够了,我们都更好,但我设置加强

Never let up cause the fall is just the setup now to get up 永远不要松懈事业的秋天仅仅是安装程序现在起床

Regret'll never get the better of me with a sawed-off Regretll永远不会得到我的好了个子矮的

When I'm having trouble talking someone knocks my writer's block off 当我无法说话有人敲我的作家的块断

If my eyes glaze and my knees drift south 如果我的目光呆滞,我的膝盖南漂

And you think to stick a credit card in my mouth 而且你觉得在我嘴里粘信用卡

I take Mastercard and Visa for my risk rewards 我把万事达卡和Visa为我的风险回报

I'm not biting my tongue, why don't you bite yours? 我不会咬我的舌头,你为什么不咬你?


[Chorus (2X)] [合唱团( 2个) ]

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