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I Got This Love



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Chorus - Passion (2X)] [合唱团 - 激情(2X )

I got this love [3X] 我得到了这份爱[ 3X ]

Because because because because 因为,因为,因为,因为


[Verse 1] [诗歌1 ]

Because of Jonestown 由于琼斯镇的

Because of Auschwitz 由于奥斯威辛

Because the leaves fall, and we can't stop it 因为叶秋,我们不能阻止它

But that makes fall leaves, 但是,这使得秋天的叶子,

I'ma start a mosh pit 我是个开始渊薮

(ch!) this is your captain ( CH ! )这是你的队长

Hopping out the the cockpit 跳跃出驾驶舱

I forgot my parachute 我忘了我的降落伞

But I got my bay sounds 但是,我有我的声音湾

So I'll be going dummy 所以,我会去虚

Rocking on the way down 摇摆在下降

I'll be saying "hey ground!" 我会说:“嘿地! ”

Howzabout we make out? Howzabout我们做出来?

I'll put on some Ray Brown 我会把一些雷·布朗

You can grab some take out 你可以抓住一些冒了出来

Love isn't more sin, love isn't forced in 爱情不是更罪恶,爱不是强迫

Getting under your skin, digging for endorphins 让你的皮肤下,挖掘内啡肽

It's the portion some of us'll forgo 这是一些usll的放弃部分

Fingers on your torso tapping you in morse code 对你的身体用手指轻敲你的莫尔斯电码

The opera aria we're singing like a bar song 歌剧咏叹调我们唱歌一样棒的歌

The stranger's pretty face that hits you like a car bomb 陌生人的击中你像一个汽车炸弹漂亮的脸蛋

The wrinkled note we passed in class in second grade 我们通过在课堂上小学二年级的皱注

And all it says up on the page (is) 和所有它说在页面上(是)


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 2] [诗歌2]

Because my Grandma lived to 99, eleven months 因为我的奶奶活到99 , 11个月

Between a hundred years of solitude and heaven once 之间的百年孤独和天上的一次

Because she loved her son but couldn't ever say it right 因为她爱她的儿子,但不能说那是正确的

Because the language of the planet isn't day and night 由于地球的语言不是一天一夜

It's in the in between 它是介于两者之间的中

It's when we intervene 这时候我们介入的

And never let a silly hater rabbit pimp the scene 决不让一个愚蠢的仇敌兔子皮条客现场

For the deaf kid in the aisle of the symphony 在交响乐的过道聋哑孩子

Who hears it through the rumble of the tuba and the timpani 谁通过大号和定音鼓的隆隆声听到它

For those lay waste to beauty with a straight face 对于那些奠定浪费美容着脸

Everywhere on earth we're all escaping from the same place 无处不在地球上的我们都来自同一个地方逃跑

And yes occasionally we get drunk and out of line 是的,我们偶尔喝醉和脱节

And last night, there's a lamp post that I asked to be my valentine 昨晚,有一个灯柱,我问我的情人

Take a shady place, shine until it radiates 以一个阴凉的地方,闪耀,直到它辐射

Seventeen to eighty eight, make a break and head west 十七至88 ,做一个休息​​和向西

Or make a promise to your lady in a red dress 或作出承诺,你的女人在红色礼服

Last night in my hot mess 昨天晚上我在炎热的混乱

That lamp post said yes 这灯柱说是


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 3] [诗歌3 ]

Detroit is equal till there's half its people laid off 底特律是平等的,直到有一半人下岗

While corporate lawyers and former employers play golf 尽管公司律师和前雇主打高尔夫

Because of furor over every juror paid off 由于愤怒的对每陪审员还清

And because the furor used to be a boy named Adolf 而且因为愤怒曾经是一个名为阿道夫男孩

Because of anakin, instead of panickin' 因为阿纳金,而不是panickin的“

And because of every man who can be more than just a manaquin 而且,由于每个人的谁可不仅仅是一个manaquin

Because of Tienanmen, because there was a cameraman 由于天安门事件,是因为有一个摄影师

And because of the cameraman chasing princess Diana and 因为摄影师的追逐戴安娜王妃和

Because of Tammany hall, because of Gramercy park 由于坦慕尼大厅,因为Gramercy公园

Because of Amityville and because of amnesty 因为阴宅并且由于大赦

Because of famine and because its not a fantasy 由于饥荒,因为它不是一个幻想

Because of every tenement into family 因为每个物业单位到家庭

Tentative to say cause of combs cause of hannity 试探性地说了汉尼提的梳子原因原因

Homes for humanity the bones of my ancestry 家园人类祖先我的骨头

Grown and gone on gravestones and drawn on payphones and palms 长大离开家了墓碑上,并绘制付费电话和手掌

Raised up in alms 提出了在施舍

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