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Swimming Pools (Black Hippy Remix)



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[Intro: Ab-Soul] [简介: AB-魂]

Playas always trying to pop bottles 帕拉斯总是试图弹出瓶

Niggas love to pop bottles 黑鬼爱饮料瓶

Then get you a table, my nigga, get you a table, my nigga... 然后,让你的表,我的兄弟们,让你的表,我的兄弟们......


[Interlude] [插曲]

Pour up, drank, head shot, drank 倒了,喝了,头部中弹,喝了

Sit down, drank, stand up, drank 坐下来,喝了,站起来,喝了

Pass out, drank, wake up, drank 传了出去,喝了,醒来,喝了

Faded, drank, faded, drank 淡了,喝了,淡了,喝了


[Jay Rock] [周杰伦摇滚]

No syrup in this cup but this that po' up 没有糖浆这杯,但这是宝了

When you see me po' up, turn up til you throw up 当你看到我的婆“起来,转起来直到你扔了

Like a bulemic fiending, for hurl over them toilets 像bulemic fiending ,对于投在他们的厕所

If I run out of liquor in your city, yo where the store at? 如果我在你的城市,哟那里的店跑出来的白酒?

One bottle, two bottles I'm a soldier, never sober 一瓶,两瓶我是一个兵,永远清醒

Cup runneth over, don't give a fuck about cirrhosis 福杯满溢,不给有关肝硬化他妈的

One life, that's all we have, OK lets toast to that 一个生命,这就是我们已经确定让敬酒到

Then dive in a pool full of liquor, swim laps like Michael Phelps 然后潜水全酒池,游泳像菲尔普斯圈


[Chorus: Kendrick Lamar] [合唱:肯德里克 - 拉马尔]

Nigga why you babysittin only two or three shots? 黑人为什么你babysittin只有两,三枪?

I'mma show you how to turn it up a notch 我就要告诉你如何把它上升一个档次

First you get a swimming pool full of liquor, then you dive in it 首先你会得到一个游泳池充满白酒,那么你就潜水

Pool full of liquor, then you dive in it 池满的白酒,那么你就潜水

I wave a few bottles, then I watch em all flock í波几瓶的话,我看他们所有的羊群

All the girls wanna play Baywatch 所有的女孩想要玩贝沃奇

I got a swimming pool full of liquor and they dive in it 我有一个游泳池充满酒,他们在里面潜水

Pool full of liquor I'mma dive in it 池全在里面酒我就要潜水


[Interlude] [插曲]


[Ab-Soul] [ AB-魂]

Used to wake up every morning to a glass of Alize 习惯每天早上醒来的时候,阿利兹的玻璃

Hope this dollar shot of E&J will take the pain away 希望这次美元拍摄Ë &J将采取远离疼痛

Aim and shoot, shots of Ciroc will make the girls get loose 瞄准射击, Ciroc的镜头会让女生松动

With it we all trippin off the hen like a female chicken 有了它,我们都践踏了像母鸡母鸡

You with it? (Soul!) Spread your wings, you probably won't get far 你呢? (灵魂! )展开你的翅膀,你可能不会得到远

I honestly wouldn't advise operating a car 老实说,我不会建议操作车

Try not to let the peer pressure get the best of ya 尽量不要让同侪压力得到最好的雅

And end up giving it up in a restroom like the rest of us 并最终放弃它在厕所就像我们其他人


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Interlude] [插曲]


[Schoolboy Q] [小学生问]

So it's that groovy little nigga known for popping them bottles 因此,这是常规的小黑鬼闻名弹出他们的瓶子

Under my pants be a golden dick, bitch, everything about me solid 在我的裤子是一个千载难逢的家伙,婊子,我的一切固体

Burberry nigga, them be my draws, Alexander McQueen in closets 巴宝莉的兄弟们,他们是我的画, Alexander McQueen的衣柜

Swagged-out king, yeah nigga I'm Puff, uh, have that pussy throbbin' Swagged出王者,是黑鬼我吹牛,呃,有猫throbbin “

Someone tell me where the drugs at, I'm into that, twisted off them molly caps 有人告诉我那里的药在,我到了,扭曲了他们莫莉帽

Ciroc too don't fuck wit Goose; can I get a shot, swim in your juice? Ciroc太不他妈的机智鹅;我可以得到一个镜头,在你的果汁游泳吗?

Worth a stack a minute, everyday that shit repeat 值得一摞一分钟的时间,每天都重复狗屎

I ain't tryna sweep you off your feet - bitch, did you see your tab reciept? í从来没故意扫你把你的脚 - 婊子,你有没有看到你的标签reciept ?


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Interlude] [插曲]


“Sherane?” “ Sherane ? ”

(Pool full of liqour then you dive in, in, in, in [reversed]) (池满liqour ,那么你在潜水,在中,在[反转] )

“Sherane, Sherane, Sherane” (Wa-Watch em all f-flock) “ Sherane , Sherane , Sherane ” (佤观看他们所有的F-群)

"Awww man" “噢人”

“Sherane” (Girls wanna play, play, play) “ Sherane ” (女孩想和我玩,玩,玩)

Where is she taking me? (P-Pool full of liquor imma d-d-i-iive in) 哪里是她带我去? (P-池满酒伊马的D-D -I- iive中)

Where is she, taking… me 她在哪里,同时...我


[Kendrick Lamar] [肯德里克 - 拉马尔]

All I, all I, all I, all I have in life is my new appetite for failure 我所,都是我,都是我,都是我在生活中我是失败的新的食欲

And I got hunger pain that grow insane; tell me do that sound familiar? 和我的饥饿痛苦疯狂增长;告诉我这样做听起来很熟悉?

If it do then you're like me, makin' excuse that your relief 如果这样做,那么你和我一样,金的借口,你的浮雕

Is in the bottom of the bottle, and the greenest indo leaf 在瓶子的底部,最环保的印叶

As the window open I release, everything that corrode inside of me 由于窗口中打开我释放,会腐蚀我内心的一切

I see you joking, why you laugh? Don't you feel bad? I probably sleep 我看你开玩笑,你为什么笑?难道你不心疼?我大概睡

And never ever wake up; never ever wake up, never ever wake up 而且永远不会醒来;永远不会醒来,永远不会醒来

In God I trust, but just when I thought I had enough 上帝,我相信,但就在我以为我有足够的


[Outro: Kendrick Lamar] [尾奏:肯德里克 - 拉马尔]

More, more, bless me more 更多,更多,保佑我更多

We gon drink this mothafucka down, more 我们坤下来喝这mothafucka ,更

Bottoms up then we pass it round, more 干杯然后我们通过它全面,更

Fill it up more, not enough, moooore 它填平多了,还不够, moooore

...Bless me more ......保佑我更多

We gon drink this mothafucka down, more 我们坤下来喝这mothafucka ,更

Bottoms up then we pass it round, more 干杯然后我们通过它全面,更

Fill it up more, not enough, more [3X] 它填平多了,还不够,更多的[ 3X ]

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Kendrick Lamar, Tyler Williams, Nikhil Seetharam


Brother Bagz Publishing, Kromatik Music, Emi Foray Music, Top Dawg Music, Warner-tamerlane Publishing Corp., WB Music Corp., Hard Working Black Folks Inc.