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So Far...



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[Intro:] [简介: ]

I own a mansion, but live in a house 我自己的豪宅,而是住在一所房子

A king-size bed, but I sleep on the couch 一张特大号床,但我睡在沙发上

I'm Mr.Brightside, glass is half full 我Mr.Brightside ,杯子是半满

But my tank is half empty, gasket just blew 但我的油箱是空的一半,垫片只是吹


[Verse 1:] [诗歌1 : ]

This always happens 这总是发生

30 minutes from home, gotta lay a log cabin, only option I have's McDonalds's bathroom 在家30分钟得躺在一个小木屋,唯一的选择,我的麦当劳的卫生间

In a public stall dropping a football, so every time someone walks in the john I get maddene 在公共失速下降一个足球,所以在约翰每次有人走我得到maddene

"Shady, what up?" What? Come on, man, I'm crappin' “黑幕,怎么了? ”什么?来吧,伙计,我crappin “

And you're asking me for my goddamn autograph on a napkin? 而你问我我在一张餐巾纸上该死的签名吗?

Oh that's odd, I just happened 哦,那是奇怪的,我只是碰巧

To run out of tissue, yeah, hand me that, on second thought I'd be glad then 用完组织,是啊,我的手说,转念一想我会很高兴,然后

"Thanks dawg, name's Todd, a big fan" “谢谢你耶,名字叫托德,一个大风扇”

I wiped my ass with it, crumbled it up in a wad and threw it back and 我抹去我的屁股吧,弄碎它在一团扔了回去,并

Told him "Todd, you're the shit"; when's all of this crap end? 告诉他, “托德说,你是狗屎” ;当一切都这样的废话结束?

Can't pump my gas without causing an accident 不会导致事故不能抽我的气

Puff my gas, cut my grass, can't take out the fucking trash 噗我气,​​我砍草,不能带出他妈的垃圾

Without someone passing through my sub harassing 如果没有人经过我的子骚扰

I'd count my blessings, but I suck at math 我指望我的祝福,但我吸在数学

I'd rather wallow than bask suffering succotash, but the ant- 我宁愿沉迷不是晒苦豆煮玉米,但ant-

Acid, it gives my stomach gas 酸,它给我的肚子气

When I mix my corn with my fucking mashed 当我混我的玉米与我他妈的捣碎

Potatoes, so what, ho kiss my country bumpkin ass 土豆,还等什么,豪吻我的乡巴佬屁股

Missouri Southern roots, what the fuck is upper class 密苏里州南部的根,什么他妈的是上层阶级

Call lunch dinner, call dinner supper, Tupperware in the cupboard, plastic ware up the ass 呼叫午餐晚餐,晚餐叫夜宵,特百惠在柜子里,塑料制品的屁股

Stuck in the past, iPod, what the fuck is that 停留在过去的iPod,他妈的是什么

B-Boy to the core, mule, I'm a stubborn ass B男孩为核心,骡子,我是一个倔强的驴子


[Hook:] [钩: ]

Maybe that's why I feel so strange 也许这就是为什么我觉得很奇怪

Got it all, but I still won't change 得到了这一切,但我仍然不会改变

Maybe that's why I can't leave Detroit 也许这就是为什么我不能离开底特律

It's the motivation that keeps me going 那就是让我去的动机

This is the inspiration I need 这是我需要灵感

I can never turn my back on a city that made me 我从来没有把我的背在一个城市,让我

(Life's been good to me so far) (生活一直对我很好,到目前为止)


[Verse 2:] [诗2: ]

They call me classless, I heard that, I second and third that 他们叫我无阶级的,听说的,我第二次和第三次的

Don't know what the fuck I would doing if it weren't rap 不知道什么他妈的我会做的,如果它不是说唱

Probably be a giant turd-sack 可能是一个巨大的粪麻袋

But I blew, never turned back 但是我吹,从来没有回头

Turned 40 and still sag 转身40 ,仍然垂

Teenagers act more fucking mature, Jack 青少年采取更他妈的成熟,杰克

Fuck you gonna say to me? 你他妈的会说给我吗?

I leave on my own terms, asshole, I'm going berzerk 我离开我自己而言,混蛋,我要去berzerk

My nerves are bad, but I love the perks my work has 我精神很坏,但我热爱我的工作有特殊待遇

I get to meet famous people, look at her, dag 我能见到著名的人,看她, DAG

Her nylons ran, her skirt snag 她尼龙跑,她的裙子抽丝

And I heard she drag-races, *burp* swag 我听见她拖比赛, *打嗝*赃物

Fucking my Hanes shirt tag 他妈的我的Hanes的衬衫标签

You're Danica Patrick (yeah) work, skag 你是帕特里克(耶)工作, SKAG

We'd be the perfect match 我们会是绝配

Cause you're a vacuum, I'm a dirtbag 因为你是真空的,我是dirtbag

My apologies, no disrespect to technology 我道歉,不尊重技术

But what the heck is all of these buttons? 但到底是什么所有这些按钮?

You expect me to sit here and learn that? 你要我坐在这里学习呢?

Fuck I gotta do to hear this new song from Luda? 他妈的我得做些什么来听取旅大这首新歌?

Be an expert at computers? 有一位专家在电脑?

I'd rather be an encyclopedia Britannica, hell with a Playstation 我宁愿是大英百科全书,地狱与游戏机

I'm still on my first manual from Zelda 我仍然对我的塞尔达第一手动

Nintendo, bitch, run, jump, punch, stab and I melt the 任天堂,婊子,跑,跳,冲,刺,我融化

Mozzarella on my spaghetti, put in on bread 马苏里拉我的面条,放在面包上

Make a sandwich with welch's and belch 请用韦尔奇的嗝和三明治

They say this spray butter is bad for my health, but 他们说,这种喷雾黄油不利于我的健康,但

I think there's more white trash from the trailer 我觉得有更多的白色垃圾从预告片

Jed Clampett, Redd Sanford welfare mentality helps to 杰德Clampett ,里德桑福德福利的心态,有助于

Keep me grounded, that's why I never take full advantage of wealth, I 让我停飞,这就是为什么我从来没有充分利用丰富的,我

Managed to dwell within these parameters 管理这些参数范围内居住

Still cramming the shelves full of hamburger helper 还是恶补全汉堡帮手货架

I can't even help it, this is the hand I was dealt to 我什至不能帮助它,这是手,我被交易到

Creature of habit, feel like I'm trapped in an animal shelter 习惯的动物,觉得我被困在一个动物庇护所

With all these pet peeves 所有这些眼中钉

God dammit to hell, I can't stand all these kids with their camera cellphones 神该死的地狱,我受不了这些孩子与他们的相机手机

I can't go anywhere, I get so mad I can yell, the 我不能去任何地方,我很生气,我可以喊的

Other day someone got all elaborate and stuck a head from a fucking dead cat in my mailbox 一天,有人得到了所有复杂的,在我的邮箱卡住头从他妈的死猫

Went to Burger King, they spit on my onion rings 去了汉堡王,又吐在我的洋葱圈

I think my karma is catching up with me 我觉得我的人缘正赶上我


[Hook] [钩]


[Bridge:] [桥: ]

Got friends on facebook, all over the world 有朋友在facebook上,世界各地的

Not sure what that means, they tell me it's good 不知道这意味着什么,他们告诉我,这是很好的

So I'm artist of the decade, I even got a plaque 所以我这十年的艺术家,我什至有一个牌匾

I'd hang it up, but the frame is all cracked 我把它挂起来,但帧的所有破解


[Verse 3:] [诗歌3 : ]

I'm trying to be lowkey, hopefully nobody notices me 我想是低调,希望没有人注意到我

In produce hunched over, giant nosebleed 在农产品弯腰驼背,巨鼻出血

Over stop as I mosey over to the frozen aisle 在车站我莫西转移到冷冻过道

By the frozen yogurt this guy approached me 由冷冻酸奶这家伙找我

Embarrassed, I just did Comerica with Hova 不好意思,我只是做了Comerica公司与HOVA

Show's over, I'm hiding in Kroger buying groceries 展会结束了,我躲在克罗格食品杂货购买

He just had front row seats, told me to sign this poster 他只是前排座椅,叫我签这张海报

Then insults me "wow, up close didn't know you had crow's feet" 那么侮辱我“哇,近距离不知道你有鱼尾纹”

I'm at a crossroad lost till shopping at Costco 我在一个十字路口迷失,直到在Costco购物

Sloppy Joe's, buck waffles 邋遢乔,降压松饼

Got caught picking my nose, ah 被抓挖鼻子啊

Look over see these two hot hoes 过目看到这两个热点锄头

Finger still up in one of my nostrils 手指还是在我的鼻孔1

Right next to 'em stuck at the light 旁边的时间停留在光

This fucking shit is taking forever to change 这臭狗屎走永远改变

I'm stuck, these bitches are loving it rubbing it in 我坚持,这些母狗都爱它揉它

Chuckling, couldn't do nothing, play it off 笑着,不能做什么,玩了

''What you bumping? Trunk Muzik? Yelawolf's better'', fucking bitch “”你撞到什么?树干MUZIK ? Yelawolf的更好 ,他妈的婊子

They want me to flip at the label, but I won't succumb to it 他们要我翻页的标签,但我不会屈从于它

The pressure, they want me to follow up with another one after Recovery 的压力,他们要我跟进一个又一个恢复后

Was so highly coveted, but what good is a fucking recovery if I fumble it? 是如此令人垂涎,但有什么好处是他妈的恢复,如果我摸索了吗?

Cause I'mma drop the ball if I don't get a grip 原因我就要误事,如果我没有得到一握

Hopping on shrubbery on you sons of bitches 你儿子骂了跳跃的灌木丛

Wrong subdivison to fuck with, bitch 错subdivison与他妈的,婊子

Quit snapping fucking pictures of my kids 退出贴紧我的孩子他妈的图片

I love my city, but you push me to my limit, what a pity 我爱我的城市,但你推我我的极限了,太可惜了

The shit I complain about í抱怨的狗屎

It's like there ain't a cloud in the sky and it's raining out 这就像没有一丝云彩的天空,下雨了

Kool Aid stain on the couch, I'd never get it out 库尔援助污渍在沙发上,我从来没有把它弄出来

Bitch, I got an elevator in my house 婊子,我在家里有电梯

Ants and a mouse, I'm living the dream 蚂蚁和老鼠,我的生活梦想


[Hook] [钩]

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