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Love Game



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Verse 1: Eminem] [诗歌1 :阿姆]

Somethin's burnin', I can't figure out what (out what) 事端的燃尽的,我想不出什么(什么)

It's either lust or a cloud of dust 这不是欲望或尘土飞扬

Judgement is clouded, must just be the powder from the power of (love) 判断是乌云密布,必须仅仅是从的力量(爱)的粉末

But I'm in somethin' I don't know how to get out of 但我在事端,我不知道怎么弄出来

Left my girl in the house alone 离开我的女孩独自在家里

Is that my soon to be spouse’s moan 是,我很快就被配偶的呻吟

And the further I walked, the louder 而进一步的我走了,越响

I paused for a minute to make certain that's what I heard 我停顿了一分钟做出一定的,这就是我听到的

Cuz after all this is her place 的Cuz毕竟这是她的地方

So I gave her the benefit of the doubt 于是我给她的疑点利益

Think I might be about bust a buster 想我可能是对胸围克星

The thought's scary yo, though and it hurts, brace 思想的吓人哟,虽然它伤害,撑

Hope it ain't, here we go yo 希望不是,在这里我们去哟

Cause my head already goes to worst case scenario, though in the first place 因为我的头已经进入最坏的情况下,虽然摆在首位

But you confirmed my low end theory though 不过,你虽然证实了我的低端理论

Should've known when I made it all the way to third base 早该知道,当我把它一路三垒

And that was only the first date, coulda made it to home plate 而这仅仅是第一次约会,本应该去到本垒板

But you slid straight for the dome and dove face first 不过你滑直圆顶和鸠面第一

No you don't, under, stand, I, don't, do this for 不,你不这样做,下站,我不这样做,这样做的

Anyone, ever, yeah that ain't what they all say 任何人,永远,是啊,是不是他们都这么说

I'll say it, you can suck a softball through a straw, used to be my fiance 我会说,你可以用吸管吸了垒球,曾经是我的未婚夫

'Til you sucked on Wayne, Andre, and Kanye 直到你吸上韦恩,安德烈和坎耶

Lebron, Akon, Jay, Lil Jon, Raekwon, Ma$e 勒布朗,阿肯,周杰伦,莉儿乔恩, Raekwon的,麻减

Polow Tha Don, Dre, Dante Ross, James Conway, Kwame Polow临屋区唐,肛门指诊,但丁·罗斯,詹姆斯·康威,夸梅 -

Guess I'm gettin' my g-god dang Jigga on eh 猜猜我刚开了我的G-神荡Jigga上诶

Cause your name, I'm beyond sayin' 因为你的名字,我无法说

But fuck it, I'm movin' on, you women are all cray 但是,他妈的,我要离开了,你的女性都是克雷

But I'll probably always keep on playin' the game of 不过,我可能会永远保持在玩够的游戏


[Bridge: Sample] [桥:样品]

Love, love, love, love 爱,爱,爱,爱

L-l, l-l-l-love L-L ,L- L-L-的爱


[Hook: Kendrick Lamar] [钩:肯德里克 - 拉马尔]

She doesn't love me, no she don't love me no more 她不爱我,没有她不爱我了

She hates my company, yeah she don't love me no more 她恨我公司,是她不爱我了

I tried to get her up out of my head, left my bags at the door 我试图让她从我的头,把我的行李在门口

She screamed she loved me like she never did before 她尖叫,她爱我,就像她以前从来没有

And I told her 我告诉她

(Go where you want and go do what you want to do; I don't care)x2 (去你想要去做到你想要做什么,我不在乎) X2


[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar] [诗2:肯德里克 - 拉马尔]

I told that bitch 我告诉那个婊子

I'm a sucker for love, you're a sucker for dick 我是一个傻逼爱情,你是一个傻逼的家伙

Suckin' dick in your momma tub, then your granny walked in 吸家伙在你妈妈浴缸,那么你的奶奶走了

Told the stupid nigga to duck under the water, he drowned 告诉下了水愚蠢的黑鬼鸭,他被淹死

Like an abortion, they booked you for manslaughter 如堕胎,他们预订了你误杀

You beat the case and I called you 你打的情况下,我打电话给你

"Sherane is not available now leave a message at the tone “ Sherane现在不可离开的消息在音

And Kendrick don't forget to buy two pair of those 和肯德里克 - 不要忘了买两对那些

Expensive heels, you little fuckin' ferris wheel 昂贵的高跟鞋,你这个小娘摩天轮

Fuckin' spinnin' on me, fuck you think we gon' get married still 他妈的我在旋转 ,你他妈的以为我们会去结婚仍

Fuckin' Mary had a little lamb, this ain't no fairy tale 他妈的“玛丽有只小羊羔,这不是没有童话

Fairy godmomma better tell you how I fuckin' feel 童话godmomma更好的告诉你,我是多么该死的感觉

Like you should fuckin' beat it or fuckin' eat it while I'm on my period 应该像你他妈的打它,或者他妈的吃它,而我对我的期

Now have a blessed day" 现在有一个幸福的一天“

Bitch you serious 婊子你是认真的

I'm in the mirror with this look on my face, curious 我在用这种眼神在我的脸上镜,好奇

Why you ain't fuckin' with me, you cut me deep as a Caesarean 你为什么不他妈的跟我,你把我深深的为剖腹产

You know I want you bad as a Benjamin, I'm delirious 你知道我想你坏的本杰明,我神志不清

I want you bad as the head shattered on George Zimmerman 我希望你不好的头打破了乔治·齐默尔曼

After the Dillinger hit'em diligently and killin' him 在迪林杰hitem努力和杀人后他

His mouthpiece for a Cadillac emblem 他的喉舌的凯迪拉克标志

That's analogy and metaphor for ya 这是比喻和隐喻雅

I should win a medal for all the ways I adore you 我应该赢得一枚奖牌的所有方面,我爱你

This is me talkin' cordially, yeah I got some home trainin' 这就是我说亲切,是的,我得到了一些回家赖宁“

That ain't what you like, ain't it, what about if I was famous 这是不是你喜欢的,是不是,怎么样,如果我是有名的

As Marshall, would you give fellatio in the carpool 正如马歇尔,你会给口交的拼车

Cops pull us over, they just wanna know if you gargle, singin' 警察把我们拉过来,他们只是想知道,如果你漱口,欢唱

I hope she's good enough, meanwhile you're chasin' her 我希望她的不够好,同时你追赶她

Chlamydia couldn't even get rid of her 衣原体甚至无法摆脱她

Pity the fool in her and pity the fool in me 可惜在她的怜惜和对我的傻瓜的傻瓜

I'mma live with the game of 我就要住在一起的游戏


[Bridge: Sample] [桥:样品]


[Hook: Kendrick Lamar] [钩:肯德里克 - 拉马尔]


[Verse 3: Eminem] [第3节:阿姆]

So needless to say I'm feelin' betrayed 所以不用说我感觉被出卖

Snatched my house key off her keychain 抢走了我的房子的钥匙了她的钥匙串

She jumps off Wee-Bey from The Wire's dick 她跳下嫣- Bey的从线材的家伙

Now she's chasin' me with a cheese grater 现在,她是追赶我有奶酪刨丝器

Here goes that broken record, cliche, it's all my fault anyway 在这里去说破纪录,陈词滥调,这都是我的错呢

She's turnin' the tables, I'm a beat-break 她撇开表,我拍断

She treats my face like Serato, she cuts and scratches like a DJ 她把我的脸像Serato ,她和削减像DJ一样的划痕

Each day is an instant replay 每一天都是一个即时重播

They sayin' we display symptomatic of addict behavior 他们说我们展示对症成瘾行为

Back together but forgot today was her b-day, she cut me off on the freeway 重新走到一起,但忘了今天是她的乙天,她在高速公路上打断了我

Simple misunderstandin' but just as I went to slam on the brakes 简单misunderstandin “,但就像我去猛踩刹车

Then I realized that she may be as crazy as me, wait 然后,我意识到她可能是疯狂的我,等待

Bitch cut my fuckin' brakeline, stepped on them fuckers 8 times 母狗砍我他妈的brakeline ,加强对他们不要脸的8倍

Still goin' 73, thank God there's an exit coming up 还是要去73 ,感谢上帝,还有一个退出来了

What the mother F-U-C-K'S wrong with her, hit the off ramp 什么他妈的妈妈错了,打斜对过

So I coast into a gosh damned aww hit a fuckin' tree 所以我海岸到天哪该死AWW打他妈的树

Now here she comes at full speed, she's racin' at me 现在她来了全速,她racin 我

Okay you wanna fuck with me, eh 好吧,你跟我想他妈的,唉

Snatch the bitch out her car through the window, she screamin' 透过车窗抢娘们了她的车,她尖叫

I body slam her on the cement, until the concrete gave and created a sinkhole í身体踩住她的水泥,直到混凝土给创造了天坑

Bury this stink ho in it, then pay to have the street re-paved 埋葬这个臭浩,然后支付有街道重新铺设

Fuck, woke up in a dream state in a cold sweat 他妈的,醒来的梦境了一身冷汗

Like I got hit with a freeze ray durin' a heat wave 就像我被击中了冷冻光线durin “热浪

Guess I eventually caved though, cause she's layin' next to me in bed 我想我终于在床上,虽然屈服,因为她是开始裁员我旁边

Directly aimin' a gat at my head 直接爱民“一个水道,在我的头上

Woke up again and jumped up like fuck it, I've had it, I'm checkin' into rehab 再次醒来,并跳起来像他妈的,我已经受够了,我签精神康复

I confess I'm a static addict, I guess that's why I'm so clingy 我承认我是一个静态的吸毒者,我想这就是为什么我很粘人

Every girl I've ever had either says I got too much baggage 每一个女孩,我曾经有过或者说我有太多的行李

Or I'm too fuckin' dramatic 还是我太他妈的戏剧

Man what the fuck is the matter, I'm just a fucking romantic 男人什么他妈的是怎么回事,我只是一个他妈的浪漫

I fucking love you, you fucking bitch í他妈的爱你,你他妈的婊子

Combative, possessive, in fact last time I was mad at an ex 好斗,占有欲强,其实上次我疯了,在一个前

I actually set off a chain reaction of tragic events 我居然掀起悲惨事件的连锁反应

I said hit the road and after she left 我说上路后,她离开

I sent that bitch a text 我发那个婊子文本

I said be careful driving, don't read this and have an accident 我说要小心驾驶,不读这一点,有一个意外

She glanced to look at it and wrecked, too bad 她看了一眼来看待它,并破坏了,太糟糕了

Thought we had a connect 认为我们有一个连接

No sense dwelling makes, never been a more compelling case 无感蜗居品牌,从来都不是一个更令人信服的理由

Than a model covered in L'Oreal and mace, who fell from grace 比盖在欧莱雅和狼牙棒的模式,谁失宠

Eleven stories for story telling but the whore was yelling rape 十一个故事讲故事,但妓女被强奸大呼小叫

So the vocal cords were swelling 所以声带肿胀

And her voice were more hoarser than Tori Spelling's face 她的声音比花托拼写的脸更hoarser

Still they swarm the gates and my fancy estates 尽管如此,他们一窝蜂的大门,我的幻想屋

To greet Norman Bates with a warm embrace 为了迎接诺曼贝茨一个温暖的拥抱

Unless you're Andrea Yates, don't ask me for a date, don't be late 除非你是安德烈亚·耶茨,不要问我约会,不要迟到

Well the sentiment's great, but wait, think there's been a mistake 好情绪是伟大的,但等待,认为有一个错误

You want an intimate date, I wanna intimidate 你想要一个温馨的日期,我想恐吓

I have infinite hate in my blood, it's mainly because of the game of 我已经在我的血液无限恨,这是游戏,主要是因为

[*Message sound*] [ *消息声音*]

Wait, dinner at eight 等待,晚餐8

I have infinite hate in my blood, it's mainly because of the game of 我已经在我的血液无限恨,这是游戏,主要是因为


[Outro:] [尾奏: ]

Love, love, love, love 爱,爱,爱,爱

L-l, l-l-l-love L-L ,L- L-L-的爱

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