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Revenge Is Sweet



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Hook (x2): Saudia Mills] [钩( X2 ) :沙乌地米尔斯]

Blades of glory, things remain the same 荣耀之刃,事情保持不变

Winds of fury, cycle in the rain 愤怒,周期在雨中风

Cycle in the rain, with the span of time 自行车在雨中,随着时间的跨度

Through the frame of mind, all wins be mine 通过心境,所有的胜利是我的


[Bridge (x2): Loren Oden (Saudia Mills) {both}] [桥( X2 ) :洛伦 - 奥登(沙乌地米尔斯) { }两者]

The feeling (by me) through (the time) it took to (show me) 感觉(由我)到(时间),它采取(告诉我)

In the {time, will never start a new} 在{的时候,会不会开始一个新的}


[Ghostface Killah] [ Ghostface Killah的]

Aiyo, revenge is sweet, that's why I take my time with it 唉哟,复仇是甜蜜的,这就是为什么我把我的时间吧

Like good pussy, I just stay when I'm up in it 就像好猫,我只是入住的时候,我在这

Evil plan, my mind functions well off spite 邪恶的计划,我的心功能小康尽管

I don't do that tit-for-tat, I blow your shit up like dynamite 我不这样做针锋相对针锋相对,我吹你的屎像炸药

Take my life, I take everyone you love 就拿我的生命,我带大家你爱

Have your kids thrown out of a plane, look up cuz 有你的孩子抛出一个平面,仰望的Cuz

My plots are like movie scripts, they're well planned 我的情节就像是电影剧本,他们精心策划

Snatch you off the land and drop you off in the Sahara sand 抢夺你离开土地,并在撒哈拉沙子放你下车

So don't stand, don't try to double cross me 所以,不要站立,不要试图去双十字我

My Tennessee goons'll nail that ass to the cross, B. 我的田纳西goonsll钉的屁股在十字架上,B。

Revenge mode, I live life by the sword 复仇模式,我用剑鲜活的生命

And if you live by it, die by it, I still kill your whore 如果你住了它,被它死了,我还是要杀你的妓女

Set me up, I'm coming back like a thief in the night 陷害我,我回来就像夜间的贼

I have a suicide bomber pop up on your flight 我有一名自杀式袭击者弹出您的航班

You couldn't take my life, my mask been resurrected 你不能把我的生活,我的面具被复活

And I'm Ghostface Killah, way more then you expected 而我Ghostface Killah的,这样更则有望


[Chorus: Loren Oden & Saudia Mills)] [合唱:罗兰·奥登和沙乌地米尔斯)

Those, who, fear, his return, must face, the catastrophe 这些,谁,恐惧,他的回归,必须面对的灾难


[Masta Killa] [空间Masta Killa的]

Yes, but what they didn't expect, a hundred goons from the projects 是的,但他们没想到的东西,一百年从项目暴徒

Armed and masked with flame throwers and gas 蒙面武装用火焰喷射器和天然气

I blast anything, hung him by his tongue ring í爆什么,他挂了他的舌头环

Until he game the info, on how he find his kinfolk 直到他游戏的信息,他是如何找到他的亲属

Made him sign the ransom, then gave a note to his grandson 让他签了赎金,然后给了一张纸条给他的孙子

Bust a shot, and made him run fast, back to his family 胸围一拍,使他跑得快,回到自己的家

News of his discovery, would set off a chain of events, that would then lead 新闻他发现,就掀起了一连串的事件,这将导致随后

To members of DeLuca's to bleed, with no acception 为了德卢卡的成员流血,无验收规范

They sent the wrong message, so kill everything, no exception 他们发出了错误的信息,所以杀了一切,没有例外

To the media, they will not be able to retire or cease fire 向媒体透露,他们将无法退或停火

Til every Luca has expired, in entirety, wishes of the Don 直到每个卢卡已经过期,在整体,希望顿河

Tone Stark to eternity, respectfully 语气斯塔克永恒,恭敬地


[RZA] [ RZA ]

Cutthroats, murder sprees and killings 割喉,疯狂谋杀和杀人

Were synonymous with this gangsta life before his passing 人的代名词,他的传球在此之前黑道生活

So it only seemed fitting, that it would become the embodiment 因此,它似乎只是装修,这将成为实施

Of his new life 他的新生活


[Killa Sin] [ Killa的罪恶]

I, keep having flashbacks of blasting at you bastards 我不断有爆你混蛋倒叙

Cutting acts out from bitches, got convicted of the gun charge 切割的行为从母狗,得到了被定罪的枪充

And laughed at my sentence, four years, five flat, post release supervision 嘲笑我的一句话,四,五年持平,释放后的监督

For niggas spitting in the wind, but that's what I get for missing 对于随地吐痰黑鬼在风中,但是这就是我得到的缺失

So soon as I hit the bricks again, niggas is finished 所以,当我再次打砖,黑鬼完成

Ninja mode on a mission, out to end your existence 在执行任务的忍者模式,走出来结束你的存在

Think I'm sitting up in prison with a tender L, in the cell, sick as hell, 想我坐起来在监狱里用稚嫩的L,在细胞,病得要命,


Every day is like Christmas, I miss my seed and my misses 每一天就像是圣诞节,我想念我的种子,我的失误

But I see them on visits, I ain't stressing over pussy, beat my dick to her 但我看到他们的访问,我没有强调过猫,打我的家伙给她

pictures 图片

When they free me, I'mma see you, leave you food for the fishes 当他们释放了我,我就要见到你,离开你的鱼食

Whole DeLuca crew is hit for the fixing, I get the henchmen 整个德卢卡船员被击中的固定,我得到的心腹

Line 'em up, tommy gun them down, the muzzle extension 行举起手来,冲锋枪下来,枪口延伸

Tear they flesh off if one of them flinching 他们撕断肉,如果其中一人退缩


[Chorus (x2)] [合唱团( X2 ) ]

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