歌词 "Murder Spree" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Murder Spree



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Verse 1: Ghostface Killah] [诗歌1 : Ghostface Killah的]

Yo, there's a dozen ways to die, six million ways to do it 哟,有十几个方式死去, 600万的方式来做到这一点

Let's go through it, my mind flow like fluid 让我们通过它,我的心就像流液

Torture, chop your legs off, thrown off the boat 酷刑,砍你的腿了,揭去船

Guillotine, nigga, one chop to the throat 断头台,兄弟们,一是印章的咽喉要地

Suffocation, saran wrapping your face 窒息,萨兰包装你的脸

Buried alive, throw a few nails in the case 活埋,丢几个钉子的情况下

Manslaughter, eight degrees of separation 误杀,八度分离

Leave your body chopped up in a piece, that's mutilation 离开你的身体斩在了一块,这是自残


[Verse 2: Inspectah Deck] [诗2: Inspectah甲板]

Six million ways to die, cyanide in your drink 六百万的方式死去,氰化物在你的饮料

Catch a Cuban necktie for your mink 搭上古巴领带为您貂

Domo style, cut up and stuffed in the fridge DOMO款式,剪裁和塞在冰箱里

And maybe washed up and show around thunder the bridge 也许冲了上来,并显示周围雷鸣桥

Hit him with the whip, drag him half a block 打他的鞭子,把他拖半个街区

Machete or the sock full of padlocks 砍刀或袜子全挂锁

Chainsaw, switch your medication 电锯,切换你的药物

Stomp a nigga out til he one with the pavement 踩了一个黑人出去直到他1与路面


[Verse 3: Masta Killa] [诗歌3 :空间Masta Killa的]

Torture, he's gruely peaking at the meeting 酷刑,他gruely达到高峰会议

Suspicions of him being a rat, even worse than cheating 他是老鼠,不是欺骗更糟糕的怀疑

I'm cold reaking of ice picks, scratch and sticks and closed fists 我冰锥,从无到有,棍棒和拳头封闭冷reaking

Brassknuckle still toe kicks Brassknuckle仍然脚趾踢

Crack ribs, punch your lungs, hard weaving 破解肋骨,冲你的肺,坚硬织

He's gasping and wheezing for air, his breath he can't catch 他喘气又喘大气,他的呼吸,他不能赶上

He clinches the shirt on his chest 他板上钉钉衬衫在胸前

In a dying effort to reveal his last will before he was killed 在一个垂死的努力,揭示了他最后的遗嘱之前,他被打死


[Verse 4: U-God] [第4节: U型神]

First thing first, I chopped their head to their fingertips 第一件事,第一,我砍伤其头部,以他们的指尖

Butcher knife your torso, chop off your ligaments 屠刀你的躯干,砍掉你的韧带

Make sure it's legitimate, conceal all my fingerprints 请确保它是合法的,掩盖我所有的指纹

Chop, chop your body up quick then get rid of it 斩,斩你的身体了,然后迅速摆脱它

A hole in the desert, body bag, just just polluted it 沙漠中的一个洞,尸袋,才刚刚污秽了

Your miss was a snitch too? Shotgun killed the bitch 你的小姐打小报告吗?猎枪杀害母狗

Leave you in the wilderness, suffocated and scarred up 让你在旷野,窒息和伤痕累累了

Your brother want more too, blow his fucking car up 你哥哥想得更多,打击他他妈的车了


[Verse 5: Killa Sin] [第5节: Killa的罪恶]

Remember homocide city, murder mystery efficiently 记住homocide城市,谋杀之谜高效

Delete your fucking history broke bone, missing teeth 删除你他妈的破历史骨骼,牙齿缺失

Throw bones memory, brings on the triple beam 扔骨头的内存,带来了三束

All topped and chopped up, my luck is a Mr Clean 所有的突破连砍了,我的运气是一种清洁先生

Clorax and vicious steam sterilized the whole scene Clorax和恶性蒸汽消毒整个场景

Photograph your death so I can spread it to your whole team 拍摄你的死亡,所以我可以把它传到你的整个团队

I won't leave a trace of evidence for the case 我不会留下一丝证据的情况下,

It's sinister to finish it, hid with the man with no face 这是险恶的完成它,藏在男人没面子


[Verse 6: Masta Killa] [第6节:空间Masta Killa的]

Red wine and pink pill 酒红色和粉红色的药丸

Unknowingly that this would be his last meal 在不知不觉中,这将是他的最后一餐

Cut the voice, made the field, six inch stiletto heel 切的声音,使现场, 6英寸细高跟鞋

Kept his refills filled 保持他的笔芯填

Til he like s kept him still for the real deal 直到他最喜欢S让他仍是实打实

Hitman from Brooklyn, Tommy gun specialist 杀手来自布鲁克林,汤米枪专家

[?] sipped cavasier at the bar then waited till she lit a cigar [?]喝着cavasier在酒吧,然后等到她点燃一支雪茄

Then sprayed 再喷

Them shatter wine glass he layed, he never saw it coming 他们打破酒杯,他奠定,他从来没有见过它的到来


[Verse 7: Ghostface Killah] [第7节: Ghostface Killah的]

Yo, murder one, bullets went fast through the flesh 哟,谋杀,子弹就快速通过肉体

I cocked the sawed off shotty, put a hole in your chest í竖起了锯掉shotty ,把一个洞在你的胸部

Blow your lungs out, I've seen you been smoking for years 吹你的肺,我已经看到你一直在吸烟多年

You got no heart, I'll hunt you down like Cape Fear 你有没有心脏,我会追杀你喜欢恐怖角

Push your brains out the back of your head, blow off your hands 把你的大脑从你的后脑勺,吹掉你的手

Leave your body in a dumpster, head in the trashcan 让你的身体在一个垃圾箱,朝垃圾桶

Cell catchin scene look clean as a whistle 细胞捉场景看起来很干净的哨子

Ghost carved to your skin tissue til your bone grizzle 鬼刻到你的皮肤组织直到你的骨骼格里兹尔

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