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Perfect Storm



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[cuts by Babu:] [削减巴布: ]

"Ask the weatherman..." “问气象......”


[Chorus x2: Evidence] [合唱x :证据]

It's the perfect storm, it felt so warm 这是完美风暴,感觉是那么的温暖

'Til the rain came, with winds so strong 直到雨来了,有风这么强

The Weatherman warned 'em but it felt so calm 天气预报员警告说时间,但感觉是那么的平静

'Til things lined up right, and went so wrong 直到东西一字排开的权利,去错了


[Evidence:] [证据: ]

Yeah I toured "20/20" twice, 40 days, 40 nights 是的,我参观了“ 20/20”两次, 40天, 40夜

2 of each bird of my shit, I save ya life 2我的屎的每只鸟,我救雅生活

Paid the price, no dice, I'm the nicest 所付出的代价,没有骰子,我是最好的

The odds in my favor; Noah, before there's Christ 对我有利的可能性;诺亚,之前有基督

I'm the holy resurrection of him 我是圣他复活

I'm the only one that's left, to drop these gems 我剩下的唯一一个,放弃这些宝石

Clean sweep, cleanliness is Godly 风卷残云,清洁是虔诚

Never been afraid of pain, that's just weakness leavin the body 从来不怕痛的,这只是无力再走身体

War is politics by other means, no more than 战争是政治通过其他手段,不超过

And if I can't forgive you, the Lord can 如果我不能原谅你,上帝能

And if I don't deliver, I stand by my messages 如果我不交,我坚持我的消息

Never backed out, day one, same ever since 决不退缩了,第一天,同样的,自从

It never end like it's supposed to be 它永远不会结束像它应该是

So I took the whole script and rewrote the scene 所以我把整个剧本,改写了现场

The first shall be last and the last is first 首先将要在后,最后是第一

So when my cup runneth over, it floods the Earth 所以,当我的福杯满溢,它淹没地球

The boomerang is back, gives the city a crash 回旋镖又回来了,给城市崩溃

Between the water and sky, my reign is trapped 水和天空之间,我的统治是被困

I don't feel shit, no pain, no remorse I'm numb 我不觉得狗屎,无痛苦,不后悔,我麻木

When I take off it's like I'm on Air Force, One 当我脱下这就像我在空军,一


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Rakaa Iriscience:] [ Rakaa Iriscience : ]

Yeah, I rhyme invent free 是的,我发明韵无

They're blind and then see the Mind of Mencia 他们是盲目的,然后看到门西亚的心灵

I'm like Chappelle, puffin cheeba with my feet up 我很喜欢查普尔,海雀cheeba我的脚

On the beach in South Africa, not trippin off the media 上海滩在南非,而不是践踏了媒体

You thought vampires only roamed in the evening 你以为只有吸血鬼出没在晚上

But they be in boardrooms and they feed at lunch meetings 但是,他们在会议室和他们喂午餐会议

So even though I might party, smokin and drinkin 所以,即使我可能会派对,戒掉和边喝边

I'ma keep at least one eye open when I'm sleepin 我是保持至少一只眼开,当我睡

Alarm clock rappin while they snooze button slappin 而他们打盹按钮slappin闹钟说唱

I'm on beats but I know people in the streets clappin 我在拍,但我知道人们在街上彬

Modified semis to fullys for revolution 修改半决赛以fullys革命

Evolution of the final self-defense solution 最后的自卫解决方案的演变

It is what it is yo, but read between the words too 它是它是什么哟,但字与字之间过度解读

Rock with Rakaa 'til Babylon drops the curfew 岩石Rakaa ,直到巴比伦下降宵禁

I grind like Stevie Williams or Terry on the curb too í磨像杰拉德·威廉姆斯和特里在路边太

I'm fly, movin dope, sick words, call me bird flu 我飞,往前涂料,生病的话,给我打电话禽流感

How the beats rain down and the verses pour 如何拍雨下来的诗句倾吐

Ev the weather man, breaks it down perfect form EV天气的人,休息下来完美的形式

I'm a king with a crown full of perfect thorns 我与冠全完美荆棘王

Lookin at Halle Berry, that's a perfect storm 看着在哈莉·贝瑞,这是一个完美风暴


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Madchild:] [ Madchild : ]

I went from - never feelin better, to feelin under the weather 我在去了 - 从来没有觉得难过好,天气下觉得难过

To takin pills just to escape, I got to get it together 要羚牛丸只是为了逃避,我得把它在一起

Cause now I know the upside of bein numb 现在,因为我知道,贝因麻木的上攻

I hear, all these stupid songs and I try to be as dumb 我听说,所有这些愚蠢的歌,我尽量为哑巴

But there's still somethin inside of me that try to see the art 不过,还是有别的什么我的内心试图看到的艺术,

So I decide to be a freedom fighter hidin in the dark 所以,我决定成为一名自由战士躲到黑暗

And when you're livin on the road, it gets cold f'real 而当你活着的道路上,天气变冷freal

Enough to turn a warm pure heart of gold to steel 足以让金子般的温暖纯净的心脏钢

I'm a iron jawed angel, life is painful 我是个铁下巴的天使,生活是痛苦的

Let it rain on my parade, your whole facade is shameful 让它下雨我操,你的整个门面是可耻的

Swear to God I'm able, but it's the wrong season 向上帝发誓,我可以,但它是错误的季节

Pick all the wrong topics, for all the right reasons 所有挑错题目,所有正确的原因

When your empire's crumblin, that's a humblin experience 当你的帝国的crumblin ,这是一个humblin体验

Joke's over man it's time to get serious 玩笑结束了男子是时候认真起来

I'm brutally alive with a plan, now understand where I'm from 我狠狠地活着的计划,现在明白我来自哪里

It's past the point of love I do this for my family and blood 这是过去的爱的时候我这样做给我的家人和血

Go out proud I got, God on my chest 出门自豪我有上帝在我胸口

Just take a picture of my soul cause it's too wild to posess 只是把我的灵魂的照片因为它太张狂posess

Make today count, that's one thing we got in common 把今天的计数,这就是我们常见的有一件事

Cause we have to realize that tomorrow's not promised yeah 因为我们必须认识到,明天的不答应呀


[Chorus] [合唱]

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