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Just A Moment



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Verse 1: Quan] [诗歌1 :泉]

Can we please have a moment of silence? 我们可以请有片刻的沉默?

That's for my niggaz doin' years in confinement 这就是我的兄弟们上来的年监禁

And for my soldiers who passed over, no longer living 和我的士兵谁通过了,不再是生活

That couldn't run whenever the reaper came to get 'em 无法运行每当死神来搞定他们

Can we please pour out some liquor? 我们可以请倒了一些酒?

Symobolizin', let's take in time to consider that Symobolizin ,让我们及时考虑

Though our thugs ain't here, the love is here 虽然我们的打手不在这里,爱这里

And we gon' rep 'til slugs kill us here 我们坤代表直到子弹杀了我们在这里

This for my dawgs stuck in the struggle tryin' to gain 这对我dawgs卡在斗争试着去争取

Smokin' trauma, sniffin' Ra while sellin' cocaine 斯莫创伤, sniffin “镭而出卖可卡因

Trapped in the game, not knowin' how to stop and get by 被困在游戏中,没有深深地知道如何停止并得到

To live it alive, so instead they live it to die 住它活着,而不是让他们住到死

Can we please have a moment of peace? 我们可以请有片刻的安宁?

For every G that fell for his flag in the streets 对于每一个ğ落在了他的标志在街上

Bloodin' and thuggin', folkin' and lokin' Bloodin 般的暴徒和“ , folkin ”和lokin “

Crypin' and creepin', Latin and kingin' Crypin “和情不自禁” ,拉丁语和kingin “

Or just for poor righteous teachin' 或者只是为了可怜的正义teachin “


[Chorus: Quan sings] [合唱:泉唱]

As day comes and night falls 由于白天来得快,夜幕降临

For the rest of our life we'll miss y'all 对于我们的余生,我们会想念你们

And even though life must go on, we'll still mourn 而且即使生活还要继续,我们仍然哀悼

While wishin' y'all were home 虽然失望希望你们能回家


[Verse 2: Nas] [诗2:纳斯]

Yeah, and can we have another moment of silence? 是啊,可我们的沉默一会儿?

For brothers who died from black-on-black violence 对于兄弟谁从黑的黑色暴力死亡

From here to the Dark Continent were rebels sell diamonds 从这里到黑暗大陆被反政府武装出售钻石

To clients all over the world, got little Black girls dyin' 给客户遍布世界各地,得到了小黑人女孩快要枯萎

And can we please pour some more liquors? 而我们能不能​​倒一些酒?

For Will, Bokeem, Bar, Pappy -- my niggaz 对于威尔, Bokeem ,酒吧,帕皮 - 我的兄弟们

Here's another Warrior Song from Nasty and Quan 这里还有一个战士从宋肮脏和泉

It's to him I pass the baton to carry this on 这是给他,我把接力棒交给携带这种对

Street's Disciple, salute to those who's gone with bullets 街的弟子,敬礼那些谁走了子弹

And I promise through rhymin' Quan gon' rep his life to the fullest 我通过rhymin 泉坤代表他的生活充分保证

And can we please have a moment of truth? 而且我们可以请有真理的时刻?

For soldiers and troops away with helmets and boots 士兵和部队离开了头盔和靴子

And families back home who pray they make it home safe 和家人回家谁祈祷他们让平安回家

Hopin' that they don't get hit with a stray or missiles 河滨 ,他们不被打到了一只流浪或导弹

This is just a moment to let you all know that we miss you 这只是一个时间让大家知道,我们想念你

Mommy I'm still here, wishin' I was there with you 妈妈我还在这里,许愿“我在那里与你

Let's take a moment 让我们花一点时间


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 3: Quan] [第3节:泉]

And can we please have a moment to mourn? 而我们能不能​​有时间来哀悼?

For Pac, Biggie and Pun 'cause through us they live on 对于小精灵,通过我们大不了和双关语“的原因,他们住在

Jam Master Jay, Freaky Ty and Aaliyah 果酱大师杰伊,辣妈泰及阿丽雅

Big L and Left Eye, when we die we hope to see ya 大L和左眼,当我们死了,我们希望看到雅

Can we please have a moment for children? 我们可以请有时间的孩子吗?

Who got raped or murdered, or trapped in the system 谁得到了强奸或杀害,或被困在系统中

Who never knew their father, never learned to dream 谁从来不知道他们的父亲,从来没有学过梦想

But was guided by drug dealers, killers and crack fiends 但毒贩,杀人犯和裂纹恶魔指导

For single mothers that's forced to play mom and dad 该公司被迫扮演爸爸妈妈的单身母亲

Bustin' her ass to give her kids shit she never had 认真过她的屁股给她的孩子拉屎,她从未有过

For my niggaz in the pen hopin' rhymes'll get 'em signed 对于我在笔河滨兄弟们“ rhymesll搞定他们签署

So when released, they can say bye to a life of crime 因此,当释放时,他们可以说再见了犯罪的道路

For every mother that held a son in the street bleedin' 对于在街头流血“举行了一个儿子每一个母亲

Cryin' a song of sorrow to dark and deep for speakin' 哭泣,悲伤的歌暗而深为speakin

Just a moment outside the day to day struggle 日常斗争之外一会儿就好了

To let the ones we really care about know that we love 'em 让我们真正关心知道我们爱他们


[Chorus] [合唱]

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