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If there was a fault at all, it was not that God became too transcendent; the tendency was rather in the direction of overfamiliarity than of undue aloofness.


We'd rather decline the prices than overstock too many goods.


We would rather reduce the price than overstock too much goods.


Then he looked rather grave, and said,"Now I understand: you've been playing too many hairs on the pianoforte."


The Hp is rather serious factor in gastric cancer, and serious factor in gastritis or gastric ulcer, too. The Hp have pilosity stage at 45~55years regardless of male or female.


Originally Taiwan market is very profitable for HK films. But due to world wide economic recession, Taiwan movie industry is poor too. The box office takings of HK films drop drastically in Taiwan. The intake of was only a bit over HK$5 million, and only got HK$250 thousand only. So those Taiwan movie investors rather have those movies shown via Cable TV, that only costs them a bit over HK$100 thousand, than shown in cinemas as they have to spend more in promotion . And they would lose more if the box office taking is unsatisfactory.


I was loath to spend our last shot too hastily; so I called my servant, not my man Friday, for he was better employed; for with the greatest dexterity imaginable, he had charged my fuse, and his own, while we were engaged; but as I said, I called my other man, and giving him a horn of powder, I bad him lay a train, all along the piece of timber, and let it be a large train; he did so, and had but just time to get away, when the wolves came up to it, and some were got up upon it; when I snapping an uncharged pistol, close to the powder, set it on fire; those that were upon the timber were scorched with it, and six or seven of them fell, or rather jumped in among us, with the force and fright of the fire; we dispatched these in an instant, and the rest were so frightened with the light, which the night, for it was now very near dark, made more terrible, that they drew back a little.


The most effective commentary on an age or an event is as often as not oblique rather than direct, and the impact is no less powerful for being rerouted … Tolkien is too often dismissed out of hand as an anachronism, a contemporary Pre-Raphaelite trying to present that the Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment have not happened. On the contrary, any thoughtful reading of his work that looks below the surface will show that he is in fact quite a modern thinker, dipping into the past for the stuff of story but reworking it for the age in which he lived and felt.


I'll not go now, the rather that it's too late.


I'll not go now , the rather that it's too late .


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Pasteur Institute in France and the French Institute of Health and Medicine have discovered a Shigella dysenteriae invasive mechanism of the body's immune system will help research and development of new methods of treatment of bacillary dysentery.


The liquid in one of them was the color of the sunset skies outside; it smoked like a censer.


Your Rock is Christ, and it is not the Rock which ebbs and flows, but your sea.