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Although public communicative power has gained new growth with American civic media reform movement and practices of citizen media, the construction of public communicative power can not surpass the reconstructing process of modernity – it belongs to the reconstructing process.


Nowadays, Communicative Language Teaching is a very effective way to improve the students' communicative competence.


It starts with the discussion of communicative competence and Communicative Language Teaching.


TT models, this paper established a new one of "subject omission", designating the overlapped part of the "input variance" and the "output variance", also the common part in both "semantic translation and "communicative translation". Thus, this new strategy not only gets popular with foreign readers, but also conveys and transferred the original flavor. It effectively absorbs the valid ingredients of the "disembodiment approach, and is proposed as a partly foreignization strategy, which are both initiated in this paper. Starting from the definition and function of subject omission, this paper illustrates its correlations with the characteristics of classical Chinese, features of poetic syntax and translation standard, followed by its close intimacy with the many traits of poetic aesthetics.

本文从马藤和纽马克的翻译模型出发,找到了input variance和 output variance,也即 Semantic Translation 与 Communicative Translation 中重叠的部分,即既能为外语读者所熟悉,又能体现原诗风格意境的结点:主语省略,融合了西洋翻译实验中"脱体句法"的合理成分,建立了诗歌翻译和主语省略关系的新模型,提出了中文诗歌部分异化的策略(与荷尔马斯诗歌翻译策略之三吻合)本文首先从主语省略的定义及功能入手,分别阐述了其与文言文的语言特征,诗歌句法的特征及与翻译标准之间的内在联系,及其与诗歌美学众特征之间的紧密联系。

Based upon the theories of the communicative competence by Hymes ,Widdowson, Canale and Sivignon etc. and the theory about class teaching by Harmer and Littlewood, the present thesis aims at the improvement of the students' communicative competence in EFL class teaching , attempting to find the significant methods to make EFL class teaching more effective.


For example, the tendency to directness or indirectness to achieve communicative goals is a difference in communicative strategy between English speaking countries and East Asian countries.


Based on the theory of communicative action put forth by Jurgen Habermas,the author points out that literary translation is a special kind of communicative action.


Heard that the Law is based on structural linguistics and behavioral psychology as a theoretical foundation, students listening and speaking ability of teaching methods; and the communicative approach is based on the theoretical basis for social linguistics, students focus on the communicative competence.


Hearing, is the communicative behavior intentionally, the acception and comprhension of oral information, and the most basical communicative behavior.


Thinking over to the survey and connecting with remands of the course standard to the pupils'speaking communicative abilities, the author bring up some speaking teaching to improve the pupils'Chinese speaking communicative abilities. As teachers, we must renew our own speaking teaching ideas stepping out from the thinking, role and studying wrong areas; we should improve our own language qualities and make solid foundation; we should explore the ways to improve the Chinese speaking communicative teaching results. Such as: paying much attention to training of listening and speaking; making full use of the class teaching; giving full play to the teachers'guide role in every procedure; trying to get the result of reacting from two sides; connecting the speaking teaching with the regular reading and writing teaching together; getting the feed back in time; setting up a whole scientific evaluative system and speaking teaching material store.


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There was a positive correlation between the titer of HCV RNA in the serum and ALT level.

动态结果显示,血清HCV RNA含量与ALT水平呈显著正相关。

Notices in design process and advantages of two-way and reversible electronic belt scale are pointed out.