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The micronucleus and abnormal division in Allium sativum root tips induced by polluted river water were investigated.


It has been proposed that extra centrosomes generate CIN by promoting multipolar anaphase, a highly abnormal division that produces three or more aneuploid daughter cells.


The pupae were exposed to 9 krad 60Co-γ rays for two days before emergence.The adults were dissected and many mature sperms could be seen in the male flies.There were no significant difference in the form,number and vigor of sperm between irradiatid and unirradiated male flies,but there were some abnormal ultrastructurail changes in the sperm of irradiated male flies such as the appearence of vacuoles in nutrient cells,disarrangement of sperms,variation of the number of chondriosome derivates,axonemes ction of formation and abnormal cell division of sperm cells.


In addition, some abnormal cytology behaviors, such as univalence, multivalence, chromosome bridges, lagging chromosomes, non-equivalent division, and micro-nucleus, etc. were also observed in the meiosis of pollen mother cell.


Aneuploidy is that cells or individuals possess abnormal chromosome number resulted by nondisjunction during cell division .


Puna Chicory, leymus multicaulis and Psathyrostachysjuncea.For the materials used in this article were some old seeds which had been stored for 3-7 years, we found a lot of abnormal mitotic and meiotic cells, such as chromosome bridge. chromosome laggard, micronucleus, multipolar division and so on. Moreover, we also found the wheat"s multi-anther, double germinate-hole"s microspore and collected the photos of every period of meiosis. mitosis.


The results showed that pendimethalin is a herbicide interfering cell division,The mito-sis of pendimethalin treated root was arrested at metaphase with contracted and condensed chromo-somes and produced a series of abnormal,polymorphic cells such as multinucleate,multinucleolus,micronucleus and polyploid cells.


China cure learns abnormal reaction to learn branch secretary-general, Beijing assist with hospital allergy Yin Jia of response division director is being accepted " life times " when interviewing, express, the person of now fruit allergy is absent a few, the fruit allergy of most nevertheless person reacts the symptom is lighter, the unwell feeling with urticant hemp of occurrence oral cavity or oral cavity mucous membrane and labial oedema, general 9 hours can disappear.


Adopting the method of demography and historical georgraphy, and on the basis of the administravie division of county and an imaginary Fu,this article reconstructs china's abnormal death roll during the period of 1959-1961, which amounts to 32,500 thousand.


Adopting the method of demography and historical georgraphy,andon the basis of the administravie division of county and an imaginary Fu,this article reconstructs china's abnormal death roll during the period of 1959-1961,which amounts to 32,500thousand.


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But,don't think it is the meal we need most.

5 ,但并不认为这是我们最需要的食物。