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You Was Wrong



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[Drag-On] [拖开]

What? 什么?

T-S nigga T-S黑鬼

Y'all don't know? 你们不知道吗?


[Drag-On] [拖开]

Aiyyo its on, I see how niggas didn't learn Aiyyo它,我看到黑鬼没学

You is wrong, thought the fire didn't burn 你错了,以为火没烧

Its on, me and Pun ain't from the Bronx 对,我和潘是不是从布朗克斯

You's wrong, nigga we can get it on 你错了,兄弟们,我们可以得到它


Aiyyo, guns we toss 'em, and bodies we auction Aiyyo ,枪我们折腾他们,并组织我们拍卖

To his family we tell 'em he owed us a fortune 为了他的家人,我们告诉他们,他欠了我们一笔财富

Gimme forty-thou, you can have yo' child, you don't know 给我40 ,你,你可以有哟孩子,你不知道

What I had to go through, to clap this clown, check my background 我不得不去通过,拍手这个小丑,检查我的背景

The last nigga to see you bleed, the last nigga to see you breath 最后一个黑鬼看到你流血,最后黑鬼看到你的呼吸

The last nigga you wish you shoulda believed 你希望你的最后一个黑人认为早该

And Drag move quick, blend right into a wall like a brick 并拖动移动快速,正确的融合到墙壁像一块砖

The only thing you see before I blow off ya shit is my wrist 你看之前,我吹掉唯一雅狗屎是我的手腕

'Cuz my hand the gun is covered in “因为我的手枪是覆盖在

Not this range, when I pump this pistol, its very rare I miss it 不是这个范围内,我该泵的手枪,它非常罕见的我怀念它

Damn it on ya lips 该死的嘴唇雅

Y'all keep talkin like y'all teflon with no weap-ons 你们要说话像你们聚四氟乙烯,无WEAP项

Nigga I'm pumpin my four, I ain't throwin no more 黑鬼我给水站我的四个,我是不会肆意没有更多

Nowadays niggas run upstairs, open they drawer 如今黑鬼跑到楼上,打开抽屉,他们

My circumstance, you ain't got that chance mines in my draw, you get it? 我的情况,你是不是有这样的机会的地雷在我的画,你明白吗?

Thats means y'all walks for two dicks, so don't be stupid 那意味着你们都走了两个迪克斯,所以不要犯傻

and make me use one unless you ?that bitch? 并让我用一个,除非你?那个婊子?


[Big Pun] [大双关语]

Aiyyo its one, you thought I was wack Aiyyo其一,你以为我是怪人

You was wrong, album double plat 你错了,专辑双高原

Yo its on, stop talkin shit 呦对,停止说话狗屎

You was wrong, get off my dick 你错了,下车我的鸡巴


How dare you doubt on the ??, Big Pun the undoubtable 你竟敢怀疑的? ,大双关语的undoubtable

The only rapper that'll pull out a gun and slap the shit outta you 那将拔出枪,一巴掌狗屎失控,你唯一的说唱歌手

You can't tell me nothin, I'll clonk you and stomp out ya belly button 你不能告诉我没什么,我会clonk你踩了雅肚脐眼

I'm too violent for this rap shit, I should be out somehwere killin som'thin 我太暴力了这首rap ,我应了某处杀人somthin

Too quick to blast, some niggas talk shit and dash 太快爆炸,一些黑鬼狗屎说话和破折号

But I really will KICK YOUR ASS 不过,我真的会踢你的屁股

Juggernaut, I don't care if you a thug or not 剑圣,我不在乎,如果你是暴徒或不

I'll get Jamaican on ya ass, boy, with the Bambaclad 我去牙买加雅屁股,男孩,与Bambaclad

On your mark get ready, run, I'm sparkin everyone 各就各位,准备,运行,我sparkin大家

The one get locked stand back and watch where you from 一个被锁定退后一步,看着你来自哪里

How dare you come and try to shit where I eat 你怎么敢来试试拉屎的地方我吃

Fuck you nigga, literally 你他妈的黑鬼,从字面上

Dick in your cheeks, you rich in the street 迪克在你的脸上,你丰富的街道

But I'm still gon' hit cha'll niggas 但我还是会去砸chall黑鬼

because up north you be tossin salads with maple syrup 因为在北方,你可以查狱沙拉与枫糖浆

I know you hate to hear it, but everybody know this one 我知道你不喜欢听,但每个人都知道这一个

Why you always gotta be right nigga, why can't you ever be wrong 为什么你总是得是正确的兄弟们,你为什么不能永远是错的


[Fat Joe] [发乔]

Now its on, from the Bronx where its at 现在,它在从布朗克斯的地方在

You was wrong, me and Pun brought it back 你错了,我和潘带回

Now its on, stay on with the gat 现在它在,留与GAT

You was wrong, its the Don, Joey Crack 你错了,它的顿河,乔伊裂纹


Who the fuck want beef with Joe Crack 谁他妈的要牛肉与乔裂纹

Make your body fold back 让你的身体折返

Lift his soul with the chrome mack 与镀铬麦克提起他的灵魂

I don't chat on the phone, 'cuz the phone tapped 我不聊天,在手机上, 因为手机窃听

You heard theres money on the block we control that 你听说过孤单的钱,我们控制了块

I got the work in the pot where that stove at 我得到了在锅里工作的地方在灶

Cook it up 'til its wack, get my dough back 煮它,直到它的怪人,让我回来的面团

You niggas so wack, tryin'a compete 你黑鬼所以怪人, tryina竞争

I blind you with heat, I'm the reason crime on the street í瞎你的热量,我之所以犯罪的大街上

I die for my peeps, keep an open eye when I sleep 我死了我的窥视,保持开放的眼睛,当我睡觉

Let you slide when I coulda put five in your Jeep 让你滑的时候我本可以把5在你的吉普

Who's liver than me? I ain't know you really want it 谁是肝不是我吗?我是不是知道你真正想要的

I'm like Christ, niggas beg for they life when they see me comin 我像基督,黑鬼乞求他们的生活,当他们看到我科曼

Ain't nodoby gonna stop my shine, you out'cho mind 不nodoby能阻止我的光芒,你outcho记

Don't make me have to cock my nine, pop ya spine 不要让我有我的公鸡九弹出雅脊柱

Neva did believe in the Don's 涅瓦河也相信唐的

since ninety-two I've been proving that y'all niggas was wrong 自92我已经证明了你们都黑鬼是错误的


[Remi Martin] [雷米·马丁]

Aiyyo, its on, though I'd stay on the block Aiyyo ,其上,但我会留在该区块

You was wrong, now Remi on the rock 你错了,现在雷米在岩石上

So its on, thought I wasn't gonna drop 所以其时,还以为我是不是要降

You was wrong, I was right all along 你错了,我始终是正确的


I told these niggas, that I was the sickest bitch 我告诉这些黑鬼,我是病得最重的母狗

And everytime you spit, I'ma spit some sicker shit 而每次你吐了,我是吐了一些病情加重狗屎

Ridicoulous, I reminise when I blaze the track Ridicoulous ,我reminise当我走出赛道

Tight shit, make a nigga wanna play ya back 紧张的狗屎,让一个黑人想玩回雅

I'm hatin that, but I'ma make 'em all believers 我hatin这一点,但我要让他们所有的信徒

Fuck hot, I'ma come and straight drop a fever 他妈的热,我是来和直降发烧

Cop a heater, turn around and pop your leader 警匪加热器,转身和流行的领导者

And for the followers, I'ma leave their heads hollower 而对于追随者,我是让他们的头hollower

Make your wig twisted as if I was Oliver 让你的假发扭曲,就好像我是奥利弗

Layin in a hospital, hooked up the monitors 开始裁员在医院,迷上了显示器

Thats for the game, y'all lames just came to first 那是在游戏中,你们都LAMES刚来到第一

'Cuz I ain't neva heard a bitch straight flame a verse “因为我不后悔听到母狗火焰直的诗句

I blame the church, how God let you lie like that 我责怪教会,神如何让你的谎言一样,

Who scribed you for, 'cuz you ain't neva rhymed like that 谁刻划你的, “因为你不后悔押韵像

How the fuck you gon' tell me that chick is tight 你怎么会去了他妈的跟我说小妞很紧

She ain't 'aight 'cuz she don't write, you wrong 她是不是 aight “因为她不写,你错了


Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaah Baby Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaah宝贝

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