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Shades Of Grey



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Verse 1] [诗歌1 ]

I’m seein' shades of gray 我seein的灰色“阴影


Enough prodding to make me hurt, which drives me to my sole desire 足够的推动下,使我受伤,这使我对我唯一的愿望

Where I got you hanging on my every word, to burn you while I’m breathin' fire 在那里我得到了你挂在我的每一个字,烧你,而我的呼吸“火

See, ’cause I got a plan, I look different on this side I’m somethin' like a hologram 你看,因为我有一个计划,我期待这一边,我事端不同的“像全息图

Damn, that don’t mean I’ve changed, it just explains 妈的,这并不意味着我已经改变了,它只是解释

How some things in my life have suddenly rearranged 怎么有些东西在我的生命突然重新安排

While I’m starin' at my reflection it’s lookin' somthin' like misdirection 当我盯着在我的反思它的查找 somthin就像误导

Between my life, my love, and passion it’s a lonely intersection 我的生活,我的爱和热情之间这是一个孤独的交集

And my selection results in constant mental interjection 而我的评选结果在不断的心理感叹词

Giving birth to such aggression requires me to cease these sections 生下这种侵略要求我停止这些部分

But you see, they find a way to breath 但是你看,他们发现了一种气息

And for me, I find no place to leave to 而对于我来说,我觉得没有地方留下来

‘Cause I finally found somewhere to land 因为我终于找到地方降落

But now I can’t seem to find where I am 但现在我似乎无法找到我在哪里


[Hook] [钩]

I’m lost in this crowd 我失去了在这个人群

I’m seein' shades of gray 我seein的灰色“阴影

Lookin' for the light 追寻的光

But I only found today 但我今天才发现

I’m trapped in those eyes 我被困在这双眼睛

And I can’t look away 我无法把目光移开

Afraid of the changes 怕的变化

But nothing stays the same 但没有什么保持不变


[Verse 2] [诗歌2]

Some say go to the light, others say you must leave it 有人说,去光,别人说你必须把它

But in darkness there’s clarity even if you don’t care to see it 但是,在黑暗中有清晰,即使你不小心看到它

Images taken and replayed such as this thievery 拍摄和回放像这样的偷窃图片

And there seems to be no shortage of the people in my corner who believe in me 而且似乎是人们在我的角落谁相信我不缺

But it wasn’t always like this no, when I was fighting 但它并不总是这样,不,当我战斗

And I could say a million words at once but my pen was dry when it what time for writin' 我可以说一万字的一次,但我的笔是干的时候是什么时候以创作

Sometimes I just don’t get where the ink well goes 有时候,我只是不明白其中的墨水以及云

And then sometimes my pen hits paper and the rest just flows 然后有时候我的笔命中纸,其余的只是流动

Now I tried to exercise my demons but they’ve gotten out of shape 现在,我想锻炼我的恶魔,但他们已经得到了形

And I used to be so superhuman but it seems I lost my cape 我曾经是那么的超人,但似乎我失去了我的斗篷

How could I be that I’m livin' so great externally when life’s burnin' me and internally 我怎么可能是我活着的如此之大时,外部生活的燃尽的我,在内部

It feels like I’m lying awake on the table in surgery 这感觉就像我在手术清醒躺在桌子上

And I’ll put on a clinic, I can see that you’re a cynic 我会放在一个诊所,我看到你是一个愤世嫉俗的人

Thinkin' I photographed this picture perfect life and you weren’t in it 想着我拍到这张照片完美的生活,你是不是在这

So I try to live my lessons and ease off these second guessin's 所以我尽量住我的教训,缓解了这些第二guessin的

I don’t need church bells to be ringin' to go give you these confessions 我不需要教堂的钟声将在响去给你这些供词


[Hook] [钩]


[Verse 3] [诗歌3 ]

And where that leaves me now 在哪里,现在让我

I can't seem to choose 我似乎无法选择

I found some breadcrumbs and it seems that I was leaving clues 我发现了一些面包屑,似乎我离开的线索

But I’m confused as to what they mean 但我困惑,他们是什么意思

I know I’ve seen the movie but its seems that I forgot the scene 我知道我已经看过这部电影,但它似乎我忘了现场

I’m cuttin' the brakes, whatever it takes 我cuttin 刹车,不惜一切代价

The bigger the gamble the higher the stakes 越大赌博的赌注更高

Yeah I battled to build this and I’ll never back down 是的,我奋力打造这一点,我永远不会退缩

You know where you can find me now 你知道,你现在可以找我


[Hook x2] [钩X2 ]

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