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English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Noreaga] [ Noreaga ]

[howling] CNN (CNN!) CNN [嚎叫]美国有线电视新闻网(CNN ! )美国有线电视新闻网

The reunion man.. we back again man.. are y'all ready man? 团圆的人..我们回来了男人..你们都准备好男人吗?

Hahahahahaha, yo, yo Hahahahahaha ,哟,哟


My niggaz get locked up, and when they come home 我的兄弟们被锁起来,当他们回家

it's mink coats and Cristal, just ask Capone 它的水貂大衣,水晶,就问卡波恩

We play the game like mobsters, Oliver Stone flicks 我们玩游戏像流氓,奥利弗·斯通的笔触

Based on a true story, it's Nore' 基于一个真实的故事,这是诺尔“

And all of my niggaz buck for me, the projects love me 和我所有的兄弟们降压对我来说,这些项目爱我

It feel good to have love in the hood 这感觉非常好,在引擎盖的爱

And I ain't got to buy weed, cause my credit is good 我是不是得了买杂草,导致我的信用好

Machine gun lyrics, CN lift spirits 机枪的歌词, CN提升精神

Smoke more weed than dreads, hip-hop heads 烟不是畏惧,嘻哈头以上的杂草

gotta, listen to this before they piss in they beds 得,听这之前,他们小便中,他们床

My mission instead, leave these niggaz missin and dead 我的任务相反,想着和死让这些兄弟们

and leave em dumped in a river, buttnaked and red 而离开他们倾倒在河里, buttnaked红

N.O., erase niggaz no pro-blemo N.O. ,擦除的兄弟们不亲blemo

Keep a razor in my mouth - spit it out 保持剃刀在我嘴里 - 吐出来

And I never had to move nothin, I shit it out 我从未有过动没什么,我便出来

And I still got it but I had to Thug It Out 我仍然有,但我不得不暴徒出来


[Chorus x2: CNN] [合唱x :CNN ]


Yo, it's like my mission just to live this way 呦,它就像我的任务只是这样生活

I had to sell things, but I wanted to live each day 我只好卖东西,但我想每一天的生活

The real people do real things 真正的人做实实在在的事情

So why is real people still doin fake things? HUHHH? 那么,为什么是真正的人还好吗假的东西呢? HUHHH ?


[Nore] Peace God [诺尔]和平的神

[Cap] Whattup nigga? [帽] Whattup黑鬼?

[Nore] I'm glad you home [诺尔]我很高兴你回家

So we could, take over the world, it's ours to own 这样我们就可以,接管世界,这是我们自己

[Cap] Stars that bone from the ghetto, to cars and homes [帽]恒星骨从贫民窟,到汽车和家庭

[Nore] Laced out, Jesus piece, ice the face out [诺尔]花边出来,耶稣片,冰面了

[Cap] My Niggaz On The Run they place out [第]我的兄弟们很忙,他们放置了

Flee fiends with the cake mouth 逃离恶魔的蛋糕口

Automatic guns, bullets spray out 自动枪,子弹喷射而出

[Nore] Lay out, what? Gimme the cash and the coke [诺尔]铺陈,是什么?给我的现金和焦炭

Sometimes I got money, and I still feel broke 有时候,我有钱了,我还是觉得破产

And sometimes I got reefer and I don't even smoke 有时我得到了冷藏,我什至不抽烟

[Cap] I don't sleep, ninety-five percent of the time I'm woke [第]我不睡,对我醒来的时候95 %的

The other 5 is when a nigga high, hear the thugs cry 其他5是当一个黑人高,听到打手哭

[Nore] And me, I'm Thugged Out, I just sleep on the floor [诺尔]和我,我Thugged了,我只是睡在地板上

with the rats and the roaches, keepin it raw 用老鼠和蟑螂,坚持着它的原始

[Cap] My heat is the fourth, while y'all niggaz lean on the law [第]我的热量是第四,而你们的兄弟们倚法

[Nore] Peter pay Paul, an outlaw, he stuck up the mall [诺尔]彼得·保罗工资,一个逃犯,他坚持了商场

[Cap] I watch for the cops, still a Thug after the deal [章]:我在交易完成后观看了警察,还是一个暴徒

CNN gotta thug it for real 美国有线电视新闻网总得暴徒这是真的


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Capone] [卡波恩]

Thuggology's the major, paper Thuggology是主要的,纸

Capone-N-Noreaga teach ya, villainize your whole nature 卡波恩-N- Noreaga教你,你恶言相向整个大自然

The law was built around capers since the years of the West 法律是因为这些年来西方的刺山柑周围建

and are you real or fake? How many thugs hear the question 而你真的还是假的?有多少打手听到这个问题

Twenty grand on the lawyer, extra hundred for bail 二十大的律师,额外的保释百

Next to death's kiko, is goin to jail 接下来死亡的马切达,是布莱恩监狱

Unassissted, I shivered and frail Unassissted ,我颤栗着,身体虚弱

My ice similar to hail yo, for the 85 that's in braille 我的冰相似,冰雹哟,因为85是在盲文

I keep Chanel on my hoes, crazy blowin the scale 我一直香奈儿在我的锄头,疯狂的吹响了规模

Mad chickens for my thugs locked, low on the mail 疯鸡我的打手锁定,低的邮件

Yo it's 'Pone or it's Fonz, either pretty or thug 哟它的“推迟实施或它的Fonz ,无论漂亮或暴徒

Whichever way it's called, in every city a slug 无论从哪个角度,它被称为,在每一个城市鼻涕虫

If I was dyin would a true fan give me they blood 如果我快要枯萎会真正的球迷给我的,他们的血

and would my man take the stand, lie in front of the judge? 并将我的人出庭作证,在于法官面前?

My thesis, be one of a thug, prestigious 我的论文,是一个暴徒,久负盛名

I rock fatigued up, down in Cali khakis with the creases 我摇滚审美疲劳了,在卡利下来卡其裤与折痕


[Chorus x2] [合唱x ]


[Noreaga and Capone ad lib to fade] [ Noreaga和卡波恩即兴褪色]

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