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[Intro: Kurupt {Xzibit}] [简介: Kurupt { Xzibit的}]

'Sup? “燮?

Once in the lifetime... (haha!) 一旦在一生...... (哈哈! )

Kurupt Young Gotti! (you can place that!) {beat starts} Kurupt杨戈蒂! (你可以把那个! ) {节拍开始}

YEAH! 是啊!

It's going down. (AOOWW, AOOWW!) 这是怎么回事了。 ( AOOWW , AOOWW ! )

Yeah! 是啊!

X-to-the-Z, Xzibit! {YEAH!} 的X向-的-Z, Xzibit的! {呀! }

Ridin' on... {hahahaha!} 对...坐车{哈哈哈哈! }

ROUGH! 粗糙了!

West, West! (yeah, yeah!) 西,西! (是啊,是啊! )

WestCoast is definitely in the motherfuckeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! (YEAH!) 西海岸绝对是motherfuckeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer ! (是的! )

Ride on my nigga! 骑在我的兄弟们!


[xzibit {screwed voice}:] [ Xzibit的{拧的声音} : ]

Introducin' the X-Man phenomenal. - X-Files, the chronicle! Introducin 的X人惊人的。 - X档案,编年史!

Aerostatical, nautical, magnificent beast! Aerostatical ,航海,猛兽!

Xzibit stick to the logic. You can be bullish and rollick, Xzibit的坚持的逻辑。你可以是看涨的,欢闹,

Yo' ass will still get demolished, polished and keeping' a mulish. 哟屁股仍然会得到拆除,抛光和保持“A顽强。

My niggas eat like piranhas, we party stupid, retarded! 我的黑鬼喜欢吃食人鱼,我们党愚蠢,弱智!

Most niggas jaded and guarded cause they not popular product. 大多数黑鬼厌倦和守卫的原因,他们不会受欢迎的产品。

This ain't no Gucci or Prada, this is a topless Impala, 这不是没有Gucci还是Prada的,这是一个赤裸上身的黑斑羚,

North Hollywood body armor for when they come with the drama. {For when they come with the drama.} 北好莱坞防弹衣,当他们的戏作。 {因为当他们来的戏剧。 }

So I continue the saga! 于是我继续传奇!

Move out the path of the lava, move in position and conquer! 搬出熔岩的路径,移动位置和征服!

You have created a monster. - Wake up and call out the culprit! 您已经创建了一个怪物。 - 叫醒,调出罪魁祸首!

I never weaken or soften, might catch me weezin' and coughin' 我从来没有减弱或软化,可能会赶上我weezin “和coughin

Because I blaze very often, I need to knock this shit off of shit (shiiiit!) 因为我杀出,很多时候,我要敲这个狗屎掉狗屎( shiiiit ! )

I got problems, my nigga, and they get bigger and bigger. 我有问题,我的兄弟们,他们变得越来越大。

You cannot solve with a trigger, this is a pivotal moment! 你解决不了了扳机,这是一个关键时刻!

This is my time of atoning, this is my world and I own it! 这是我赎罪的时间,这是我的世界,我拥有它!

So come and take if you want it! - Please God forgive me for sinnin', 这样一来走,如果你想要的! - 请上帝原谅我sinnin ,

Winnin', and makin' a killin' witness revenge of the villains. WINNIN “和金恶棍的杀人报复证人。

Sexual healin' from women, I bust a nut to their ceilin', 性healin “妇女,我胸围一个螺母他们的天花板, ,

I crash a plain in their buildin'. - But now I'm "Married With Children"! 我在她们buildin “崩溃平原。 - 但是,现在,我“结婚生子” !

Katal and balance the millions, I'm in another direction. Katal和平衡上百万,我在另一个方向。

Life bless is taking it's blessin's, you need to hear my confession! 生活保佑正在它的blessin的,你需要听到我的忏悔!

Forever walk with a weapon, I live and die like a soldier, 用武器永远的走,我的生活和死亡像一个战士,

{I live and die like a soldier!} - C'mon let's take this shit over! {我生活和死亡像一个战士! } - 来吧,让我们这个狗屎了!


[Interlude: 40Glocc] [插曲: 40Glocc ]

Aaaayyooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Aaaayyooooooooooooooooooooooooo !

Big Bad 4-0! 大事不好了4-0 !

Hahahahah! (Aaaayyooooooooooooooooooooooooo!) Hahahahah ! ( Aaaayyooooooooooooooooooooooooo ! )

A.K.A. 40Glocc! 亦称40Glocc !

Y'aahhh! Yaahhh !

Live Los Scandalous, nigga! (Aaaayyooooooooooooooooooooooooo!) 住洛杉矶诽谤性的,兄弟们! ( Aaaayyooooooooooooooooooooooooo ! )

Hahahahahah! Hahahahahah !

X-to-the-mothafuckin'-Z. 的X到最mothafuckin -Z 。

BEEYATCH! (Aaaayyooooooooooooooooooooooooo!) BEEYATCH ! ( Aaaayyooooooooooooooooooooooooo ! )

Yup, yup, yoooo! 是啊,是啊, yoooo !

Swallow back! 燕子回来了!

ZooLife! ZooLife !


[xzibit {screwed voice}:] [ Xzibit的{拧的声音} : ]

Make patches and master my master piece, niggas have the audacity, 制作补丁和掌握我的杰作,黑鬼有大言不惭,

Tryna adapt to capacities of your highness, your majesty! Tryna适应殿下,陛下的能力!

What the fuck is you askin' me? - With my accurate accuracy, 什么他妈的是你地问我吗? - 我用精确的准确度,

Immaculate faculties with a nation in back of me. 完美无暇的院系与一个民族在我的后面。

I see promising situations, evolve into tragedies, 我看到希望的情况下,演变成悲剧,

I just hustle and hustle because it comes to me naturally. 我只是喧嚣和喧嚣,因为它涉及到了我自然。

I'm a Buffalo soldier, clappin' you back to Jehovah, 我是一个布法罗士兵,彬“你回耶和华,

C'mon let's take this shit over! {C'mon let's take this shit over.} 来吧,让我们这个狗屎了! {来吧,让我们在利用这个狗屎。 }

I'm a super nova, eclipse on your current events, 我是一个超级新星,蚀在你的时事,

This ain't no novelty spittin' hotter than barbeque bits. 这不是没有新鲜感吐口水比烧烤位热。

Lorena Bobbit, you ditched! - Trigger's still good in my grip! 奥Bobbit ,你抛弃了! - 触发器在我的抓地力还是不错的!

You showin' off for the cameras while I just stick to the script. 您舒关闭相机,而我只是坚持的脚本。

People get Hollywood quick. - When people thinkin' you sinkin', 人们得到好莱坞的快。 - 当人们想着​​你沉没“ ,

I got everybody thinkin' I got a problem with drinkin'! 我得到了大家都在想我有一个问题,喝酒 !

I'm just enjoyin' my weekends so stay the fuck out my bidness! 我只是enjoyin 我的周末所以留了他妈的我bidness !

I roll with serial killers. {We fuckin' serial killers!} - C'mon! 我摇了连环杀手。 {我们他妈的连环杀手! } - 来吧!


[Outro: Kurupt] [尾奏: Kurupt ]

Yeah! 是啊!

We in the mothafucker! 我们在mothafucker !

Kurupt Young Gotti! Kurupt杨戈蒂!

Ooh! 哦!

Ooh, y'all thought it was a game? 哦,你们都以为这是一场游戏?

West, West! 西,西!

Push my nigga, push! 推我的兄弟们,推!

FUCK 'EM! 他妈的他们!

Yeeah! Yeeah !

We push the farline over here, boy! 我们在推的Farline在这里,孩子!

No games! 没有游戏!

X-to-the-Z, Xzibit! 的X向-的-Z, Xzibit的!

Shoot off! 拍客!

Shoot off, nigga! [beat fades out] 拍客,兄弟们! [拍淡出]

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