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1983 Remix



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I had to write this in blood because the ink wouldn't stick 我不得不写这血,因为油墨不会粘

I sold 5 or 6 million but yo that ain't really shit 我卖了5或6万美元,但哟,是不是真的狗屎

It was supposed to be different we were supposed to ride out 它应该是不同的,我们本来可以安然渡过

But too much shot his girl then shot himself in the mouth 但过多的出手他的女孩,然后开枪自杀在嘴里

Then the steady gang formed but very soon fell apart 然后稳步团伙形成,但很快就散了

'Cause when you just doin' art with no loyalty in the heart 因为当你刚上来的艺术与心脏无忠诚度

It's like catching Alzheimer's all these niggas forgetting where they coming from 这就像抓阿尔茨海默氏所有​​这些黑鬼忘记他们来自哪里

Had to slow it down wait a minute what we running from 不得不慢下来等待我们运行一分钟

This what we supposed to do here's what we supposed to be 这是我们应该做的,就是我们应该是

I hated MTV for tryin' to play me like a mockery 我讨厌MTV的试着打我像一个讽刺

But that don't bother me I just fulfilled my fucking contract 但是,不要打扰我,我只是完成我他妈的合同

Small price to pay just to get your piece of your mind back 很小的代价,只是为了让你的作品你的心回来

Mind back, Backfire, assassination of my character 回忆一下,事与愿违,我的性格暗杀

Just to make some millions off America 只是为了让一些过百万的美国

My younger sister Erica just adopted a child 我的妹妹李敏刚刚收养了一个孩子

My older brother served 15 he made it out 我的哥哥担任15他做出来

Even though my father loved me I ain't seen him in a while 虽然爸爸爱我,我是不是见过他了,而

Had to fight my baby mama bitch give me my nigga now 只好打我的宝宝妈妈的母狗给我,我的兄弟们,现在

'Cause he's running out of time and I need him to understand 因为他的时间不多了,我需要他明白

The way of the superior man I built a brand 君子的方式,我建立了一个品牌

Niggas talk about my taxes I done paid uncle Sam 黑鬼说说我的税我做了支付山姆大叔

I'm surviving 'cause the minds eyes quicker than the hand 我幸存“造成比手工快心中的眼睛


Heartbreak, disappointment, my mother died when I was 9 I just wanted to join her 伤心,失望,我的母亲去世时,我是9 ,我只是想和她会合

Nah Mister Joiner you get to California 罗木先生你到加州

I got something for you to do it's like I was anointed 我有东西给你做它就像我的受膏者

Resurrected, foud my purpose I remember meeting Dre 复活, foud我的目的,我记得会议德瑞

Being nervous when I would kick my verses 感到紧张的时候我会踢我的诗

I was virtually worthless, my whole life was a circus 我几乎不值钱,我的整个生活是一个马戏团

I was sleeping with serpents and I thought they was worth it 我睡觉的蛇,我认为他们是值得的

I got a call from Paul told me shit wasn't working 我接到了保罗的电话告诉了我妈不工作

Exchanged words I told him tell me that shit in person 交换的话我告诉他告诉我的那些事在人

He probably told EM (eminem) and by the way that he said it 他可能告诉EM (阿姆)和方式,他说,

Unapologetic, twisted made it about him 毫无歉意,扭曲使得关于他

I seen Slim and he said he didn't recognize me 我已经看到斯利姆和他说他不认识我了

Was it that or did he let another man define me 是不是那还是他让另一个人定义我

I don't know but now I gotta get this all behind me 我不知道,但现在我得让这一切都在我身后

Follow my calling when I used to follow niggas blindly 按照我的电话时,我曾经跟着盲目黑鬼


I wish I had a better relationship with my uncles 我希望我和我的叔叔更好的关系

Blood relatives I could turn to when I'm feeling trouble 有血缘关系的亲属,我可以把我现在的心情麻烦

Talk about my struggles, my uncle John Nail 说说我的奋斗,我的叔叔约翰·美甲

He only put me on the phone with different females 他只把我与不同的女性在手机上

Yeah this is such a such nephew tell her what's up 是啊,这是这样一个侄子等告诉她这是怎么回事

Ain't even ask about Tremayne and Gatlyn growing up 甚至没有询问特里梅和Gatlyn成长

Fuck, I drink it all and I smashed a bottle 他妈的,我喝了这一切,我打碎了一瓶

Self medicated, numb, but I'm a feel it tomorrow 自药膳,麻木了,但我明天感觉它

It felt like pain and sorrow was like a second skin 这感觉就像痛苦和悲伤就像第二层皮肤

But now the pain is gone I got my second wind 但现在疼痛消失我得到了我的第二个风

Only the strong live long you better settle in 只有强者长寿您更好地定居

I'm fighting forever I will never let the devil win 我打我永远不会让魔鬼赢

1983 that's when my journey begins 1983年我的旅程开始时的

I searched everywhere for strength and only found it within 我搜索无处不在的力量,只发现了它在

This for me and my kin still dying to live 这对我和我的亲人仍然要死要活

Living life to the fullest till I see you again 人生在世,要充分直到我再见到你

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