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[Verse 1:] [诗歌1 : ]

Maybe it's time I change religions on you turning christians 也许这一次我改变你转弯的基督徒宗教

To a muslin, turn a buddhist to a christian 到薄纱,把佛教到基督教

Tell 'em catholic Ronnie been it 告诉他们宽容罗尼一直是

Sipping red wine inside the pentagon 喝着红酒,五角大楼内部

Writing sinister lines till all the ink inside my pen is gone 写险恶线,直到所有的墨水在我的笔不见了

Jeremy Lee got the world watching ESPN 杰里米·李得到了世界看ESPN的

My sick porno obsession got me watching these lesbians 我生病的色情痴迷让我看着这些女同性恋者

I'm a sick fucking psychotic master 我是生病了他妈的精神病高手

The mic is my sword the booth is your casket 麦克风是我的剑展位是你的棺材

I'm sitting inside the classic 6 4 with the ratchet 我坐在里面的经典6 4棘轮

Throwing up west side is my worst fucking habit 投掷西侧是我最糟糕的他妈的习惯

Only snap backs and egos eyes looking through peep holes 只有捕捉背上和自我的眼睛看,通过窥视孔

Is why I don't trust no one except God and Tim Tebow 所以,我不相信任何人,除了上帝和科比

Living my destiny poppin' pills high as fuck 住我的命运屁股药丸高达他妈的

Fucking bitches in the club holding my space bottle up 他妈的母狗在俱乐部拿着我的空间了一瓶

I think it's time you salute me or shoot me 我认为这是一次你向我敬礼,或拍我

Either way I'm the star of this motherfucking booth 无论哪种方式,我这他妈的展台的明星


[Verse 2:] [诗2: ]

They say I got a suicidal tendency murdering my enemies verse 他们说我有自杀倾向谋杀我的敌人的诗句

It ain't no questioning thunder under my shirt 这不是我的衬衫没有追问风头

Fuck around and you'll be up under the dirt 他妈的左右下的污垢,你就可以了

This automatic will turn your home into a hearse 这会自动把你的家变成灵车

Worse case scenario pipe bound your burial 更糟糕的情况是管道绑定你的墓地

They gonna have to bury your twice 他们要去必须埋葬你两次

The scary cat on this night life 在这个夜晚生活的可怕的猫

The golf stream vibing what the weed is top flight 高尔夫流vibing什么是杂草顶级联赛

My PO already know I'm a motherfucking flight risk 我的订单已经知道我是一个他妈的逃亡之虞

Heavy chain light risk pay cash for everything that white bitch 一切说白了婊子重链轻风险付现金

She got it, she got it, that's my words the oriental 她知道了,她知道了,那是我的话,东方

62 minutes they got it looking like murder all 62分钟他们得到了它看上去就像所有的谋杀案

I'm leaning hard in that flat back turbo charge 我在平背涡轮增压靠在硬

Coupe on 20 fours pedal to the floor 跑车20四肢踏板踩到底

100 shots of that nigga still got plenty more 那个黑鬼的100张还是有足够多

Slim the mobster am I is really made uzzi 修身的歹徒我会真的做出乌西

We turn your block to a motherfucking movie 我们把你的模块到他妈的电影


[Hook: x2] [钩: X2 ]

Lights, cameras, action niggas ready to shoot you 灯光,摄影机,行动黑鬼准备拍摄你

But these ain't lights ain't cameras pointed at you 但这些是不是灯光是不是相机指着你

Blocked off the scene 'cause your scenes don't move me 封锁了现场因为你的场景不动我

Will turn your block into a motherfucking movie 将您的块变成他妈的电影


[Verse 3:] [诗歌3 : ]

Rap boy we were kids we were the Lord of the Rings 说唱的男孩,我们是我们是魔戒的孩子

Rep in the full train smoke in solely green 众议员在全列车烟雾完全绿色

I know other case burst scenes there's no more men of honor 我知道其他情况下爆的场面有荣誉没有更多的男人

I might made my super armor running from karma 我可能会做泣涕我的超级盔甲运行

The good die young no country for old men 良好的英年早逝,任何国家的老男人

There will be blood deeper than leviathan 会有血比庞然大物更深

And my platoon full of bad lieutenants 我排满不错的副手

X-men, expendables, bad company, criminals X战警,消耗品,坏的公司,罪犯

Crush goons with a kanga, surfing in the rainbow 粉碎暴徒用袋鼠妈妈,冲浪彩虹

48 hours to kill Bill, Cash and Tango 48小时杀死比尔,现金及探戈

Brave heart, battleship, devil's out to kill with the 勇敢的心脏,战舰,鬼才出杀的

Passion of Christ, it's a wonderful life 基督的激情,这是一个美好的生活

Miami Vice what to get right 迈阿密风云如何得到正确的

It's midnight in the garden the good and evil are crashing 这是午夜花园里的善恶都崩溃

Ordinary people, lethal weapon without 4 sequels 普通老百姓,致命武器4无后遗症

Above the hunger games, 上面的饥饿游戏,

The gods must be crazy ricochet through the purple ring 神必须通过紫环疯跳弹

Because the devil wears prada, the dead presidents can turn a goodfella to a godfather 因为穿普拉达的女魔头,死者总统可以把goodfella为干爹

Animal house, standing to live with the case speech 动物之家,站在生活的情况下讲话

Leonardo DiCaprio on the beach 莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥在沙滩上

Oceans Eleven, if all dogs go to heaven 海洋十,如果所有的狗去天堂

The silence of the lambs, son of sam 7, I am legend 羔羊的沉默,萨姆7的儿子,我是传奇

Fuck this new jack city I'm on the midnight express 他妈的这个新杰克城市我在午夜快车

With this American History X 有了这个美国X档案


[Verse 4:] [第4节: ]

Off the dome and I'm talking slick as petroleum 关的穹顶和我说的光滑如石油

'Cause I don't fuck with pens unless I'm rolling on some eulogium 因为我不他妈的笔除非我笑倒了一些eulogium

Niggas preaching hate from Napoleon nigga slowly throwing salt on my game 黑鬼从拿破仑的兄弟们鼓吹仇恨慢慢盐洒在我的游戏

Like fluorine or sodium on a door 如氟,钠在门

But holy I'm only in it for the cash part 但神圣的,我只是在它的现金部分

Thinking fuck the world something like a pornstar with a passport 思考他妈的世界像一个色情明星与护照

With officer walking and my side mirror in 随着人员行走和我身边的镜子

He don't like me 'cause I'm dark as an nigerian 他不喜欢我,因为我是黑暗中为尼日利亚

Rocking alot of juries smart as a librarian 摇陪审团很多聪明的图书馆

In the look in the american eyes said I'd bury him 在美国的眼神说我把他埋了

I said it before don't ignore it again too 我说这之前不要再忽视它太

Hands on the 9 like you couldn't attend due 在9手中就像你不能因为参加

Life's a hooker the hall raised me 生命是一个妓女大厅把我养大

This poor baby was born crazy 这个可怜的孩子出生疯狂

Put in the middle of drug wars, thug lord and judges tryin' to call case me 放入毒品战争,暴徒领主和法官中间试着打电话给我大小写

Lord save me it's gone Swayze the movie 上帝救救我就不见了斯韦兹电影


[Hook: x2] [钩: X2 ]

Lights, cameras, action niggas ready to shoot you 灯光,摄影机,行动黑鬼准备拍摄你

But these ain't lights ain't cameras pointed at you 但这些是不是灯光是不是相机指着你

Blocked off the scene 'cause your scenes don't move me 封锁了现场因为你的场景不动我

Will turn your block into a motherfucking movie 将您的块变成他妈的电影

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