歌词 "Permanent Enemy" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Permanent Enemy


歌词相关歌手:JOKERR, THE

English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Intro] [简介]

Ha ha ha, thanks for the introduction 哈哈哈,谢谢你的介绍

So Funk Volume fans, I can’t rap, right? Well, I bet you the next one hundred and ten bars say otherwise! 所以芬克卷球迷,我不能说唱,对不对?嗯,我敢打赌,你的下一个110条说,否则!

And let me start by showing you how to address somebody with less fans than fans than you! 让我向您展示如何解决与别人比球迷比你少的球迷开始!


[Verse 1] [诗歌1 ]

I’m about to eat and pleasantly shit out Shizzy sizzle 我对吃的愉快狗屎了Shizzy嘶嘶声

And the little Niggy tickles, So I guess I did it for shits and giggles 和小Niggy发痒,所以我想我这样做是为了妈和笑声

You found a way to elicit my rage 你找到了一种方法来引起我的愤怒

All your little short bus fans posting your bullshit diss on my page 所有你的小短的巴士迷在我的页面上发布您的废话迪斯

So you like to skateboard? 所以,你喜欢滑板?

I like to sit and think what I hate more, your stupid fucking face, your lisp, or your braids 我喜欢坐下来想我更讨厌,你的愚蠢他妈的脸,你的口齿不清,或你的辫子

I’m sorry Shizzy, but I had to mention 对不起Shizzy ,但我不得不提

With that lisp, your whack ass could take first in the Special Rap Olympics 与口齿不清,你的屁股失衡可能需要先在特殊说唱奥运会

You're uglier than Swizz's ass, go kiss in his cage 你是不是上当的屁股难看,去亲吻他的笼子里

You two go together like Jarren Benton's dick and some AIDS 你们两个一起去像Jarren顿的家伙,有些艾滋病

Why am I dissing you? Hey, I ain’t too much of a prideful coward bitch to acknowledge some shit when it sprays 为什么我瞧不起你吗?嘿,我是不是太骄傲懦夫婊子承认有些事情,当它喷

Funk volume? More like punk volume! 芬克量?更像朋克量!

I been slapping them silly and they just sit and take it like bitches for days! 我一直拍打着他们傻,他们只是坐下来,把它像母狗好几天!

Look at them shaking in the corner, sharing their body warmth 看着他们在角落里发抖,分享他们的身体温暖

While the almighty Hopsin sits and gets rich from his slaves 而全能Hopsin坐镇,并得到丰富的从他的奴隶

I think it’s funny that your fans think I’m not raw 我觉得这很有趣,你的球迷认为我不生

When everyone of y'all kissed my ass, DJ Hop saw 当你们每一个人的亲吻我的屁股, DJ合锯

But he’s a two face pretentious pussy pop doll 但他是一个双脸猫造作流行的娃娃

With Hopsin's hot sauce-covered cock and lock jaw 随着Hopsin的辣椒酱覆盖的公鸡和锁颌

Look at these punks trying to play dope 看看这些小混混试图播放涂料

You faggots are faker than a pack of drag queens on a parade float 您柴是骗子比装皇后的一个花车大巡游一包

It’s time to let you bitches know, I’m so "reel", I should be stuck to a fishing pole 现在是时候让你的母狗知道,我是如此“卷轴” ,我应该坚持鱼竿

Listen, this is punk volume! 听着,这就是朋克量!


[Hook] [钩]

Hey, you can run, you can hide, but can’t escape from the vibe 嘿,你可以运行,你可以隐藏,但不能从盛传逃避

I’m giving you punk volume! 我给你量朋克!

Look around and you’ll see they’re all living a lie, and I'm telling you why 环顾四周,你会发现他们都生活在谎言,我告诉你为什么

Yo, it’s never gonna stop, on and on I’ll go 哟,这是永远不会停止,并在我会去

Until the whole world hears it and they all will know 直到全世界听到它,他们都知道

That punk volume is going down in flames at the end of the night 朋克量在火焰下降在晚上结束

And I’m telling you why! 而且我告诉你为什么!


[Verse 2] [诗歌2]

Yo, so Hopsin's the greatest rapper alive, right? 哟,所以Hopsin的最大的说唱活着,不是吗?

I bet you if you scratch his black off 我敢打赌你,如果你挠他的黑掉

You’ll probably get a 1999 bright blond hair, blue eye, white new guy 你可能会得到1999年的亮丽金发,蓝眼睛,白新来的家伙

With five Spice Girls sitting next to Dr. Dre saying “Hi”, right? 五辣妹坐在旁边的德瑞博士说:“嗨”吧?

Let's put the facts together, he ain’t a rapper 让我们把事实在一起,他是不是一个说唱歌手

He’s the worlds’ biggest blackest Marshall Mathers swagger jacker ever 他是世界上“最黑暗的马歇尔马瑟斯招摇jacker过

It’s fucking sad but clever, every single thing he does, Eminem did ten years in the past and better 这他妈的可悲的,但聪明的,每一件事情他做,阿姆做了十几年过去,更好地

He’s just a big clone! Somebody took white contacts and stuck them on a slim shady dip cone 他只是一个大的克隆!有人把白色的接触,他们被困在阿姆浸锥

And Eminem’s own fans kids were just stoned enough for it to work, now he's dancing in the end-zone 和阿姆自己的歌迷孩子们只是用石头打死足够为它工作,现在他的舞蹈中端区

Look at this leech bitch preaching against reefer 看看这个婊子水蛭鼓吹反对冷藏

While SwizZz, Jarren, and Dizzy Khalifa sit and get blown 虽然SwizZz , Jarren和头昏眼花的哈里发坐下来,要被炸飞

Hits home doesn't it, bitch? Go on and push me 命中家里没有它,婊子?去推我

I got hours of audio that confirms you’re a pussy 我得到的音频小时,确认你是猫

It’s funny as fuck watching your fans trying to defend you 这很有趣,因为他妈的看你的球迷试图捍卫你

And deny all the allegations I filed against you 并拒绝所有我申请对你的指控

And you said it with your own words, “I was like a brother” 和你说了你自己的话, “我当时想一哥”

Who discovered your only loyal to those that benefit you 谁发现了你的唯一忠实于那些有利于你

I was there when you were broke and nourished you 我在那里当你打破了和滋养你

Helping you flourish, pursue your true purpose, encouraged and asserted you 帮助您蓬勃发展,追求你的真实目的,鼓励和断言你

But when it came time to go to bat for me, you jumped ship 但是,当它来到的时间去蝙蝠对我来说,你跳船

And gave me some cash and told me keep it on the hush tip, like what the fuck, bitch? 并给了我一些钱,并告诉我好好地在嘘尖,像什么他妈的,婊子?

Money can’t erase the pain of your best friend punching you right in your fucking face! 金钱不能抹去你最好的朋友的痛苦,你他妈的脸冲你的权利!

And you only apologize when I turn the heat on 而你,当我打开热只能表示歉意

And Dame’s like, “He’s gone, let by-gones be peons! 和圣母院的一样,“他走了,让副gones是苦工!

We’re Funk Volume! We don’t need him, fuck Jokerr, he mad! 我们芬克卷!我们不需要他,他妈的Jokerr ,他疯了!

He just wants to use you to get fans he wishes he had! 他只是想利用你得到球迷,他希望自己能有!

And what? I’m using you too? Pfft, that’s some crazy shit! 什么?我使用的是你吗? Pfft ,这是一些疯狂的狗屎!

Remember when you couldn’t pay your rent and I came and gave you it? 请记住,当你付不起房租,我来了,给你了吗?

Remember when you tossed your deal with Ruthless out the window? 还记得你狠窗外扔你交易吗?

And all your little homies disappeared when you went broke? 和你所有的小兄弟们消失了,当你破产了?

When everybody else left, me and SwizZz would still kick it" 当所有的人离开了,我和SwizZz仍然会踢它“

Duh Marcus, what the fuck you think? You’re their meal ticket! 咄马库斯,你他妈的想什么?你是他们的饭票!

You’re more naive than a battered wife 你是不是受虐的妻子比较幼稚

You think Dame would've given you a fucking cent if you were half as nice? 你以为圣母院会已经给了你一个他妈的百分之如果你一半好看?

You think if you were just some dude he’d sacrifice 你想,如果你只是一些纨绔子弟,他会牺牲

His time to help you get back your life? Ha ha ha! Right! 他的时间来帮助你找回你的生活?哈哈哈!没错!

Like when you met that good girl who was so fine 当你遇到这样的好女孩是谁这么细

Knew that you were a famous rapper but paid it no mind! 知道你是一个著名的说唱歌手,但其支付不介意!

You almost cried, Hop, don’t lie 你都快哭了,跳,不撒谎

Remember when you discovered she was sneaking off and smoking the whole time? 请记住,当你发现她偷偷跑去和抽烟的全部时间?

And you fucking stayed with her, like I said, no spine 而你他妈的陪着她,就像我说的,没有脊椎

And she’s nine years younger than you, bro, whoa, lines! 她比你,兄弟,哇,线条更加年轻9年!

And you’re supposed to be a Christian? Shit! 而你应该是一个基督徒吗?妈的!

Don’t be surprised if Jesus shows up and kicks your dick 不要感到惊讶,如果耶稣出现并且踢的家伙

You’re a fraud! The lowest of the low kind 你是个骗子!低那种最低

You sell your fans bullshit and they all sniff it like a coke line! 你卖你的粉丝说废话,他们都嗅出它像一个焦线!

If that’s how you want it, bro, fine! 如果这是你想要的,老兄,好!

I’ll show you how far I’m willing to go with this shit in no time! This is punk volume! 我会告诉你我有多远我愿意与这一切,走在任何时间!这是朋克量!


[Hook] [钩]


[Verse 3] [诗歌3 ]

Hey yo, this last verse is for the fans, you idolize these mother fuckers 嘿哟,这最后一节是球迷,你崇拜这些不要脸

You’re like putty in their porkish hands 你就像腻子在自己手中porkish

And first they do it for the love, 'til you fork 'em grands 和第一次他们这样做的爱,直到你叉时间大奖赛

Then they’re like, "Eh, this works." Fuck it abort the plan 然后,他们会说: “嗯,这个工程。 ”他妈的中止计划

You wonder why your favorite rappers all start out dope? 你想知道为什么你最喜欢的说唱歌手都开始了涂料?

Then start to suck ass when they stepped in the corporate land? 然后开始吮吸屁股,当他们在企业的土地踩?

Cause when the money comes they toss integrity out the window 原因当钱从哪里来,他们折腾完整性窗外

When you keep buying the shit and support the scam! 当你继续购买狗屎,支持骗局!

But I’m a big hater 但我是一个大仇敌

Yeah, I’m the bad guy for standing up and telling you they're selling you a fat lie 是啊,我是坏人的站了起来,并告诉你他们卖给你一个胖谎言

They hold up a turd and tell you it’s gold and your ass buys! 他们举行了一个粪,并告诉你它是金色的,你的屁股购买!

I tell you it's a turd and walk away with black eyes! 我告诉你,这是一个粪走开了黑色的眼睛!

You think I diss cause I’m upset? 你以为我甩了,因为我不开心呢?

You think I diss cause I’m just a big hater and mad cause I ain’t make it yet? 你以为我甩了,因为我只是一个大的憎恨和疯狂,因为我没有​​做这些事?

Well, let me tell you something, all these dudes that you respect 好吧,让我告诉你一件事,你尊重所有这些帅哥

Are greedy cowards and only look at you as human checks 是贪婪的懦夫,只有看着你的人检查

I knew Hopsin before the fame 我知道Hopsin成名前

I loved him like a brother and he fucking hated Dame, So what made him change? 我爱他像一个哥哥和他他妈的恨圣母院,那么是什么让他改变?

The money that he says he’s hates 这笔钱,他说他恨

He turned over control of his company to a snake, now he can’t escape! 他翻着控制他的公司来一条蛇,现在他无法逃脱!

And you let him do it, you never told him no 而你让他去做,你从来没有告诉过他不

You still buy the records, you still go to shows 你还在买唱片,你还是去表演

You know it isn’t right, you can feel it inside 你知道这是不对的,你可以在里面感受到它

But someone famous said it was, so you compromised 但有人说,著名的是,让你妥协

And you shoot the messenger cause all you think I do is hate 而你拍摄的使者导致所有你认为我做的是恨

And call me a pussy in clown makeup, while you chew the bait 并叫我小丑妆的猫,当你咀嚼的诱饵

Huh, when all I did was give it to you straight 呵呵,当时我所做的就是把它送给你直

And stood the fuck up to Dame when he threw his weight 站在他妈的起来到圣母院时,他把他的体重

So ask yourself, am I the nerdy queer? 所以问问你自己,我是书呆子奇怪?

Who's just jealous Funk Volume had a perfect year? 谁只是嫉妒芬克卷有一个完美的一年?

Or am I the only one who respects you enough 还是我是唯一一个谁尊重你足够

To tell you all the truth, even if it hurts to hear! 告诉你一切的真相,即使它伤害的来信!


[Outro: The Jokerr talking] [尾奏:本Jokerr说话]

Hopsin was like a brother to me, I would have done anything for him Hopsin就像我的兄弟,我会为他做任何事

And when it came time to have my back 当是时候有我的背

He took sides with the same person who was trying to destroy me because he makes Hopsin money 他把双方具有相同的人谁是试图摧毁我,因为他让Hopsin钱

He used to stand against everything Funk Volume is doing now 他常常站在反对一切恐怖成交量现在正在做

But he fell in love with the money and fame and now he sits there like a coward while you guys defend his bullshit 但他爱上了金钱和名气,现在他坐在那里,像一个懦夫,而你们捍卫自己的废话

When he said out of his own mouth he hates what Funk Volume has become 当他说了自己的嘴,他讨厌什么恐怖成交量已成为

But there's too much money involved to walk away from it 但有参与走太多的钱远离它

So I why do I diss? I diss cause I don’t look at you like a money bag 所以我为什么我甩了? í羞辱,因为我不看你就像一个钱袋

I diss because unlike Hopsin, I look at you as intelligent individuals í羞辱,因为不像Hopsin ,我看着你的智能个人

Who deserve to know the truth about the people you’re supporting 谁应该知道你支持的人的真相

My loyalty is to you and they’re fucking lying to you! 我的忠诚是你和他们他妈的骗你!

And anybody lying to you has a permanent enemy in me! 和别人骗你有一个永久的敌人在我身上!

If you hate me for that, I don’t know what to tell you! 如果你恨我,我不知道该怎么告诉你!

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