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[Verse 1:] [诗歌1 : ]

I got a long list of needs gotta satisfy 'em all 我有需求一长串得满足他们所有

And the first on the list is a bag of Tylenol 和第一名单上的一包泰诺

Cause I'm stressed out thinking I don't have the time at all 因为我压力太大了想我没有时间在所有

To get my shopping done, let me start here, on the top at one 为了让我的购物做,让我从这里开始,在顶部在同一


First, I need to check my e-mail 首先,我需要检查我的电子邮件

Oh shit, yahoo front page news, another celebrity female 哦,妈,雅虎头版新闻,另一个女名人

That had a wedding recently, the marriage epicly failed 这有一个婚礼日前,结婚epicly失败

I need to click the link because I need to get the details 我需要点击链接,因为我需要得到的细节


Soon as I click it I'm hit with a little ad 当我点击它,我打了一个小广告

That reminds me of a need that I already had 这让我想起了必要,我已经有我

It's an absolute must have need it really bad 这是一个绝对的必须需要非常糟糕

Before I read the story I be rushing out of my pad 在我读故事,我要冲出我的垫


Now I'm in my car speeding cause I'm itching to find 现在,我在我的车超速的原因,我渴望找到

A Mickey D's drive through so I can sit in the line 通过这样我就可以在该行坐米奇D的驱动器

Gotta get in it in time, can't waste a minute of time 总得得到它的时候,不能浪费一分钟的时间

The McRib's only there for a limited time 该McRib只是存在在有限的时间


And then I'm hit with a sign, that makes a switch in my mind 然后我打了一个标志,这使得交换机在我的脑海

Reminding me of a need of a different kind 提醒需要一种不同的我

A brightly colored advertisement on a bus bench 在公共汽车上板凳鲜艳的广告

Makes me head to Target to pick up tents 让我前往目标回暖帐篷


Cause tomorrow they're coming out with Call of Duty 84 导致明天他们会说出使命召唤84

And it's a necessity I camp out at the store 这是一个必要的í露营在商店

You never know they might never fucking make any more 你永远不知道,他们可能永远不会他妈的做任何更多

I'm gonna rush to the front when they open the door 我要抢在前面,当他们打开大门

And trample over any people that fall down on the floor 并践踏了倒在地上的任何人

This ain't a game, this is war 这不是游戏,这是战争

If you produce it I'll consume it if you shove it down my freaking throat 如果你生产了,我会使用它,如果你推下来,我再用喉咙

Everybody else got it, I don't wanna miss the boat 其他人都知道了,我不想错失良机


[Hook: x2] [钩: X2 ]

It's a lot of shit I really really need 这是一个很大的狗屎我真的真的需要

And I need to get all of it at a really fast speed 我需要得到这一切的速度真快

I'm aware I'm a puppet of another man's greed 我知道我是另一个人的贪婪的傀儡

I don't care, I'm in love with all this shit I really need 我不在乎,我爱所有的这一切,我真的需要


[Verse 2:] [诗2: ]

My duffle bag is packed 我的行李袋是包装的

With my phone, and my pod, my shuffle, pad, and mac 我的电话,我的荚,我的洗牌,垫和Mac

Got all of my I's dotted, if they made it I got it 得到了我所有的我的虚线,如果他们做了它,我得到了它

And I'm a open my wallet for the next iProduct 我就是一个开了我的钱包在未来iProduct


Gotta try to give them all that I can bruh 总得试着给他们的一切,我可以bruh

Cause every phone that I own needs to have multiple cameras 原因是我自己需要有多个摄像头每一个电话

And my last one only had one 我的最后一个只有一个

How can I be seen from boths sides of the screen, I mean 我怎样才能从屏幕boths两侧看到,我的意思是


If I don't desperately plead and request for my upgrade 如果我不拼命恳求,并要求我升级

I'll definitely bleed to death or die of AIDS 我一定会流血过多死亡或死于艾滋病

I need better resolution, more gigs! 我需要更好的分辨率,更演出!

Angry birds is old, I need war pigs! 愤怒的小鸟已经老了,我需要的战猪!


I need to tell the landlord as far as what is concerned 我要告诉房东,只要有什么担心

I gave Apple every cent that I earned 我给每一个苹果,我赚分

So I'm a be late, now I need a Tecate 所以,我是一个迟到,现在我需要一个塔咖提

To deflate this stress caused by not letting my needs wait 为了打消这种应力引起不让我需要等待


[Hook] [钩]


"God damn man I just need to relax, watch some late night TV “该死的人,我只需要放松,看一些深夜电视

Aw infomercials... Aw fuck I need all this shit too!" 胡电视购物节目......噢他妈的我需要所有这狗屎呢! “


[Verse 3:] [诗歌3 : ]

I got a lot of insecurities, use 'em to attack me 我得到了很多的不安全感,用时间攻击我

I'm going bald, getting fat, plus I got acne 我会秃顶,发胖,再加上我有痘痘

I'm looking like a combination of all the before pics 我正在寻找像所有以前的照片组合

Please pretty please let me make you more rich 请漂亮,请让我做你更富有


Cause I need to get over whatever it is that I'm sick from 因为我需要得到过什么,那就是我是生病了

List some symptoms, I bet I could pick one 列出一些症状,我打赌我能挑一个

Yeah I got the fifth one, out of 45 是的,我拿到了第五个,出45

Stomach aches, surely I need that particular drug to take 胃痛,我肯定需要一个特定的药物拿


The terrorists got me scared as shit 恐怖分子让我惊为狗屎

Time to buy a terror kit, with a mask for air in it 时间在这买了恐怖的套件,带着面具的空气

God bless my soul, I need to invest in gold 上帝保佑我的灵魂,我要投资黄金

The economy as we know it is about to fucking fold 因为我们知道它的经济即将他妈的倍


And we're all gonna die if I don't fucking buy 而且我们如果我不他妈的购买所有的会死

All the oil's running dry, asteroids from the sky 所有的油的干运转,从天空小行星

Who am I, where am I, what am I, I just need to fucking find 我是谁,我在哪里,我是什么,我只需要他妈的找

The nearest Wal-Mart that's got a gun to buy 那是有枪买最近的沃尔玛

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