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Doin Damage



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Verse 1:] [诗歌1 : ]

It's hard to be sober but it's easy to be bent 这是很难保持清醒,但它容易弯曲

When you got some extra money and don't need it for the rent 当你有一些额外的钱,也不需要它的租金

Got a girlfriend now, that I secretly resent 有女朋友了,​​我暗自怨恨

Cause she takes up all the time that I previously spent on myself 因为她占据了一切,我对自己以前所花的时间


And girls just wanna have fun 和女孩只想玩乐

And she be all fun when her job is done 她是所有的乐趣时,她的工作已经完成

But my job is another thing, 24/7 hustling 但我的工作是另一回事,全天候熙

She wanting to do a couple things, cuddling 她想要做的几件事情,拥抱


I like to watch movies, I really fucking do 我喜欢看电影,我真的他妈的做

But I can't stop moving just cause I fell in love with you 但我不能停止运动只是因为我爱上了你

And now I'm just an irritable bastard 而现在我只是一个暴躁的混蛋

Like my homie E said a man can't serve two masters 就像我亲密的电子称一个人不能事奉两个主


And I've got a third one chillin' in my stomach 我已经在我的肚子里有第三个寒冷的

A little leprechaun screaming "alcohol I want it" 小妖精尖叫“酒精我想要”

And he never ever shut up he says come on keep it coming 他永远闭嘴,他说来吧保持它的到来

And the alcohol goes along with the music and the women 而酒精伴随着音乐和女性


So I, black out on the regular 所以,我,黑掉就经常

And it's rare I'm a end of the night rememberer 而且也很少,我晚上rememberer的结束

God damn, I'm a drunken mess 该死的,我是一个喝醉酒的烂摊子

Maybe that's why I'm always fucking depressed 也许这就是为什么我总是他妈的郁闷


[Hook:] [钩: ]

I'm doing damage 我在做损害

Yeah, I'm doing damage 是啊,我在做损害

To my body and mind, I'm doing damage 我的身体和心灵,我在做损害

Call the doctor, he'll probably find, I'm doing damage 打电话给医生,他可能会发现,我在做损害


[Verse 2:] [诗2: ]

My health just ain't what it used to be 我的健康只是是不是它曾经是

Cause I done smoked a packed of cigarettes a day since I hit puberty 因为我做了熏装香烟一天,因为我打了青春期

And stupidly, I keep on going and buying 'em 和愚蠢,我继续走,买时间

And my lungs probably got some cancer growing inside of 'em 和我的肺可能有一些癌症的时间内成长


And it, be effecting how I breathe at times 而且,要实现我怎么呼吸的时间

I hit playback, hear myself wheeze between the lines 我打的播放,听到自己的字里行间喘息

I could probably quit if I was thinking clear 我大概可以辞职,如果我想清楚

But my willpower goes out the window soon as I start drinking beer 但我的意志力就走出了窗外一声,我开始喝啤酒


And every freakin' year I got the same resolutions 和每一个刻着一年,我得到了同样的决议

January second I be making excuses 第二日我该找借口

The leprechaun is a dangerous nuisance 小妖精是一个危险的滋扰

Who sips champagne while he angrily two steps 谁啜饮香槟,而他一气之下两步


I got a deal now, which should be essential 我得到了很多,现在,这应该是必不可少的

To straighten up my act and live up to my potential 要振作起来,我的行为,不辜负我的潜力

But I just can't taste that success 但我不能尝的成功

Maybe that's why I'm always fucking depressed 也许这就是为什么我总是他妈的郁闷


[Hook:] [钩: ]

I'm doing damage 我在做损害

Yeah, man, I'm doing damage 是啊,老兄,我在做损害

It's probably gonna catch up soon, I'm doing damage 它可能会很快赶上来,我在做损害

Call the doctor, I need a checkup soon, I'm doing damage 叫医生,我需要一个检查很快,我在做损害

Bridge... 大桥...


[Bridge:] [桥: ]

I didn't want to be this way 我不希望是这样

Didn't want to get like this everyday 不想得到这个每天都像

But my formula's something that I can't touch 但我的公式的东西,我不能碰

Cause I'm gonna cycle through in the clutch 通过因为我要去周期离合器

I come through in the clutch, I come through in the clutch 我在离合器来过,我在离合器来通过


[Verse 3:] [诗歌3 : ]

I'm too much for you ducks to touch 我吃不消你鸭碰

I am illustrious 我很杰出

I am a bad mother fucker and I truly believe that 我是一个糟糕的母亲笨蛋,我真的相信,

But I gave some shit up to achieve that 但我给了一些狗屎来实现这一


Like my family and my friends they don't call me anymore 就像我的家人和我的朋友,他们不叫我了

Cause when they would call I would always hit ignore 原因时,他们会叫我总是打忽视

I was always self-absorbed with absorbing myself 我总是自我吸收与吸收自己

I drink it up drink it up drink it up 'til there's no more of myself 我喝了喝了喝了,直到有没有更多的自己


And I don't value my father and my mother enough 我不看重我的父亲和我的母亲不够

I don't value the company of others enough 我不看重别人足够的公司

And human interaction is an essential part of happiness 和人际交往是幸福的一个重要组成部分

I believe, and that's what I've been rapping to achieve 我相信,这就是我一直在说唱实现


And I didn't anyway cause I'm in love with this shit 我没有反正因为我爱上了这个狗屎

But alcoholism and music something that comes with this shit 但是,酗酒和音乐的东西,带有这个狗屎

When you're living for yourself, it's a lonely existence 当你的生活为自己,这是一个孤独的存在

And if you talk to yourself, you gon' be the only one listening 如果你跟你自己,你只会有一个唯一的听力


And that about sums it up 而且关于概括起来

I'm out of gin and I really want another cup 我出杜松子酒,我真的想再来一杯

So I'm out, to the store I guess 所以,我走了,到了店里我猜

Cause that's where I go when I'm fucking depressed 原因这就是我走的时候,我他妈的郁闷

I'm doing damage 我在做损害

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