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Haagen Dazs Scrilla



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Yeah, ain't no stopping Godzilla 是啊,是不是没有阻止哥斯拉

Me and EOM we getting Haagen Dazs Scrilla 我和EOM我们得到哈根达斯Scrilla

Getting paid for the cold bars we disperse 得到报酬,我们驱散寒冷条

Any charges that we incur are reimbursed 我们收取任何费用报销

I'm a need a receipt for the weed and the Tecates 我需要收据的杂草和Tecates

Money front and center that's the chi of the cheapskates 钱的前沿和中心这就是节俭生活的智

Not what I need for the glitter and jewels 不是我需要的闪光和什么样的珠宝

It's for the pizza delivering fools 这对比萨交付傻瓜

Like I told you deliver pizza 就像我告诉过你提供比萨饼

Nah Wax did that 罗蜡做的

So hopefully I can pass some back to ya'll 所以希望我能回传给一些人你们大家

Thirty percent for the God given job skill 三%,为神所赐的职业技能

Additional ten if the hot wings are hot still 如果辣鸡翅是热的还是其他10

Yeah, I ain't trippin' 是的,我的脚步并不轻松

Fuck you and your fat mom if you ain't tippin' 他妈的你和你妈妈的脂肪,如果你不tippin “

I'm way freaking better than your man at rap 我吓坏方式比你的男人更擅长说唱

You girls way freaking wetter than a damn wet nap 你这样的女孩吓坏不是该死的潮湿多雨午睡


We're not chilling 'til we getting top billing 我们不寒心,直到我们得到最优先的档期

Been spitting nicely since Ice T was cop killing 被很好地吐痰,因为冰T为警察杀人

Haagen Dazs Scrilla, turn a penny to a quadrillion 哈根达斯Scrilla ,把一分钱一万亿

God willing, we're gonna support all our children's children 上帝保佑,我们要支持我们的孩子的孩子

Intense Imagination in the building filming 在建筑拍摄激烈的畅想

Changing history like if the Indians would've just killed them pilgrims 改变历史一样,如果印度人就已经刚刚杀了他们的朝圣者

Get your own land, we were unaware you could own land 获取自己的土地上,我们不知道,你可以拥有土地

Man, the ego is inflated by the size of the wallet 男人,自我是由钱包的大小膨胀

Rich people always say, it ain't tricking if you got it 有钱的人总是说,这不是欺骗,如果你得到了它

But when it's all gone, they be looking back at it 但是,当这一切都消失了,他们可以回看它

Like damn, it was tricking when I had it 就像该死的,这是欺骗,当我有它

Drinking is a habit got me thinking I'm an addict 喝酒是一种习惯让我想起了我是一个瘾君子

But the drinking and the thinking got me spitting cinematic spectacular rap 但饮酒与思考让我吐电影壮观说唱

You get slapped with a spatula back 你被掌掴用锅铲背

Then I go back to cooking my eggs 然后我回去做饭我的蛋

My homegirl Jen just became an amputee 我homegirl仁刚刚成为截肢者

I feel fortunate, when I look at my legs 我觉得幸运的,当我看到我的腿

I say what's the deal pickle don't be fickle, all's kosher 我说这是怎么回事咸菜不要浮躁,所有的犹太

If ya'll want beef, better get with ya'lls grocer 如果你们大家要牛肉,更好地与yalls杂货店得到

Cause I ain't got time to argue 因为我是没有时间争论

Any spare minutes are used to climb up Mount Barstool 所有的空闲时间都用来爬上山吧椅

So don't God damn bother me 所以不要他妈的烦我

When I ain't working I'm relaxing quite God damn properly 当我不工作,我很放松该死正确

When I finally get a mil' I'm a chill 当我终于获得了MIL “我是一个寒意

On my newly bought Amazon riverfront property 我新买的亚马逊河边财产

Tell my girl I'm gonna hold all my calls 告诉我的女孩,我会握住我的所有来电

So we can hang together like my scrotum and balls 所以我们可以挂在一起,就像我的阴囊和球

I don't know what we're gonna do, but I know it involves 我不知道我们该怎么办,但我知道它涉及

A lot of different positions, and piranha fishing expiditions 有很多不同的位置,而食人鱼捕鱼expiditions的

And a lot of freaking extra distance 和很多再用额外的距离

Between my eardrums and the cacophony of stress and bitchin' 我的耳膜和压力的杂音和发或停发之间

This rap shit is paying for us 这首rap是应为我们

And we be making it rain in the rainforest 我们可以使雨水在热带雨林

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